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The purpose of this article is to discuss the necessity and benefits of doing a seven day detoxification cleanse and the various methods that are available. This article will also address the differences between a short cleanse such as a seven day cleanse and a longer more comprehensive cleanse such as a 30 day cleanse.

Both will be effective but be aware that your choice will depend on your health goals, your general health level and your level of commitment to your long term health.

A seven day detox program if done properly will give you a significant jump start at cleaning out your body and giving you an instant resurgence of energy and clarity. A huge side benefit for doing a 7 day cleanse is the immediate weight loss you will experience during the cleanse.

Ideally a seven day detox cleanse should be done at the beginning of every season or 4 times a year.  The body goes through different metabolic processes as the seasons change and it is best to have a “clean tank” so the body can best function in the changing rhythms, temperatures, amount of sunlight and amount of activity that takes place in each season.

Depending on the type of cleanse you select (see below) because this is a relatively short term cleanse it is imperative that you follow your prescribed plan as closely as possible.  The various plans described below are all constructed to give the body a powerful supply of energy and a chance to eliminate all toxins and other substances that impedes the body’s natural tendency to homeostasis.

Here are the basic rules for a seven day detox program:

  • Ruler
    Only eat foods that are
    pure and are easy for the body to digest and focus on eating pure, organic, NON-GMO and super green foods.
  • Avoid heavy foods and meats. Choose non-organic or free range meat.
  • Eat healthy fats such as organic coconut and avocado oils.
  • Avoid Processed Foods. Anything with a label should be avoided and is not your friend. If you can’t read or pronounce the ingredients definitely don’t eat it.
  • Avoid anything that has chemicals in it like shampoo, toothpaste, hand creams- anything that put on your skin.
  • Eliminate  sugar, caffeine and artificial sweeteners.
  • Cranberry, lemon or tart cherry are excellent for the detox because they are great antioxidants and other effective health benefits.
  • Drink plenty of alkaline or pure spring filtered water (at least ½ oz per pound of body weight up to 1 oz  per pound of body weight daily).
  • Get plenty of sleep so the body has ample time to restore itself and use its total energy for healing and rejuvenation.

Not all Bodies are Created Equal.

Now that’s not a shock. Have you ever wondered why some people can eat anything they want without gaining weight or having other health issues, and others gain weight by sniffing their food, let alone eating it.

Can you relate to this?  Are you one of those who can just smell something and seemingly watch it go right to your hips or thighs.  I can definitely relate to that.

My wife for example is very sensitive to many foods and has a very thin ectomorph body type while I can eat just about anything but everything I eat goes right to my belly.

The body is incredibly complex!  Our weight, the degree and rate at which we age and even the amount of energy that we have in any moment is governed by a combination of complex metabolic processes, hormones, genetics and DNA components. Many are not yet fully understood by modern medicine or science.

That’s the reason there are so many “diet fixes” or health programs that claim to solve all of our health concerns. Many of these programs may work great for one body type but can be counter productive and even contraindicated for other body types or compositions.

The bottom line.  NO one detox plan, no one eating program, no one diet plan, will work for all people. It would be nice if it did, but its just not the case.

Here are some of the benefits of detoxing and why it is so important.

In our modern world, we are exposed to many toxins which infiltrate our organs which cause distress in the body that shows up in many ways. Toxins cause inflammation which impedes the natural flow of energy in the body and the smooth functioning of muscles and other vital organs.

Toxins live in the body’s fat cells which is why it is so difficult for many to lose weight and more importantly lose the flab around the belly (in men)  and around the hips and thighs (in women).

When the body eliminates toxins through natural means, the fat cells are broken down by the body’s metabolic processes and eliminated through the lymph system. The toxins in the fat cells retain a large proportion of water so as the fat cells are eliminated and weight comes off much easier and quicker. For this reason a good detoxification eating program can  and will result in significant weight loss if done regularly.

Most people don’t realize that toxins are all around us and are virtually impossible to prevent in the body.

Toxins come from:

  • The foods we eat which have been saturated with pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs  are genetically implanted into our food to make it grow faster and or bigger and yield more to  be commercially more viable. The effect is a combination of chemicals and carcinogens which are not our body’s best friends by any means.
  • The air we breathe which contains many caustic chemicals, pollution, smoke and industrial wastes.
  • The water that we drink is often laced with chemicals to purify it such as chlorine and fluoride.
  • Stress is one of the body’s biggest toxins and as our world has become more complex, our stress levels have exponentially increased. This causes the body to age quicker, become less efficient and not able to heal or regenerate itself.

The Body’s natural elimination systems such as the lungs, liver,  kidneys and the lymph system become overtaxed as the amount of toxins and stress that we are subjected to bombard us on a consistently high level.

Pretty soon the body’s natural recovery systems become overwhelmed and organs such as the adrenals become compromised and much less efficient.  In effect, the body’s natural processes for recovery and rejuvenation break down and the body ages prematurely as the immune system cannot keep up.

It is paramount that we keep the body free of toxins to prevent premature breakdown of the immune and metabolic systems.

Now here’s where it can get a little tricky. Remember we established that no two body’s function the same. Well that goes for detox programs as well.

There are many detox programs that purport to be the optimal way to detox.

They are designed to nourish, rejuvenate and give the various organs of the body a chance to rest and heal itself. Some of the popular detox methods are:

  • More Veges LFR
    Foods that are composed of natural, organic, green superfoods and GMO free.  This is our preferred method because it allows the body to naturally restore and heal itself utilizing the natural wisdom of the body.
  • Supplements and vitamins.
  • Fasting.
  • Various flushes with things such as lemon and certain herbs.
  • Coffee detox plans.

When planning your cleanse, check out the wealth of literature and information available about the different kinds of cleanses and the benefits of each. However, keep in mind that results may vary for you because of the way your body may react to specific types of cleanses.

For this reason I recommend that you do some inner contemplation and see what feels right for you and your body. If you listen carefully your body will tell you exactly what to do.  Go with what you are drawn to and not the hype of marketing promises.

The last thing to consider is the length of your cleanse. By doing a seven day cleanse you will give your body a powerful jump start by cleaning it out and giving your body the energy to heal itself.  The one drawback to a seven day cleanse is the tendency to go back to your old ways of eating and living at the end of the cleanse.

A longer cleanse like a 30 day cleanse will give the body a better foundation and more importantly will create new eating habits and lifestyle choices. Permanent change will occur when over a longer period of time you consciously repeat and reinforce the new lifestyle. Remember it generally takes at least 21 days, preferably 30 days to create new habits.  LINK to 30 day cleanse here?

Make a decision as to your goals are for yourself and your body, long term.

Oh, and one last thing. Invariably when on a cleanse and especially in the first few days, there might  be a the tendency to go into a “healing response” as the body starts to really let go of toxins. This is a GOOD thing although you may feel worse than when you started. IF this occurs, for most it is just feeling a little tired and possibly a mild headache.  This usually passes quickly.  Do not trick yourself into quitting or think it is not working.  You will be thrilled as you stick with it and feel so energetic and healthy afterwards.

This is the time to take a breath, congratulate yourself for being so committed and remind yourself that this means it is REALLY working very well. It took you a long time to accumulate all of those toxins so don’t be surprised if it is a little uncomfortable or takes a bit of time eliminating them.


Enjoy your new lifestyle!



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Author: Rafael Stuchiner

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