Is Fat Flush Water as Amazing and Easy as it Sounds?

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Can a water detox really flush the fat out of your body?

The Internet seems to be flooded (pun fully intended) with an inundation of water-based detox drinks. They look bright, colorful and delicious. And they claim to be able to flush out the fat from our bodies. Does that sound a little too good to be true? It’s certainly something that warrants investigation.  Read on to learn more about Fat Flush Water.

There is a lot of truth in the concept behind the latest fad for detox water. We all know that water can keep you hydrated, but it is also important for flushing all sorts of unwanted toxins and materials from your body. Fat can be difficult to break down and eliminate from your system. However, there is an answer.

The Most Effective Component  for Fat Flush Water to Work      

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First, you need to exercise

There is no way around it. You need to get moving! You need to break down the fat in your body before any of those detox drinks will be able to flush it out. And how do you break down the fat? Exercise. That’s it. No excuses, no short cuts.

Exercise is the first essential step. Ideally, at least 30 minutes, (preferably 45-60 minutes), 3 to 6 times a week.  Include aerobic, strength and core building.  A mini trampoline, dancing, yoga, jump roping, vigorous walking are just a few ideas to get the lymph system prepared to let go of those harbored poisons.

Remember that the more you exercise the more you will want to exercise so be disciplined and it will get easier. I exercise for about 45 minutes 6 days a week and it has made the world of difference in my strength, health and attitude.  I have reached the place where I really look forward to moving my body every day and honestly miss it if I cannot for some reason.

Secondly, solid nutrition is a must

Starting a water detox is not an excuse to have that extra donut. You should be getting your calories from lean and healthy whole, organic, NON-GMO,live superfoods.  Easting correct nutrition will greatly benefit you in many areas of your health.

Eating unhealthy foods will simply clog up your liver with poisons, toxins, and excess fats. This means that your liver will not be able to perform that all-important function of burning fat. And, let’s be honest, that’s exactly what we want our livers to be doing for us!

Thirdly, drink lots of water

You must ensure that you are drinking sufficient water every day to hydrate your body and help with the breakdown and elimination of fat. Although the general advice is to drink 8 glasses of water a day, the amount actually varies according to your body weight. An accurate method of estimating how much you should drink on a daily basis is to take your body weight and drink ½ to 1 ounce per pound, of pure, spring or alkaline water each day. You might need to drink more during hot weather and if you are exercising or perspire a lot.

It is important to avoid faucet water which usually has fluoride and possibly other additives to it.  Well water is ok if you have it tested for bacteria and high levels of iron and other toxic minerals. Also avoid reverse osmosis water and distilled water as they have no natural minerals in them and can even strip the minerals from your body. I find the best water is natural Spring Water.

That being said, the latest fad is a seemingly never-ending array of infused water recipes. Although water alone is not just some magical cure-all, it can be used as the basis for a detox drink to flush out that fat. Apart from anything else, drinking an effective detox water is a great way to make water more palatable and encourage you to drink your daily quota of water.

The bonus is that you will absorb more nutrients throughout the day. Drinking sufficient water will help to detox your liver, which in turn will help boost your ability to lose weight.

As I mentioned, when you combine exercise like active walking or jumping on a trampoline with your pure water you will find your lymph system so delighted.  These two together supports the release and dumping of toxins, readily.

So you might be thinking of fruit water but how do you know which fruit water is best? Perhaps it’s best to go back to the original fat flush water recipe – which was first released 25 years ago! It couldn’t be simpler: mix one part unsweetened cranberry juice with seven parts water. That’s it. Simple, yet effective.

This recipe includes unsweetened cranberry juice because of all the health benefits associated with this particular berry – including weight loss. Cranberry juice contains flavonoids, enzymes and organic acids. It is also a natural diuretic. But what does all this translate to in terms of your health?

Many of these substances in cranberry juice are known to emulsify stubborn fat deposits in your lymphatic system. In addition to your lymphatic system, cranberry juice also helps to cleanse your liver. And, as if that wasn’t encouraging enough, it also helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. (And who doesn’t want that?!)

So what about all these amazing looking infused water recipes on Pinterest? Well, they look pretty and that’s about it. Although fruits such as grapefruit and tangerine have great properties, you won’t benefit from those health-promoting properties by simply infusing water with them. Which means that you won’t actually be flushing out any fat.

Yes, you will benefit in the sense that you will be drinking more water, but you won’t have the added fat flushing qualities that you get with the original recipe.

At the end of the day, the fat flush water fad is a good example of a great innovation that has seen many imitations – none of which are truly effective. The simple 1:7 dilution of unsweetened cranberry juice is where the magic lies. But it really does need to be combined with regular exercise and a healthy, balanced, nutritional diet if you want to see incredible results.


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