A Cranberry Juice Detox can be a great health benefit.

​Cranberry is an amazing and very powerful antioxidant for us to include in our detox toolbox to promote better overall health and more powerful body functioning.

Cranberries are sometimes referred to as a “Superfood” because it is one of the few foods that is rich in both vital nutrients and vitamins and is a great natural detoxifying agent which keeps the body strong and clear from the potential of disease.

Cranberries are also low in calories (25 calories in a half of cup). For these reasons, adding cranberries to your diet is a good prevention method to incorporate into your eating regimen.

​Cranberries are rich in:

  • ​Vitamin A
  • ​Vitamin C  (Great for immune support among other things)
  • ​Vitamin E
  • ​Antioxidants with a very high ORAC value (Cranberry is among the highest ORAC value in all fruits)
  • ​Fiber (Aids in elimination and keeps the lymph system function properly)
  • ​High in Potassium and Manganese

​Cranberries are easy to use and are relatively low cost to include in a daily regimen.  Their tart and bitter flavor creates a challenge for some but there are many ways to give cranberry a more pleasing flavor without using added sugar.  More on this later.

Primary Benefits of Cranberry


​First I must say that a full review of all of the health benefits of cranberry is beyond the scope of this article as this is only intended to be summary of some of the more important health benefits of a daily cranberry juice detox.

The most often cited benefit of Cranberry is its ability to lower the risk of and maybe even prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) and inflammation in the gut.  In all candor, I must say that after doing extensive research on this subject I have found conflicting evidence of its overall effectiveness in preventing UTI’s.

My wife Esateys is a Nurse Practitioner and informed me that she suggests it for her patients with good results.  Still, in our world there is controversy between natural health remedies and pharmaceuticals which means you can try it and decide for yourself.

Cranberry has one of the highest amounts of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC).  This makes it one is the best natural agents in reducing inflammation and pain in various parts of the body.  It may even lower the risk of cancer by decreasing the level of free radicals in the body due to its high ORAC value.

Cranberry is also high in fiber, which helps aid in elimination, excretion and keeping the body clear of free radicals.  The high fiber from Cranberry has also been shown to lower cardiovascular disease and aid in weight loss.

Benefits Cranberries Have to the Liver

​Cranberries are rich in flavonoids and other organic acids which support the liver in breaking down dietary fat in the liver and the lymph system. This of course can aid in weight loss as the detoxifying agents help to flush out harmful toxins from the fat cells.

Contraindications for Cranberry

​Cranberries are contraindicated for people on blood thinners like Coumadin and should be avoided.Cranberry may also cause an increase in the formation of kidney stones. If you have a history of kidney stones it is best if you check with your Doctor.

The Cranberry Juice Detox

Cranberry Juice

​The cranberry is a very hard berry and can be very bitter.  To overcome this and make it more commercially acceptable cranberries are mixed with other juices and sugar is added to make them sweeter and taste better.

Most often these combined juices known as Cranberry Juice can contain high amounts of sugar which are not a good alternative.  High sugar levels can cause a whole host of other problems and issues. In my opinion, commercial cranberry juice should be avoided because of the high sugar levels.

If you do drink Cranberry Juice be very careful and read the labels to determine what is in the juice you are drinking. Also, be sure to check for preservatives which are often used to preserve the shelf life of various juices.  A better option would be to make your own cranberry juice by juicing cranberries and adding some stevia to sweeten it.  Liquid stevia is a natural sweetener that is a replacement for sugar and is sugar free as well as calorie free. It comes from the stevia plant. A great place to research this is at www.stevia.com.

There are many other ways to include cranberries in your diet and gain the detox benefits of this unique fruit without taking in more sugar.

The first is to add one cup of cranberries a day into your diet.  They are low in sugar and have lots of fiber.  You can be creative with this.  Here are some suggestions:

  • ​Include the cranberries in your own homemade organic trail mix,
  • ​Put them in a smoothie or other whole superfood green drink, or
  • ​Put them in a salad or organic oatmeal to naturally sweeten your meal.

​A much healthier alternative is to take raw cranberries, crush them and soak them in pure spring water and let the cranberry infuse into the water. This makes an excellent flush and with lemon serves as a terrific liver and colon cleanse. After taking the infused cranberry drink, follow up with lots of pure, clean, spring water to flush out the released toxins.

A more practical way to use cranberry in a cleanse is to use it in  concentrate form which does not contain added sugar. However, the concentrate can be tart and very displeasing to the taste. Adding some Aloe Vera juice can help cut some of the bitterness and support your digestive tract during this detoxing process.

The trick, therefore, is to use concentrated cranberry with other detoxifying agents such as lemon or lime to cut down the tart flavor and make it more appealing.  The acid of the lemon or lime will significantly reduce the tartness. Hey, let’s face it, if it’s not pleasant to taste it is unlikely that most people will take it, just because it’s healthy.

I have used and recommend using liquid trace minerals to cut down the tartness and it balances the acidity while providing extra minerals which may be flushed out of the body, if you are in a long or deep detox.

​​My favorite detox preparation is a Hot Lemon and Cranberry concentrate infused with Dandelion Root tea. Some people also use raw natural honey. The hot pure water and cranberry will break down fats in the liver and the colon and the lemon and dandelion tea will act as a great diuretic to flush the body and aid in weight loss.

Keep in mind that using Cranberry is not the whole picture of a detox diet.  You must be very mindful of the other foods you are eating in order to give the body more energy, nutrients and vitality to be able to fully detox.  See this article which explains how to do a full detox program ADD Link Here which will support an effective cranberry detox cleanse.

In summary, the cranberry is an awesome fruit with many long term health benefits.  You must experiment to find a combination that you like and that is easy and practical for your lifestyle.  In the long run it will be well worth your while and your body will thank you!

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