What You Should Know About Daddy Issues

Dictionaries define daddy as an alternative way to call your father. The way children relate to their parents can significantly affect their future relationships with other people. A child’s environment at such a young age will shape how they are as an adult. Thus, parents should give their child a family filled with support and love.

Specifically, the way a girl child relates to her father when she is still young can give rise to what is termed as daddy issues or father complex. When she becomes a woman, it determines her choice of men, relationship choices and the angle those relationships take. This can also give rise to self-esteem issues.

In this article, we will define daddy issues. Also, the meaning behind the concept of having daddy issues.

What Are Daddy Issues?

In psychology, the daddy complex of a woman is a collection of strong unconscious associations or impulses specifically relating to the father model or image. A woman who prefer older men. These associations can be either negative such as distrusting or positive like admiration.  A father complex can also be referred to as daddy issues. Daddy issues in psychology include a lot of psychological symptoms and implications.

Daddy issues are experienced when a woman was mistreated, abandoned, or not loved by her father as a child. This results in dysfunctional relationships with men where she overcompensates, distrusts men or ends up in abusive relationships. A person with such issues has numerous emotional gaps which cause bad decisions in partner selection and relationship with other people.

Carl Jung gave daddy issues meaning. He coined the term daddy issues in psychology in his theory “The Electra Complex”. This so-called Electra complex is displayed when a girl exhibits a type of psychosexual competition for possession of her father.

What are the most common symptoms of borderline personality disorder?

Girls with daddy issues are characterized by borderline personality disorder. These are the symptoms of this personality disorder:

  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Tend to have unstable relationships
  • Unstable self-image
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Inflicting self-harm
  • Exaggerated emotional swings
  • Feeling empty
  • Anger
  • Out of touch with reality

Can guys have daddy issues?

Yes, of course. This disorder may be a little sexist to always refer to a girl’s feelings about an absent father. Different families have different dynamics. Because of various issues, children develop trust issues towards their parents. A child tends to develop abandonment issues thus developing symptoms of daddy issues. Moreover, daddy issues symptoms in teen girls can also develop in teen boys.

5 Kinds of Daddy Issues

We present to you the different types of daddy issues:

The Absent Father

This kind of daddy syndrome is the most common. It involves a situation where a girl may know her father but has little or no contact with her father. Some reasons for this are the death of dad at a young age and strained relationships between parents leading to no communication.

The absent father becomes resented by one or more person in the home. This issue presents a relationship problem in that the girl retains an underlying resentment towards men. Women with this issue grow up expecting men to abandon their families and get into relationships with distrust.

The Missing Father

This involves a non-existent dad. These girls have been raised without knowing how their father looks like and might not even know his name. Not knowing your father can cause problems such as promiscuity or a lack of personal boundaries.

The circumstances under which a father disappeared or ceased to exist tend to dictate how a woman relates to men as romantic partners. A woman may end up overcompensating for the father’s absence in many ways due to feelings of abandonment leaving a man feeling overwhelmed.

The Overly Loving Dad

The overly doting father can tolerate anything from his daughter and rarely gets upset no matter what she does. This kind of dad is on the other end of this spectrum and tends to take the “Daddy’s Little Girl” phrase slightly too far. These little girls grow up to become spoilt and carry around them a sense of entitlement. Then, a girl grows up to exhibit daddy issues symptoms. 

Some of these women whose fathers have overindulged them can become very difficult to please. Somehow no romantic partner they ever date can counter the extravagant treatment their fathers gave them. The women’s domestic or social skills may have been affected as a result of this.daddy issues symptoms

The Absentee Father

This daddy issue arises from a father who was emotionally absent even though he lived with his family. He may also have been physically missing due to extensive travel or long work hours resulting in less time spent at home. Such fathers compensate for their inadequacy by offering material things to their daughters instead of forming emotional bonds with them. Thus, the child developing father issues symptoms.

Girls raised with an absent father often grow up having a distorted perspective on the male’s role in the home. They tend to have confused expectations, some seek men who are distant emotionally or send mixed messages to their partners.

The Terrible Dad

This kind of father made life at home extremely difficult for the child. These relationships are quite dysfunctional they leave raw scars on the women, which may not go away even after therapy. These women harbor distrust towards men and approach romantic relationships from a defensive state.

Any kind of abuse or tension experienced during childhood has the capacity to disrupt women’s dating relationship. A woman with negative feelings towards her father has a higher chance of carrying over these emotions to her love life.

Worst case scenario, when children undergo any abuse, it is best to call child protection services.

Identifying Daddy Issues Symptoms

Girls’ daddy issues are displayed in a variety of ways. Dating a girl with daddy issues means taking into account these symptoms to be prepared beforehand. Some of the daddy issues symptoms exhibited by women include the following,

  • She participates in one form of self-mutilation or another. Cutting, obsessive nail-biting, excessive tattooing and piercing are some examples to look out for.
  • She has issues surrounding her body-image and  may have eating disorders
  • She is over-confident in a delusional manner in addition to entitlement issues
  • She is jealous, clingy, and overprotective, constantly worrying about being abandoned.   
  • She is attracted to older men who are confident, financially stable, and seem to know exactly what to do.
  • Girls daddy issues cause them to need constant affection and reassurance of love, continually comparing herself to others
  • She gives the impression that she only cares about sex because she craves lots of it. She feels loved and appreciated when engaged in sex with a man, sometimes participating in risky behaviors for satisfaction.
  • She is terrified of being alone and would rather be engaged in a dysfunctional relationship or bounce between relationships than become single.

It is not easy to deal with women with daddy issues. It entails a lot of patience and understanding. A Daughter that grew up with dads like these will have complicated feelings and challenging relationships as the years go by.

Dealing With the Daddy Syndrome

Father abandonment issues on daughters can cause a lifetime of problems if not addressed. The first step in dealing with these issues is acknowledgment. Other ways of addressing these are,

  • Break down your daddy issues into small chunks and attack one issue at a time.
  • After that, adopt affirmations that you can identify with and use daily in life.
  • If you have experienced the issues for a while, it may be time to seek a therapist or qualified counselors help.

How to date a girl with daddy issues?

Dating a girl with daddy issues is not easy. First and foremost, it is important to be aware of the classic signs of daddy issues. What are daddy issues symptoms that one should look out for? Without further ado, these are the signs a girl has daddy issues:

1. Sexual aggression
2. Being too clingy
3. Too friendly with men
4. Defensive
5. Has a thing for older men

Daddy issues are not something to be embarrassed about or be afraid of because they can be dealt with. If you feel these issues have changed your life for the worse, it’s time to address them. Start by acknowledging them and seek out the help of a therapist. You will be happier and better off.

And please remember that the majority of people young and old have “Daddy Issues”.  You are not alone. Once you address these you will know yourself better and have a better understanding of other people’s life and your relationship with others as well.

You may or may not forgive your dad for being an absent father for all those years. You can choose to feel differently and continue to live a life of love. We know child abandonment is a serious issue, we hope this will help shed light on this matter.


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