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Food is an opportunity to be connected to the here and how. One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well if one has not dined well. Esateys and Raphael Stuchiner talk about food as an awakening tool and how it affects us on many levels. Every single moment gives you an opportunity to decide how you want to be in that moment. Moving along with the discussion, Esateys and Raphael show the role that food plays in this little adventure called life.

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“Food is an opportunity to be connected to the here and how.” – Esateys

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Food As A Tool For Awakening

I am so glad you showed up.

I’m glad to be here. We’ve had this little adventure, but before I go into our little story and adventure, I want to tell you to pay very close attention. I’m going to speak about something that most people do not have any awareness of and that is food as a tool for awakening. I’m sure you’ve been reading to every single week of what it is that we speak about. Therefore, you know that what I’m speaking about in general is reaching a place in your life where you live in causeless joy, that you’re a happy being from an internal place that has nothing to do with the outside world. Until we’re in that place, our mind likes to think that it’s something over there, whether it be a person or money or food that’s causing us to not be in causeless joy. Causeless joy means that it emerges from nowhere with no reason. We’re going to talk about food as a tool for awakening because every single moment gives you an opportunity to decide how you want to be in that moment. As we move along, I’m going to show you the role that food plays in this little adventure called life.

I want to put my two cents in here because I’ve spoken to a lot of people and I’m also probably projecting. A lot of what we’re going to talk about, I take in at a very deep level because it applies to me. Food affects us on so many different levels emotionally. The more work that I’ve been doing personally, the more I find that I have more programs and more stuff around food than I could ever have been aware of without some deep contemplation and help to get to it.

Thanks for being so open about that. That was a transparent moment.

The problem is, I never know when it’s going to start. 

Food is an opportunity to be connected to the here and how. - Esateys Click To Tweet

I want to tell you this little story from what has occurred in the past. We’ve been doing our best to get this done and what was happening is when we were doing this, we kept getting this big hiss. Once we got the hiss to go away, then we had no volume. The technology of it was driving us particularly crazy especially Rafael. After an hour or so, we finally said, “It’s too late. We haven’t eaten. Let’s look at it in the morning.” We came in here and spent another more than an hour going over the same thing. Finally, Rafael reached a place where he said, “Never mind, I give up. I surrender.” About that time, I said that my throat was a little scratchy so I went to get a lozenge. When I came back, he said, “This is working perfectly.” We found out that something that had been plugged into the computer was causing the issue which we thought we looked at, but we didn’t.

The point of the story is whenever you reach a place of surrender, truly giving up, truly not letting your ego or your mind try to figure out the answer, magic happens. You step into the place that knows exactly what is perfect in that moment. The ego doesn’t like it because it does not like the idea that it’s in a place of defeat so we don’t get there very often or very easily. The point is that as we go out throughout this episode, think about where you are in a place of maybe a little resistance, trying to make things happen the way you think they ought to happen instead of giving up in a place of surrender. Meaning that you are handing the baton to the part of you that knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Let me give you a hint. It is not your mind. It is not your recycled ignorance. It is not your programming. It’s not your ego or any part of your personality. It’s who you are.

When we were going through this thing and I was pretty frustrated, what happened was Esateys said, “Let’s record it.” I said, “That’s a real way of putting your head under the covers and not recognizing what’s going on.” What did you say to me? It was so powerful.

I said, “Miracles happen in every moment.” It’s not even a miracle, but things change instantly. I said, “What if we recorded it and what if it turned out perfectly and the hiss wasn’t there?” We are creating our reality as we think about it and how we perceive it and the story we make up around it. What I know is in an instant, our lives can change amazingly. We don’t have to try to figure it out and that is the hardest thing for a personality to consider.

Let’s get back to food as a tool for awakening. This whole experience was like a whole another learning experience and a whole another teaching and a-ha moment because as soon as we let go, me in particular, it just happened. I don’t know how it happened. I like to say I did it, but I didn’t.

It didn’t have anything to do with that precious little mind of yours that was trying to figure out every single little thing. That’s the key. We ought to talk about that in a show sometime about surrendering to what is or something like that. Food as a tool for awakening. Most people look at food from wherever they do. Let’s start out with that profundity. Look in your own life right now. How do you frame food? Is it a substance that keeps you alive? Is it your savior? Is it something that you feel like you can’t live without? I can hear those minds going, “You can’t.” First of all, it was not totally true. There are Breatharians out there, but that’s not what I’m speaking about. What I’m speaking about is people use food for all different kinds of things, the majority of them being emotional. We emotionally are attached to food because it gives us some sort of pleasure. The pleasure might be something as simple as having the acidity in your stomach be taken care of because it’s telling you it wants something.

RDD 39 | Food As Awakening Tool

Food As Awakening Tool: People use food for different kinds of things, the majority of them being emotional. We are emotionally attached to food because it gives us some sort of pleasure.


It might also be something like, “I don’t feel enough. I don’t feel safe. I don’t feel okay about myself in many ways. Something didn’t go the way I wanted it to.” We keep on bringing food in because it helps move us to a place where we are not looking at what is in that moment. We are shoving something over it. We’re painting over the diamond. We are putting a shroud over it. When that happens, what occurs is that gets stuffed in the cells literally and figuratively. When you eat more food than your body needs to be in a supportive, healthy place, the excess food gets stuffed into cells. That’s called fat. It’s called excess tissue. From there, we get a whole new level of options about being in a state of self-judgment, “I’m so fat. I have cellulite. My body hurts more than ever because it’s carrying more weight than it is comfortable doing so. Every morning is literally a pain somewhere here or there. People are judging me. I’m judging myself. I can’t stand to look in the mirror. I don’t like the way my clothes fit. I don’t feel good about anything.”

All of these things are going on internally when we use food as an emotional cushion. Most importantly, it doesn’t work. It gives us a temporary tiny little piece of relief for about two nanoseconds because the moment we get that food in there and we are now quieting the judgment that caused it to be there, it’s like whack-a-mole. Another hole is going to come up and then we feel weak and inept that we can’t seem to control ourselves if we’re in an addictive state. All of these things that I’m speaking about, I’m speaking about so you have an awareness, but for you to take a look inside and if or which one or all of these things might be applicable to you. Food is a nutritious opportunity to take in life. 

That’s a double pun there. Food is a nutritious way to take in life. 

If you start to view food as an opportunity to nourish the body, that’s one thing. Food is also an opportunity to become very present. When I say very present, this is where the tool for awakening thing gets in here. The present moment is the most profound and only place that you can ever experience causeless joy and true life. Any other thought from the past or the future takes you out of this moment. You are no longer present in this moment and therefore you can never have what it is that I’m speaking about. If you start to look at food as an opportunity to become very present, then all of a sudden you have an amazingly different experience in your life. That means that you take it in, you put it in your mouth and you’re so present that you can discern the different flavors that are in your mouth. Is it salty? Is it sweet? Is it crunchy? Is it smooth? Is it whatever it may be? Being present in that moment with that food and then searching for the life source that it is bringing you is an amazing experience.

When I was working with Deepak Chopra, and many of you know I was on his board of directors a long time ago, I was at his home and did a lot of other work with him. In doing so, one of the exercises that we did was to sit in silence and taste, feel, experience, align with and become one with our food. When that occurs, your whole experience of food will be different. It won’t be something that you shoved down your throat in hopes of feeling better. It will become a connection to life. When you feel it as a connection to life, you will feel the life force of it. That’s because you’re in the present moment with it. The more you are in the present moment, the more entrained you become, the more familiar you become to feel a state of bliss connection that you can’t feel at any other moment. The more you do that and the more you feel that, suddenly there comes a moment when you are no longer feeling comfortable when you’re out of that space. You’re in that space and something happens and you lose it. It feels foreign. It feels so unright that you will immediately come back to a place of being in the present moment, which will allow you to entrain that even more deeply. From there, it truly becomes you.

Your body needs whatever it specifically needs. Don't try to fit into a box of what other people tell you that you should or shouldn't do. Click To Tweet

I wanted to share when you first started talking about how food makes us feel and why we’re eating it, you said to close our eyes. I did that and as we were sitting here, this big a-ha went off and I thought food just makes me happy. It makes me feel so good that I don’t have to worry about anything else. That was an understanding at a different or a deeper level than I previously had. When you were speaking about that, it’s only temporary. That feeling is only temporary. It’s not the macro solution or the long-term solution that we desire to create what you’re calling causeless joy. I recommend people do that simple thing. Why do you eat? What about it makes you happy? What do food and eating give to you? They’re very powerful.

That’s a good exercise. If you’re present with your food, then you will have a whole another way. If you’re conscious versus unconscious, there’s a very big difference in the way you will perceive and proceed with your choices. You said something that was very powerful, Rafael. When you are using food for happiness and because we know that everything’s temporary, it might last for five minutes or five seconds or whatever. Because we’re craving the happiness, what does that mean? It means we have to keep eating food to get that high. It’s like a heroin addict who needs another shot or a coke addict that needs to snort a little bit more. They got the hit, they felt good, but then they have to keep doing it over and over again. It doesn’t matter. Any addiction comes from this place.

What’s happening is we’re looking for the same. We’re looking for love in all the wrong places. We’re looking for relief, for happiness, for safety, whatever it is you’re looking. You’re looking for it in all the wrong places and that in your intellectual mind, if nowhere else, would and does tell you that this is like closing the barn door after the horse has already out. It doesn’t work. It will not give you what it is you want and what you want is whatever that word is. For you, it was, “I want to be happy.” For someone else, it might be, “I want to feel safe.” For someone else, it might be, “I want to be in control because I can decide when I eat, what I eat, where I want,” wherever we go with it. That’s the important key.

No matter what the causes or what the impetus for out of control or unconscious eating is, it’s always about the various emotions and the programs that we have that are gurgling in the background like quicksand.

When we become more aware and more awake, we start to recognize this and we realize that there is only one way to that true happiness to what someone would call safety, of feeling enough. There is only one solution to that and that is being in a total and complete connection with whom it is that you are. This world that we live in and the facade, the pretend self that we live through is meant to have us experience all these things. There is nothing wrong with any of the things that you have going on with food, safety, whatever it is. It doesn’t matter. What’s important is to become aware of that so you can then make choices from a different perspective. In my experience, most people that have that awareness then are consciously choosing things that once they get it are going to give them the core everlasting causeless joy.

RDD 39 | Food As Awakening Tool

Food As Awakening Tool: If you’re conscious versus unconscious, there’s a very big difference in the way you will perceive and proceed with your choices.


There’s something that overtakes your body and you smile about things that have nothing to do with anything. I am gifted and grateful that I have experienced this so much lately. I was in the bathroom putting on makeup or doing whatever I was doing and this whole thing fell on the floor and made a mess. I just burst out laughing. That is so comical. It made me happy. There was nothing like, “I’m going to be late. I have to do this. Now I’ve got a big mess. The dogs are going to want to lick it off the floor,” whatever it may be. Instead it was a funny thing to me. Everything becomes more playful, more joyful, more alive. Truly, it becomes a place where you see everything from the eyes of causeless joy rather than a place of, “What am I going to do to try to make whatever I have going on in my head to go away, change and be covered up?”

What would you suggest people do to become more aware and to get to this place? Is it an understanding, like I was saying about the emotional pieces or the programs underneath it? Is it more staying in the moment by doing conscious eating or doing certain things that’ll keep us right here present rather than drifting away?

The first tool I would give you is to read every single one of these podcasts and I mean more than once. We don’t make money off the podcast. It’s because of two things. One, there’s a frequency with these podcasts that help you open up to be able to hear things that you otherwise would not have been able to hear. We know everything is energy. You are hearing things at the level of your own frequency. The more you listen, the higher frequency will become. The second reason that is important is that it will satisfy that part of the mind most of the time with what it needs to not be in such resistance. In other words, like what we’ve spoken about, to me it’s very logical. I may be different than someone else. It might not seem logical, but you got it at a whole new level, Rafael, and hopefully the people that are reading will. These podcasts are critical and very important. If you find that it’s still not resonating for you, then literally send me an email and talk to me about coaching. I can pinpoint for you exactly where the breakdown point is for you and what it is that can be done differently in your life, not just around food but in every area of your life. You’ll learn that weight isn’t the issue nor is the child or the money or any other part of your life. It’s the relationship with who you are. That is the most important.

Another thing is to fly out here and come to our retreat. I know I sound like I’m pushing this stuff here, it’s because I am. I’m having miracles in front of my eyes occur with people that are doing this work and I’m seeing amazing awakenings occur. That’s all of that because it is all about the energy. On perhaps a different level from some people’s viewpoints is what you can do in each moment is to be in each moment. What that means is that you’re totally present. You’re present with your fingers and your toes. You are in your body. You’re aware of where your tongue is, how much saliva is in your mouth, how your knees or your legs and all of that are feeling. If you are in a place where you are losing it, then get in your body. Close your eyes for a moment, go to the breath, breathe in through your nose very slowly, watch the breath. When you get up to the top of your head or between your third eye, hold the energy there for a long count of five and then exhale through your mouth very slowly as well. As you exhale, put your focus in your body and see what your body’s telling you. 

Are you tense somewhere? The likelihood is you are. Is there something going on? Are repetitive thoughts taking you over seemingly? Notice that; observe it. Bring your thought process back to your body or into the breath. If you sit and do that in that moment, everything will change. In addition to that, if you do this on a regular basis, 4 or 5 times a day, everything in your world is going to change because you will start to be familiar with being grounded. When we get triggered, when we find ourselves running to the pantry, opening up the refrigerator and doing the things that we frequently do to avoid our feelings and our perceived pain, we’re not thinking, we’re not present, we’re not in our body. That’s a key piece. You have to be present in your body. Every moment you stay present, when you do decide to sit down and eat a meal, take a breath. Don’t just shove it in your mouth. Chew it 20 or 30 times until it’s liquid in your mouth. Put your fork or your spoon down in between bites. Be present. Feel your food. Feel the energy of your food. Taste your food. When you do even those few little things, you will be amazed how things change for you.

Food is a gift for awakening and for life. Have respect, love, and a full-on connection with it so it can support you in your journey. Click To Tweet

Before you open the refrigerator or you go into the pantry or you go to your hidden stash, wherever you have it hidden, this could be alcohol, drugs or food because they all are in the same category, before you touch it or reach for it, stop for a moment and do the cycle of five breathing. Breathe in through your nose, hold it for five, exhale through your mouth to five and do that five times. That cycle of five breathing is going to help you get a little more present. You can ask yourself, “What need am I trying to meet right now?” You are on an unconscious level trying to meet some needs. Your mind might say, “I’m meeting the need of hunger. I’m hungry and I need to eat right now.” That may be true and it probably isn’t, especially if you’re eating in between meals. If you ate 2 or 3 meals a day, you sat and you ate and you did not eat anything in between and you didn’t have a midnight snack and you didn’t take this or there, this or that or you didn’t graze throughout the entire day, your whole experience would be different.

I find this fascinating, and we talked about this on the last show, how our experience with eating which we call our relationship with food is like any other relationship. We talk about relationships, let’s say romantic relationships or relationships with family or a partner. They’re a tool for awakening because it brings up all of it. It’s a mirror for what it is that we’re thinking and feeling. When we have the catalyst to create the upheaval, the upset in a relationship or we’re upset when with regard to food before we start to eat, there’s always a catalyst. We can therefore see that the awareness of how we be in our relationships will affect and give us an understanding of what is happening with inside of us. It’s the same for food. Relationships in general, relationship with your food, relationship with why you’re eating, those are all the same. They’re all geared as you call it, a tool for awakening.

Food is not your enemy. Food is an opportunity to have a relationship with the here and now. It’s an opportunity to give you a connection with your body. It’s an opportunity to become aware of the miracle of food and what it can do for you. Needless to say, eating food that has life in it as a whole lot different than eating food that is dead. That means food that is processed, packaged, all of those things that have ingredient lists that are over three lines, those things are not going to hold the same life force as food that is more alive. Am I advocating being a raw food person? No, that’s not what I’m saying. Everybody’s body needs whatever it specifically needs. Don’t try to fit into a box of what other people tell you that you should or shouldn’t do. Be aware of the energy of how certain things are going to make you feel. When you move into the underlying relationship that you have with food, you have a choice. You have the opportunity to change your relationship to one of unconsciousness to one of consciousness.

I love what you said, “Food is an opportunity to be connected with the here and now.” That is so powerful. 

If you have questions about this or you want to connect with me at a higher level or on any level, then email me at Esateys@esatey.com. Remember that you are not in this alone. What you have going on, I don’t want to take away your specialness, but it’s not rare. It’s not unique. Most people don’t know that they’re part of a much bigger crowd. They don’t know it because they hide it. They feel guilty about it, which is another whole level of emotional trauma that, for many, food supplies a temporary answer for it doesn’t work. Band-Aids do not make the cut go away. They only protect it from the outside bacteria. When you use food as a Band-Aid, the underlying issue is still there.

It hurts even more when you pull off the Band-Aid. We have something from Georgia and she’s from Oklahoma. She wrote this, “I was reading the episode on the body and it made a huge difference in my life.” That’s very cool. “I’ve been focusing on what you say. I’ve lost a couple of pounds and I feel less self-conscious in public. I see my body totally differently and I am loving it. Is there anything else I should be focusing on?”

RDD 39 | Food As Awakening Tool

Food As Awakening Tool: Be present. Feel your food. Taste your food. When you do even these few little things, you will be amazed how things change for you.


Georgia, the things that I’ve already mentioned in this podcast are the things that I would suggest that you begin with. There are many tools that could be utilized with regard to being in a healthier state of mind. We went to the core of that and there are many things that you can do to unravel the core. If you did everything I said, your whole life would change. Continue to do what it is that you’re doing because it’s working. You’re taking the things that you’re hearing and utilizing them. I invite you to continue to listen and continue to keep us updated on how you’re doing.

George, I have one thing I would like to say. I would encourage you to foster making friends with your body. What does that mean? That means being in front of the mirror, maybe looking at it with clothes or without clothes and getting comfortable. Esateys talked about being in the shower and caring for your body, saying nice things to your body, pampering your body. Even though you could have that program that it’s got this flaw, that flaw or whatever, that is a projection. It’s a story. If you can make friends, appreciate and have total gratitude for what your body does for you, then everything will change when you take it out in public and you will be shining before you know it.

She’s doing that so do it some more. Be consistent with what it is. People read to these podcasts or come to a retreat or whatever. If you do not have a follow-through, if you are not committed to true change, then you’ll take that and say, “That was a great podcast,” then you run to the kitchen as soon as you’re done hearing it. Think about being present and be that. How about I give a little question here that people can think about? At the beginning, I was thinking, “This isn’t the question I’m going to use,” but I feel that this is the perfect question. Ask yourself this question between now and next week and see what occurs for you. In fact, that’s what I recommend that you do with all of these questions that I leave you with. Use that question many times throughout the day, every day until you hear the next one. What would it take for me to use food as the gift that it is? Food is a gift for awakening and for life. Have respect, love and a full-on connection with it so it can support you in your journey, in your experience of living in causeless joy.

Please read as many times as you can and give us your feedback. We’d love to hear from you. We want your questions and we’re appreciating all the people who have been writing into this.

Share and put it on Facebook, Instagram or wherever it is that you go on social media. You will change someone’s life when you share the experience of something that has touched yours. It’s always important to remember when we think that we don’t have the ability to do that, but ass you change, the world change. Remember; I am you, you are me and we are one. Feel a hug, know that you’re loved and make this the most awesome and the most conscious week of your life so far. Take care.

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