I know you love your cell phone.  I do too!  Your cell phone has become an essential part of your life and for many their best friend.  Can you imagine life your without it? Here’s a challenge to think about. How many times a day do you pick it up to make a call, answer a call or text, or watch a video or….?  Too many times to count? I stopped counting after 3 hours.

Technology, in general, and the modern mobile phone has so many benefits and conveniences and at the same time has become one of our greatest health hazards.

The bad news–You, your family, and your children are all at great risk from the radiation emitted from your cell phones. 

The good news, there are ways to protect yourself and still enjoy all of the benefits and conveniences of your cell phone.

So what’s the big deal and how is your health at risk?

What Is Invisible Radiation?

Also referred to as Electrosmog, or Dirty Electricity or EMFs, invisible radiation is a term used to describe electromagnetic waves around your immediate environment. It is the dangerous, hidden radiation generated by electromagnetic waves found in wireless technology and electricity mains.  Invisible radiation is due to a combination of several electromagnetic fields within a specific area, all doing their own thing at different frequencies.

A combination of electromagnetic waves from appliances such as digital clock radios, TV’s cell phones generates Electrosmog. Sometimes single stronger sources of radiation can produce E smog by themselves. These include Wi-Fi routers and smartphones.

In your home, mobile phone transmitters, cordless phones, cell phones, baby alarms, wireless networks generate high-intensity radiation. This significantly increases Electro smog levels in the home. Each year, the nature and quantity of electromagnetic waves contained in invisible radiation increases.

Most known causes of invisible radiation are manmade. The cosmic radiation originating from space is the only natural source of electromagnetic radiation which is insignificantly weak (for as long as we maintain the earth’s ozone layer).) Atmospheric occurrences such as thunderstorms have long been sources of natural radiation existing at lower frequencies.

Why Do You Need To Protect Yourself?

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) is an allergy-like sickness that occurs because of nonstop exposure to electromagnetic pollution. Magnetic fields above 100 nT and any electrical fields exceeding 5V/m are a health hazard to humans.

In 2009, Research by Dr. Samuel Milham offered evidence that electrification is responsible for diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Electromagnetic fields change how your body produces the hormones necessary for your health and influence your immune system’s function.

Apart from decreased immunity, intense and persistent exposure to Electrosmog can cause sleep disturbances, allergy symptoms, headaches, and deteriorating vision. Other symptoms are digestive problems, tingling sensations, depression, palpitations, difficulty concentrating, irritability, bleeding, dehydration, memory loss, and behavioral patterns in children.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and World Health Organization press release number 208 classified Electrosmog as a possible carcinogen upon observation that there was a higher risk of a malignant brain cancer (glioma) associated with wireless phone use. The precise point at which exposure sets off harmful effects is unknown. What remains clear is that any prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields is dangerous.

Exposure to artificially generated electromagnetic fields higher than the body’s power capacity causes your body to become distressed.  When distressed many bodily functions become compromised, leading to the health issues discussed above.

In 2012, The Bioinitiative Report revealed that when present in the bedroom, invisible radiation results in significantly reduced nocturnal melatonin production. This negatively affects your immune system and if prolonged, may increase cancer risk and enhance the development of existing tumors.

Who Needs Protection from Electrosmog?

Individuals at the highest risk of Electrosmog health effects are the elderly (those with an impaired immune system), and children. The effects can take 10 to 20 years to manifest or show up right away. The elderly may be at a higher risk because of deteriorating health that comes with getting older.

Studies by Professor Lennart Hardell indicate that people below the age of 20 years who use mobile phones may have the highest risk for gliomas. Children are also at a heightened risk of electromagnetic fields effects that cell phones produce.

Children are currently subjected to a level of electromagnetic pollution that was unheard of ten years ago. Their skulls have a lower bone density and their heads much smaller, allowing invisible radiation to easily penetrate as compared to adults.

Children who constantly use cell phones are especially susceptible to electromagnetic waves radiation. That’s because their nervous systems and brains are still developing and hence more prone to damage.

How to Protect Yourself

To reduce invisible radiation on a personal level, you can begin by restricting how often and how long you use your cell phone. Use cable connections whenever you connect to the internet and when you use Wi-Fi, switch it off after use. 

Avoid long phone conversations. DO NOT use a headset because the radiation from a Cell Phone will travel up the cable directly to your brain. Instead, use your phone’s loudspeaker. and never hold your cellphone to your ear or in close proximity to your brain.

Bluetooth can also be very harmful.  Use it very sparingly, do not keep it active on your phone or BEST OF ALL AVOID USING IT.

Get a landline wired phone and divert your mobile phone calls to it, whenever you are at home.

Happily, there is a very simple fix to the radiation exposure from Cell phones that will make your life easier and more importantly safer.

One Very Powerful Solution

The BioZen Chip

Designed using BioZen technology, the BioZen chip is your personal permanent protection against Electrosmog from your cell phone. It’s an instant shield to discreetly defend you against mobile and electronic radiation, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It’s manufactured from microchip technology to produce a small chip measuring 24 by 15mm.

How to Protect Yourself from Radiation from Your Cell Phone

Simple and easy-to-use, the BioZen chip should be applied on every electrically powered device. This includes smartphones, laptops, routers, tablets and desktop computers. Some people put them on their TV’s and other electronic devices. This chip is scientifically verified to lower magnetic field peaks and protect you against changes in your blood profile.

The chip is IMPORTANT for EVERYONE and specifically recommended for children and adolescents because they are still undergoing biological development.  Due to this, electromagnetic waves from electrosmog may cause long-term, negative health impact.

The BioZen chip evens out the Low-Frequency Electro Magnetic Field gradients generated by cell phones that irritate your brain’s magnetite crystals. It decreases the peaks to smooth progressions helping your body to adjust and permanently tolerate mobile and wireless technology.

On top of reducing SAR (specific absorption rate) levels, the BioZen technology safeguards you biologically. It positively modifies any low-frequency electromagnetic fields arising from invisible radiation. The physical harm arising from long-term use of mobile devices is due to these low-frequency fields. Stick it on any electronic or cellular devices and begin enjoying your permanent protection.

The Biozen Chip is available for sale from specific distributors only.  They are not available at retail locations. For purchasing information and more about the benefits of the Biozen chip click here.

It may be impossible to completely stop using modern devices, particularly because of the convenience they add to life. Electrosmog is dangerous, so it’s only wise to ensure you use these devices intelligently before they cause health issues that could be life-threatening.

Get a  Biozen Chip today and safeguard your health and the health of your family.


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