Hi everyone, this is Esateys.  Today I’m going to ask you a question.  Is your home messing with your good humor?  Now you may be thinking, what are you talking about?  Well, when you come in your home, how do you feel?  The next time you come home, instead of just throwing things down and being in a place of whatever probably with all the thoughts you’ve got going on, I am going to suggest to you today that you come in your house and you notice how do you feel?  Does your house feel chaotic?  Does your house feel heavy-duty? Does it feel difficult?  Does it feel like something isn’t working?

Well, it’s important for you to recognize that your home has an energy, it has an environmental signature, if you will.  So, when you walk around your house, my encouragement for you is to look at and pay attention to how it is that you feel.  Go into every single room and notice that you are feeling happy, sad, mad, glad, because you literally will find that different rooms have different energies.  They actually have a signature print.  Now, the signature print is coming from the kinds of environment, activities that have gone on there.  So, if it’s pretty much been a happy room, you know everybody gets together and things feel good, then that’s the kind of energy that will kinda stick around there.

If you go in a room feel anger and heaviness, think about the last time you had an argument there.  Also, when you go into each room, look at each and every piece of furniture and every of your little knick-knacks, for some of you that could take a long time, and go through each and every one of them and notice, just be still and notice.  How do you feel when you look at them?  Do they make you feel yeah, or do they make you feel nay?  The question is, does it raise your vibration?  Does it make you feel less, or not as good?  Now, some people have an amazing obligation to have pictures of family members that they don’t even like, in fact they’ve never like them, but they don’t want to tell anybody.

They want to pretend that things are all so wonderful:  oh, Aunt Nelly from 1903 would be so upset if I took down this picture.  EH.  Do you think she’s gonna care, really?  But if it brings up a crumby memory for you, if it feels you feeling not-so-good because she beat you, or she did whatever it is that she did, she killed your dog.  That’s not an energy that you want in your home.  So, walk in your home, pay attention to how you feel, notice the overall feeling of your home, go into each and every room, feel that.  And then go to each and every furniture, the rugs, don’t forget the rugs, the floors, look at the ceilings and look at the paint and see.  Does it make you feel alive, or does it make you feel heavy?  Anything that you don’t look at that and go Oh! and you get a little smile on your face, get rid of it.  I don’t care what obligations or guilt-factors come up for you.  Call me and we’ll work through that.  But, the bottom line is that you are not supporting yourself, and staying in a great space if you have a home that doesn’t hold a great space.  Because, you may in a great mood, and you walk into a whole big cluster of angry energy that you left, because you had a knock-down drag-out with your partner, you’re gonna find yourself being sucked right into that.

Think about that, it’s really important.  If the paint makes you feel crumby, then go change the paint.  If the rug is not working you feel good, then get rid of that, that will make a difference in your entire life.  So, I want to remind you that I’m going to be doing Facebook live on Mondays and Thursdays now, and I want to thank you for sharing.  And I’m still doing the Facebook price adventure and that means that those of you that sharing this post, and letting me know that you did that, are going to be entered into the drawing, and you’re going to get my Relationships and Beyond program, which is awesome.

And, I appreciate those of you that are doing that.  So, I’m going to leave you with my question of the day:  what would it take for me to love every part of my home?  What would it take for me to love every PART of my personal environment.  Ask yourself that, and then do what it takes to make the shift.  Until next time, mwah.  Feel the hug.

Author: Self Healing Institute