Esateys, is a Speaker, Educator, Author and Expert in the Human Condition. For the past 30 years Esateys, a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, has specialized in Alternative Medicine and is a pioneer in the field Energetic Medicine.

Esateys and her husband Rafael, are co-founders of the Ultimate Relationship Academy, and the Self Healing Institute.

As a Master Facilitator and Coach, Esateys is an unstoppable woman on a mission to have you satisfy what is important to you. Her specialized teachings are vital as she utilizes Relationships as the foundational aspect of helping people shift from a conflicted life of pain and suffering to one of joy, peace and abundance.

Esateys is “The Architect of The New YOU”. She has developed a unique and proven MindSet System to help people design their own Personal Life Plan to End All Anguish.

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