Colon hydrotherapy is a holistic health technique applied to cleanse your colon of waste and toxins. The procedure is clean, sanitary and uses no chemicals or drugs, only warm filtered water or supplements. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour in which the liquids or supplements consumed expel waste from your body. There are different techniques of implementing it, giving it names such as colonic irrigation, colon wash, or simply colonic.

How does it work?

Colon hydrotherapy weight loss works by triggering instant bowel movement, sometimes causing you to experience a challenging diarrhea-like event. The high amount of water used in the process causes colon contractions which expel the waste. Almost all colon cleansing procedures involve hurrying to the toilet soon after consumption to expel accumulated water and waste.

Colon hydro is a technique which involves the allowance of slow flowing water inside the digestive tract. For supervised procedures, you can opt for a semi-surgical procedure considered more traditional. Considered a colon irrigation, it involves attaching a tube to the rectum and then washing out the colon with plenty of water. The waste material is directed into a tube inside a sanitized storage area. A therapist monitors the water flow and sometimes massages your abdomen, encouraging more waste matter to exit the colon.

The supplement used is made up of ingredients targeting colon toxins and helps you offload them naturally. It’s a highly effective method which is less intrusive. If conducting the cleansing on your own, you can choose to take a variety of supplements or drink liquids such as water. The intake route can either be oral or rectal depending on the method chosen.

6 Benefits of a colon wash

Colon hydrotherapy weight loss has benefits on its own but a colon hydro to detox your body is far more advantageous. Whatever your reason for engaging in it, here is a summary of the value.

1. It prevents constipation and increases absorption

Persistent constipation can lead to a slowed digestive system response, which causes wastes to accumulate within your system. A natural colon cleanse propels waste products faster out of your system resulting in enhanced nutrient absorption. The probability of conditions such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids occurring is therefore decreased. Cleansing the colon ensures that nutrients have a clear pathway to enter your body providing what it needs.

2. Serves as a weight loss stimulant

High fiber foods move through your digestive tract very quickly compared to low fiber foods. These low fiber foods create excess mucus which then attaches to your intestinal walls burdening the intestinal tract with a load of rotting matter. A human colon weighs approximately four pounds when empty. Before the beginning of digestion, it can accommodate food worth about 4 meals.

Hydrotherapy of the colon has the capacity to accelerate your metabolism, thereby facilitating weight loss. It will also help you understand how food choices affect your intestinal tract especially your colon, stimulating better choices. A selection of people asserts that colon hydro assisted them to lose roughly 20 pounds in a month.

3. It leads to enhanced fertility

Since fat is composed of estrogen compounds, too much of it can hinder a woman from becoming pregnant. An overloaded colon can press against your uterus and other reproductive organs around it, leading to strain.

In addition to healthier food choices and amplified fiber intake, colon hydrotherapy weight loss helps you maintain weight and improves system consistency. Several naturopaths advocate for a colon wash before pregnancy because it cleanses the body of toxins and chemicals affecting sperms and eggs.

4. Increases energy and Improves concentration

A natural colon cleanse revitalizes you by eliminating body toxins. It refocuses your energy to different body parts instead of spending it managing your intestinal tract. Hydrotherapy colon results in an energy boost, more restful sleep, and improved blood circulation.

Colon toxin and mucous buildup can hinder it from working optimally even when you consume a healthy diet consistently. A poor diet or inadequate nutrient absorption can result in loss of concentration and confusion. A colon cleanse will help you focus better and stay alert.

5. Lowers colon cancer risk

Anything you consume and absorb, whether healthy or otherwise is handled by the gastrointestinal system, liver and kidney. If toxins and other waste products are not eradicated rapidly, your body organs begin to show effects. Eliminating sluggish body waste via colon hydrotherapy decreases your risk of gastrointestinal tract and colon cysts in addition to cancerous growths.

6. Sustaining a balanced blood PH

Foods responsible for blocking the colon such as low fiber high-protein diets are acid-forming. High acid levels within your body result in disease. A diseased colon has an inflamed tissue and is unable to function optimally to serve the body. When foreign microorganisms, fecal matter or anything unwanted crosses over to connective tissue and the blood, it destabilizes your body’s pH. A colon hydro then becomes essential to bring balance.

Side effects and considerations

If you suffer from any persistent medical condition or are pregnant, a colon wash may not be for you. Be sure to consult your doctor before attempting the procedure. It is recommended to drink a lot of water before a natural colon cleanse, during and after so as to prevent dehydration. Several colon therapists provide you with electrolyte water at the end of your session to help your system restore lost electrolytes.

During colon hydrotherapy for weight loss, it’s important to note that there might be side effects such as the following.

  1. Allergic reactions can occur due to the cleaning substances combined with water in the process.
  2. If a colonic irrigation is not monitored, it could lead to perforation of the colon due to high water pressure
  3. Other general side effects include cramping, bloating, vomiting, and renal failure.

Research carefully into the clinic you are going to, noting especially the credentials and safety procedures. Follow the applicable guidance provided on the procedure and ensure your safety comes first.


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Author: Self Healing Institute

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