Should you Consider the 3 Day Military Diet?

A diet comes with two wise pieces of advice for you to know how effective it will be. First, that you should be able to follow it for the rest of your life, and second, to evaluate if it sounds too good to be true- and it might be so. Knowing that, the effectiveness of the 3 day military diet is a hot topic in nutrition and weight management circles.

The 3 day Military Diet Menu

This diet is a top choice for you who wish to lose weight immediately. The 3 day military diet reviews confirm that you will lose close to ten pounds within a week. It comprises nine meals consumed as a fast and diet combination lasting 72 hours. The diet, however, has no link to any military practice and probably gets its name from its stringent regimen.

In the three days of the diet, you consume very basic meals adding up to about 900 calories daily. The menu comprises very basic meals such as water or black coffee, a slice of bread and half a fruit for breakfast.

Lunch will be similar, dinner won’t be a very varied affair, with saltine crackers, steamed or raw vegetables, and a little ice cream added for some thrills. However, spices, sauces, and dressings won’t feature anywhere in this menu. You can look forward to two hot dogs, but without the buns, for dinner on day two.

Day three meals add up to about 1000 calories. Here you get to tuck in five saltine crackers, an apple and a slice of cheddar cheese for breakfast and lunch is a slice of toast and a hardboiled egg. It appears too that the diet dictates components of all the meals, so you don’t have to sit and figure out what you should consume to maintain the calorie count,

Research on the web shows little variance in the components of the three breakfasts, lunches and dinners that make the nine meal menu. Some 3 day military diet substitutions on the meal plan don’t amount to any thrills for your palate. Such include swapping cottage cheese for tuna.

How the Body Loses Weight with This Diet

On a normal day devoid of any form of physical exercise, a woman burns close to 1800 calories, while this diet provides about 900 calories in a day. So, does the 3 day military diet work? Indeed, it does!

For you to increase weight, you need to consume an excess of over 3000 more calories than those you burn. With the diet, you consume fewer calories than you burn, which guarantees weight reduction.

Additionally, the selected components of the nine meals such as caffeine from the black coffee, grapefruit, tuna, peanut butter and eggs significantly increase your metabolism. Consequently, the body burns more fats, and the meals provide few calories, leading to weight reduction.

The diet qualifies as intermittent fasting as it provides the body with less than 1000 calories daily during the dieting period. Fasting comes recommended as a healthy way of weight management but when conducted in a healthy way. It boosts metabolism, which enhances weight loss.

Besides, fasting reduces the levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF-1) which in turn lowers the risk of diabetes, an added health benefit of dieting. The proponents of this diet advice that you observe the diet for three days every week followed by four days of normal meals. Consequently, in a month you could lose up to 40 pounds if you adhere to the plan.

Does The Meal Consider Dietary Restrictions?

The diet just contains low-calorie count, and that’s all. It holds no promise for a nutritionally adequate diet and does not consider dietary preferences such as those of vegans or vegetarians. For wheat products, you could substitute with gluten-free options, but the diet doesn’t state so.

It is not low-fat, low-carb or low-salt, though fortunately you only need to be on it for just a handful of days. Therefore, this weight management plan does not come recommended for long-term use.

Should You Integrate Exercises?

Most diets include some form of physical exercises although their intensity varies. The 3 day military diet does not require you to undertake any physical exercises. Furthermore, the minimal consumption of meals and drinks will not provide you adequate energy for such as the diet plan seems close to a fast.

Will the Diet Interfere With Underlying Health Conditions?

Considering the components and nature of this diet, the diet may pose risks for you if you have diabetes, ulcers, high cholesterol, cardiovascular ailments and hypertension. On the other hand, weight loss is necessary for the management of obesity and related complications.

The small portions could make you feel lightheaded, hungry and cause heartburn, which could cause discomfort, compound pre-existing health conditions or cause lethargy and low concentration in your daily activities.

Nutritional experts, however, advise that weight loss strategies should be sustainable and healthy, and bearing a combination of exercise and healthy nutrition. Although the 3 day military diet reviews suggest that weight loss does occur, the characteristics of the meal suggest it may not be a healthy option for all people.

Should You Try It?

If you feel the need to attempt this diet, you should seek advice from your doctor or a nutritional expert. With such consultation, you will get perspective on whether the possible 3 day military diet results hold any promise or could pose risks for you.

Weight management requires enduring and long-term effort for tangible results, a factor not considered in this fad diet. Besides, you may not enjoy the diet as it is monotonous, especially if others around you stick to the everyday hearty and delicious meals.

Consider too that you could fall into binge eating on the other days when you won’t be on the diet, which will bring to naught the 3 day military diet results. Besides, the body accumulates the weight lost after such a dietary program if you fail to sustain your adherence to the diet or change your lifestyle. The 3-day long meal plan does not classify as a sustainable weight management plan and does not advise on any lifestyle change.

As you can see this diet has many limitations and is never to be used for long term use.  I highly recommend that if you do this diet that you substitute organic, pure food that will give you better nutrition which will help with the fatigue, somewhat.

I do not recommend any packaged foods or processed foods regardless of your weight loss regimen. Always eat as ‘cleanly’ as possible.  Another option for this diet is to find good clean, balanced, high nutrition foods and just cut the amount you are eating down to 900 calories or a few more.  Use a modification of that to stay on this until you reach your desired weight.  

Then and only then you can increase your calories.  Continue to watch your weight and energy level.  The biggest challenge is to NOT fall back into the old unconscious eating behavior rather to create a Lifestyle Change.

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