Do you have any of these symptoms?

    Aches and pains especially in your back
  • Frequent allergies
  • Headaches
  • Memory failure
  • Nail and hair breakages
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Gas, Bloating, Indigestion


All these are signs that your body is full of toxins, inflammation  and free radicals. If you really want to feel better you need to get rid of these harmful toxins and do a thorough detox.  There are many ways to detox your body and the simplest is to do a detox at home.

Chances are you have been accumulating toxins for years. In this article, I will show you how to do a healthy gradual cleaning out of the toxins in your body.

In order to detoxify your body you will need a diet rich in natural foods. You should avoid processed foods such as processed dairy products and fatty meats.  It is important to come up with a proper nutritional diet plan that encompasses all the foods that you should include in your diet, and exclude the ones you should avoid.

You may want to start slowly by eliminating all fast foods, processed foods (anything in a package), red meat, pastries, cookies, pies, cakes, chips, candies, etc.  This includes all sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Your mind might be saying, “What the heck, so what am I supposed to eat?”  I understand, for some it may seem like a lot.  If it does, then pick one or two of the things listed above and start there.  Once the addiction to those two things is reduced or eliminated, then add two more things to discontinue eating or replace with healthier choices.

So what can you eat?  The answer is; the food your body can digest and contains the nutrition to build healthy cells.  When you are eating the things listed above, the body is working hard to just work with the empty calories that have no nutrition and to deal with the chemicals that destroy the digestive process.

I am not an extremist, so with the exception of red meat which in modification, after you are eating and living a healthy lifestyle, is fine to add back. Also, alcohol in a very modified way is also ok. I generally do not recommend caffeine as it causes addiction and great stress to the adrenals over a long period of time. And please know that, SUGAR IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.  Relax, you can still get your sugar needs met and in a very healthy way.  Eat fruit that is whole, fresh and organic.  You will find that your body will use these sugars in a supportive manner rather than anything processed or artificial.

Great foods to make your friend are:  Whole, organic, non-gmo, live food.  This means eat more raw food such as salads.  Fruits would be best if in their whole, natural state.  This means avoid fruit juices and dehydrated fruit.  These two forms are very high in concentrated sugar and can tax your pancreas and liver.


Fresh fruit's are one of your healthiest options to satisfy those sugar cravings, especially berries!

Fresh fruit’s are one of your healthiest options to satisfy those sugar cravings, especially berries!

The term detox is not only used to refer to the process of eliminating the adverse effects of drugs, alcohol and substance abuse from your body, it also refers to the elimination of all the undesirable effects of the environment or parasites. These include toxins resulting from pollution, industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals and heavy metals in our bodies. This is why, in order to keep your body in pristine condition, it is imperative that you detoxify your body at least twice a year. The process of detoxification can be done at home as well!

Reasons to Detox

No matter where we live, our environment is polluted and filled with toxins. Many of our foods are laced with parasites.  This is due to natural disasters, global warming, pesticides, poor water, dirty electricity, GMO and processed foods. These name just a few of the issues our precious bodies must combat each and every day.  Our body’s are truly miraculous at keeping these abusers at abeyance and yes we can make a conscious choice to help it do its job better.  Regular steps to detoxifying are essential for greater health.

Detoxing helps ease the pressure on the liver and kidney to process the toxins in our body, which can extend our lives. This makes blood purification much easier and leaves our kidney’s functioning efficiently. Over time, failure to detoxify our body system means that our kidney’s are overworked and most of us may end up with kidney failure or related illnesses.

Detoxing also helps boost our body’s immune system. When we rid our bodies of excess toxins, it stimulates our endocrine and immune systems, which then can work at optimal levels. The detox of the colon and the digestive systems help remove harmful chemical substances from our body and thus increase our intestines ability to absorb nutrition from food and also boost the immune system.

Why Detox at Home?

One of the best answers to this is simple.  Think of this as more than a one time event.  It is something to start with and ideally move to a Lifestyle Change.  This does not mean you would never do a detox again and it does mean it would be a lot easier on your body to function efficiently with a healthy diet.  In fact, doing a Detox Cleanse 2 to 4 times a year is highly suggested.

Another reason is, it is cost efficient. You will be eating less processed and fast foods and this will save you money. You will replace your old food choices with new, exciting, healthy, fresh foods.  The actual detox may last 1 to 10 days and then your new eating choices become a new way of living by consistently thinking about what you are eating, before you begin your meal.

If you have any questions or special health issues you may want to consult a health expert before opting to detoxify your body and for the average person detoxification can easily be done at home.

The following are some of the simple detox treatments that you can use at home.

 Detox Programs

Numerous detox specialists are now offering safe to use pills/herbs/powders for easy detoxification. All you have to do is to talk to an expert who will suggest a program that you can use to start the process at home. This is one of the easiest and safest ways to detoxify yourself as there are many programs that are very safe.

One program that I have personally used and found to be very powerful which is all organic, vegan, non-gmo live superfoods is created by a company called Purium.  This program supports an excellent, easy to follow regimen that will clean/detox your body profoundly.  They also have a very strong educational program that will support you in understanding the power and need of detoxification and living a healthy lifestyle.  They also supply all of the products for you to take on a daily basis.  It is proven and safe.  It will help you lose 5-20# if that is desired.  Learn more about this at

Do-It-Yourself Ideas:

Apple Diet Detox 

The apple diet detox is one of the most popular home detox methods. You can do this for about four days. During this time you only eat apples and should consume about at least six apples a day. Always use organically grown apples free from pesticides. As with any type of detoxing make sure you do not have any health problems and do not try this detox method too many times!  It is mandatory to drink at least ½ ounce of water for every pound you weigh with this and all detoxifying methods.

Hot Epsom Salts Bath

This method is more popular in Asia and is slowly gaining prominence throughout the world. Soaking your body in hot Epsom salts can help you get rid of toxins from our body through your skin. The hot water pulls the toxic substances to your skin while the Epsom salts help speed up the process. Then as the water cools it absorbs the toxins from your skin leaving you fresh and healthy. Doing this regularly at home will ensure that you have a cleaner body and support a healthy lifestyle! Be sure to take a lukewarm to cool shower, washing yourself with soap, when complete.  Doing this is a good adjunct to changing your eating habits.

Oranges are the best source of Vitamin C out there!

Citric Fruit Water 

Lots of yummy fruits contain citric acid which helps cleanse your body.  Fruits such as oranges are made up of pure citric acid and by adding them to your water can help detoxify your body and its internal organs.  The high pH of the acid helps break down the fat molecules in your body which speeds up the process of detoxification.  Be cautious as to not ingesting large amounts of oranges and especially orange juice, as there is a large amount of sugar in the concentrated juice. Also, high levels of citric acid may cause burning in some people’s stomach’s.

After Detox Maintenance

After you have undertaken a detox at home it is important keep your body free from toxins. This means that you should incorporate some healthy habits to maintain the clean state of your body.

If health is your priority, I suggest you give up smoking, unhealthy eating habits and reducing the daily junk food intake. Junk and processed foods contain excessive toxins and you should try to limit their intake. You can also regularly consider continuing with the hydrotherapy practice (hot Epsom salt bath) as this will help remove any additional toxins to your body.  Moreover, consider upping your Vitamin C intake, as Vitamin C helps in the production of glutathione and plays an important role in the elimination of toxins from your body.

Check out these articles  [ and  ] which will give you additional ideas for detoxing at home. Maintaining pristine health requires an ongoing healthy lifestyle and periodic detox programs to prevent toxins creeping back into your body.


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