What is Quantum Energy Healing and How Can it Help You?

Quantum energy healing is a natural healing method that utilizes your body’s own life force energy to bring about optimal wellness. This energy that flows through your body is the same energy that sustains all living things, as explained by Quantum Physics.  You might have heard it referred to by its Chinese name, chi, or even the Sanskrit name, prana.

Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch Healing is classified as vibration therapy and natural energy healing. It makes uses of touch, body awareness meditation, and breathwork.

Quantum touch therapy has the same concept as the polarity therapy. Primarily, it can be considered as a light-touch energy therapy but at the same time promotes the proper adjustment of bones in the body in a very spontaneous manner.

Has Quantum-Touch been tested?

Yes, quantum touch has been tested in different various clinical settings. Quantum healing energy has also been tested on hospitals and operating rooms.

Energy healing involves focusing, amplifying, and directing this life force. Some people view energy medicine as something that will, in the future, transform medicine as we know it. Here are some facts that you might not know about this form of energy medicine.

How does energy healing work?

#1 Quantum energy healing is used to treat an incredibly wide range of complaints.

The skeptics might see quantum healing as a dubious new age practice that is used by people suffering from ‘airy fairy’ symptoms. Nothing could be further from the truth. Quantum healing is used to treat and heal all kinds of maladies. It is used for healing everything from back and muscle pain to burns, from physical injuries to restoring balance and alignment to the body.  Quantum energy healing techniques even work with mental and emotional issues as well.

#2 Although exceptionally powerful, quantum healing techniques can even be used by children.

You know that age old caveat “Don’t try this at home, kids”? Well, it’s not so with quantum healing. The potent effect of quantum healing never fails to astound medical professionals from a range of specializations. However, the techniques are so simple to learn that children are capable of implementing them. There are several ways in which you can start learning how to implement powerful quantum healing techniques. There are books, DVDs, online courses, and various workshops that can introduce you to the world of quantum healing.

One thing a parent you can do from a very very early age, as young as an infant, is to instill in the child that they have the ability to heal themselves.  Invite them to feel the heat and energy in their hands and teach them to place their hands on their body.

You will notice that we automatically do that when we have an injury.

If a child falls down they will instinctively put their hands on their knee or where they got hurt.  They are not realizing that they’re actually sending energy to the area that has been traumatized.

#3 Quantum healing teaches us that all healing is self-healing.

Often we fail to recognize the inherent intelligence of our own bodies. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. Being in perfect optimal health is the only true natural state for our bodies. In this sense, anyone who recovers from any sort of illness can be regarded as an energy healer.

However, this is not to say that we cannot or should not provide assistance to others. Rather, we can help and support others as they journey along their path of self-healing. It is a process that is benefitted by the involvement of others.

#4 Improved breathing and body awareness can promote your healing process.

You might think that breathing is just a natural reflex and doesn’t fall under the realm of medicine. If so, you’ll be surprised to learn that breathing exercises can have a profound impact on your health. The same can be said for exercises that foster and develop your sense of body awareness. Breathing techniques and body awareness can focus and even amplify our bodies’ life force energy to promote optimal wellness.

#5 The principles of quantum healing are evident in biology, medicine, neurology, chemistry, and other fields.

Entrainment theory is one example of a principle that applies to both quantum healing and other more conventional fields of scientific inquiry. Entrainment is a process where two objects that are vibrating at different speeds experience a transference of energy, and therefore start vibrating at the same speed. Think of insects chirping at the same time and fireflies flashing in unison – entrainment is everywhere in Nature.

They have done this in large groups by taking a tuning fork and having them be tapped at different times and over a period of a few moments they will all in train to be vibrating at the same rate of speed.

It is a powerful phenomenon that is utilized in the process of energy therapy. The life force in your body is focused and amplified to a high frequency which is then placed around the part of the body requiring healing. When your body entrains to this higher frequency, it has a far greater ability to heal itself.

This alone explains one of the very important reasons to always keep yourself at a higher vibration or frequency.  This is supported by thinking positive and loving, kind, compassionate, gratitude thoughts on a continuous basis.

Catch yourself when you start feeling victimized angry or blaming anyone for what is going on in your life.  When you interrupt this unconscious behavior, take a breath and switch your thought to something that is more uplifting. It will help your body feel and experience greater health.

#6 Quantum healing is also beneficial for those practicing energy therapy on others.

During the process of quantum healing, an energy healer will also receive healing energy. In other words, quantum healing helps those seeking assistance as well as those providing it. When a practitioner or spiritual healer creates a high vibration of energy, they will also receive and benefit from the healing properties of this energy.

A more conventional approach to healing such as Western medicine often sees the practitioner feeling drained and exhausted as a result of assisting others. However, in the case of quantum healing the practitioners feel emotionally uplifted as a result of experiencing the benefits of high-frequency energy.

#7 Quantum energy can be combined with chiropractics, osteopathy, reflexology, physical therapy, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, qigong, reiki, and other modalities of healing.

Practitioners from many different fields have recognized the inherent value of quantum healing. Many argue that their fields are compatible with quantum healing and that the different disciplines can be combined for improved results. Quantum healing is a practical approach that can be utilized in a range of different settings to promote healing and health.

Quantum healing is a powerful technique in many ways. It is used to treat and support all illnesses, emotions and complaints with success. When used in conjunction with other forms of healing, it can amplify the results and enhance the effects of the other healing techniques. Perhaps what is most important is the way it taps into your natural potential.

Quantum healing uses your body’s own energy force and ability to heal itself. It is truly remarkable to think that our bodies have what they need to heal and survive. They have what they need to achieve their natural state of optimal health.

Quantum healing simply aids this process by amplifying the life force that is already in our bodies.

Just as importantly, it can help enhance our natural desire to help others and empower us to be vehicles of positive change and healing for those around us.

Other modes of Healing

These can be considered other modes of quantum touch healing.

Crystals Healing Powers

Crystal healing can be considered as one of the other methods of quantum healing techniques.

Final Thoughts on Quantum Energy Healing

I encourage you to learn more about quantum energy healing as it can truly be an amazing support for increasing self-empowerment, self-love, and an overall sense of well-being.

Also, quantum energy healing therapy it will improve your relationships because it will open your heart, support compassion, and allow you to give to others in a beautiful healing way.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

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