Are You Exposed to Electrosmog?

Electrosmog is the harmful, invisible radiation caused by electromagnetic waves from electricity lines, electric motors and wireless technology and most things electric. This kind of invisible radiation is quickly becoming one of the biggest health challenges and health risks that we have today. And most likely it will only continue to get worse.

When you consider and are aware of  all of the electrical devices, machines and wireless technology we surround ourselves with, it is quite apparent that that we must do something to protect ourselves from “modern living.”

Electrosmog is Everywhere.  It is generated by multiple sources of radiation, and can be quite harmful over the long term.. A combination of radiation from a cell phone, a cell phone tower. a TV, a washing machine,  a wireless router and even a clock radio next to your bed  greatly exacerbates the problem.

 What Is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity is also known as electrical pollution or dirty mains. It is an electromagnetic noise problem associated with the wiring in a house or office. It can get into your house by moving through the local electricity supply or may be generated by particular devices within your home.

Dirty Electricity can migrate or move from house to house or  structure to structure as it travels along the wiring of your house.  In your house, it circulates from room to room “baking the inhabitants” in dirty electricity on a continuous basis.

Bottom line!!! It’s everywhere there is electricity!

The Problem and Why You Need to Protect Yourself

Dirty Electricity or  Electrosmog  interferes with important electrical processes in your body, decreasing the ability of your body to function at maximum potential. Exposure to electro-pollution is often associated with multiple negative health conditions such as cancer, autism, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and various neurological disorders. Electrical radiation is also associated with decreasing the body’s immune system and ability to fight off infection or viruses.

Why Is Electrosmog Harmful?

It’s still unclear at what exact level E smog exposure begins to cause harmful effects. What is certain is that, prolonged exposure is dangerous. Electrical fields exceeding 5V/m and magnetic fields exceeding 100nT are considered a health hazard.

There seem to be two major explanations for the harmful effect of electrosmog.

Physical Irritation

Each human has an electromagnetic field with an approximate power capacity of one hundred millivolts. If you are exposed to an artificially generated field any higher than this, your body responds by becoming distressed to counter the effects of the higher electromagnetic field. Your body will continuously lose energy as a way to compensate.

The current that flows through devices with high E smog levels is about fifty billion times more powerful than that of your body’s current. Considering the amount of intracellular electrical connections your body performs per second, electrosmog can wreak havoc in your body.

Your Hormones

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) alter the body’s production of hormones crucial to your overall health, including circadian rhythms and immune system function. Electromagnetic frequencies frequently and continuously interfere with the normal brain frequency required for deep sleep.

A 2012 study concluded that E smog significantly lowers nocturnal melatonin production and interferes with sleep. Melatonin acts as an antioxidant and reinforces immune system function. Low melatonin levels over a period of time can increase your risk of cancer and may enhance the growth of existing tumors.

How to Reduce or Avoid E Smog

Temporary Measures

It is impossible to avoid electrosmog but there are some measures you can take to temporarily reduce it in your home and your life.

Things I suggest:

  • Get rid of any electrical cords under or near your bed.
  • Replace smart meters with analogue meters where possible.
  • Unplug any extension cords or plugs that you are not currently using.
  • Do not use compact florescent lighting.
  • Replace fluorescent bulbs with LEDs or incandescent light bulbs.
  • Select LED bulbs that generate a minimum amount of dirty electricity.
  • Instead of Wi-Fi connection, use a cable connection when connecting to the internet. If you must use it, switch off your Wi-Fi or any device connected to it after use.
  • Throw Out Your Microwave!  I know this sounds radical, but I counsel all of my clients to never, ever use a microwave for many many reasons.
  • Purchase and use a landline wired phone.
  • When you’re at home, divert your cell phone calls to a fixed network.
  • Use your phone loudspeaker or wear specially protected headsets (not just any headset) for phone conversations, rather than holding the phone up to your ears.


NEVER EVER EVER use Bluetooth or earphones with your smartphone. Use the speakerphone instead and don’t hold it up to your ear.  And NEVER put your cell phone in a breast pocket over your heart.

Permanent Measures

The Biozen Chip

The BioZen chip is a personal Esmog protector, designed to decrease EMF’s harmful effects. It is developed using innovative micro-chip technology and designed to be your instant invisible shield against mobile and electronic radiation. It’s a small and discreet chip measuring 24 by 15mm.

The specific absorption rate (SAR) legally acceptable only protects your body from high frequency radiation effects. Backed by scientific research, the BioZen chip is reportedly the only technology worldwide that protects you on a biological level in addition to reducing SAR levels. It does this by altering the low-frequency electromagnetic fields formed.

The WorId Global Network Website explains that the chip has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, guard against changes in blood profile, and significantly lower magnetic field peaks. Decreasing these peaks enables your body to permanently tolerate using new mobile technology with ease. It protects you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The BioZen chip is simple and can be used on all electrically powered devices. To protect yourself, stick it on any of your electronic or cellular devices. The BioZen chip can be used on laptops, tablets, smartphones, routers, desktop computers, and any power supply.

Even though it can be used by any age group, BioZen is especially recommended for adolescents and children. This is because their brains are still growing and for them, mobile radiation effects can result in negative long-term health impacts.

Research by Dr. Claude Bärtels in 2015 concluded that when you use cell phones, there’s a Technical Extreme Low Frequency Electro Magnetic Field (ELF-EMF). This field surrounds the phone and contains gradients that irritate your brain’s magnetite crystals.

The human body uses frequencies lower than 30 Hz to communicate internally. The frequencies produced by your cell phone continuously interfere with this communication. Abrupt electromagnetic field changes produced by these phones can irritate your body.

The BioZen sticker evens out these gradients to smooth progressions, making the electromagnetic fields acceptable to your body. This phone sticker is different from others in the market because and is reported to be the only technology worldwide designed to incorporate biological protection from ELFs.

Try out the BioZen chip  and give yourself the healthier life you deserve.

For the Technically Minded

Types of Electrosmog

Low-Frequency Alternating Fields

Alternating electromagnetic fields are categorized into either low or high frequency. Cable bound fields are low frequency and vary between 1Hz to 30,000Hz. Low frequency, alternating current is also found on high-voltage lines with 50/60Hz, necessary in every household. These power lines are a concentrated source of electrosmog since they transport low-frequency power with significantly higher voltages – to the tune of a million volts.

Your house, comprised of appliances, devices, wires and cords also produces a big, low frequency alternating field. This field may extend to wet building materials and metals within its vicinity, causing floors and walls to generate a large electromagnetic field.

Electromagnetic Direct Current Fields

Man-made direct current fields are rare and they are considered the least harmful. For example, your battery-operated alarm clock without a radio will not affect your health or sleep. Direct current devices include all battery-operated appliances, including your cell phone when in airplane mode.

The current in your home makes up an alternating field which changes direction at a frequency of 60Hz. As the change occurs from direct current to alternating current, depending on the number of times it happens, electric pollution occurs.

High-Frequency Alternating Fields

Cell and transmission towers generate radio frequency radiation which is a source of E smog. High-frequency alternating current fields cannot be switched off. They are fitted with a transmitter that generates them and they have the ability to penetrate walls. To have a health effect on your body, they don’t need a receiver. Some examples of such fields include Bluetooth, GPS, cell phones, microwave ovens, cordless telephone radiation and Wireless internet.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) is an allergy-like illness that results from continuous exposure to electrosmog. It may develop when you constantly experience electromagnetic pollution, including dirty electricity.

The effects on your health may appear immediately or they may take 10 to 20 years to show up. The people most at risk of E-smog health effects are those with a weak immune system, children, and the elderly.

Common EHS symptoms are sleep disturbances, digestive problems, headaches, tingling sensations, muscle and joint pain, allergy symptoms, depression, and memory loss. Other symptoms include palpitations, skin diseases, irregular blood pressure, pain or burning in the eyes, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and behavioral patterns in children.

Deteriorating vision, shortness of breath, dehydration, hair loss, nosebleeds, abdominal pain, and internal bleeding are also symptoms of the illness. The most severe reactions are stroke, seizures, psychosis, and paralysis. This group of symptoms is not associated with any recognized syndrome.

On 31st May 2011, a press release from the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorized electrosmog as a possible carcinogen. This was after observing an increased risk of a malignant brain cancer (glioma) linked to wireless phone use.

Conclusion  |  You can run, but you can’t hide.

Electro pollution and radiation are everywhere. If you live in an urban area, it’s impossible to avoid.  But I recommend you do as many of the things I have listed above to protect yourself and lessen the harmful effects of electrosmog wherever and however  you can.

I use and highly recommend the Biozen chip to provide invaluable and necessary protection for you and your family.

Where to find the BioZen chip?

Contact me for more information.


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