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Guided Imagery is such a fun and exciting way to manifest what you desire.  It is an amazing tool that helps you create what you want.  In this article I will explain what it is and how you can do it.

Guided Imagery is a powerful tool for change. Many, many great athletes, movie stars and many successful business people use Guided Imagery as a daily practice.

It is focusing the mind on the outcome you desire.  This could be directing your white cells to pour into a lung infection for instant healing or seeing your dog win his Championship at a dog show or seeing yourself eating only healthy organic food.

The list and options are unlimited to implement simple or extreme change in your Life.

It is much more than just visualization or mental imaging.  It has to do with fully engaging all your senses in what it is you desire.  It means you not only ‘see’ or ‘visualize’ the desired outcome, you also engage feelings, color, emotions, sounds, body sensations and the perception of texture.

There is a thought that only about 55% of the population is actually programmed or ‘wired’ to be able to visualize although I beg to differ.

How To Visualize

I have worked with people who thought they could not ‘see’ and after a few moments and suggestions they found that they actually had the ability to visualize unlike they ever had before.

There are a few key elements that are important to be able to visualize and manifest quicker and more succinctly.

  1. Have a clear intention of what you desire.
  2. Notice if you have any thoughts like, “This is weird.” That is ok. Anything new might feel uncomfortable.  Just notice what you are feeling and keep going!
  3. Check in with your heart and mind and determine if you feel what you desire is possible.  If it is too far out of your reach pick something you feel is achievable to start.  Ultimately, you will be able to work on things that are a real stretch and although they might take a little longer to come into fruition, they will.
  4. Remind yourself to relax more.  A mind that is all freaked out and overwhelmed does not allow new and expanded thought in.  If stressed, we function from a resistive state of mind. Energy, thoughts and desired results are more difficult to obtain when there is not a relaxed state of mind.
  5. When you pick your desired outcome contemplate what is also necessary for you to achieve your goal.
    Guided Imagery 2
  6. Use affirmations or positively worded statements.  For example, “I am so excited that KaJai-a obtained his Championship so easily.”  You can also speak as if it is already done.  “It was so easy and so much fun to have KaJai-a win his Championship.
  7. Be Patient.  Some goals or desires may take longer than others.  This depends on many factors including your commitment, intensity of desire, follow through, determination and persistence and the ability to let go and let it occur.  This is not about trying to force the outcome.  THAT DOES NOT WORK.  This IS about allowing the Universe to give you what you desire.

What If I Can’t Visualize?
colorful minds eye

If you are one of those people who think they cannot ‘see’,  I merely ask you to guess/imagine what it would be like to ‘see’ what you are desiring.  Actually anyone can do Guided Imagery.  It is for everyone. It is not mandatory to be able to actually see a picture because “Intention” is everything.

Here are some steps to practice being able to visualize for the first time or improve your skill.

  1. Sit quietly in a room with your eyes closed.  Now open them and look at one specific area for at least 60 seconds.  Notice the colors, textures and objects.  Pay attention to any sounds and smells.
  2. Now close your eyes and re-create what you have just seen in your mind.  You could even write down what you see with great detail (do this with your eyes closed). If you need to open your eyes and take another peek that is ok.  Some people find this easier to do for the first few times with a photo or picture.
  3. Next exercise is to take an object and hold it.  Look at it from a true 3D viewpoint.  Hold it, feel it, smell it and move it around to view it from many angles.  Now close your eyes and experience it within your mind’s eye.
  4. Another exercise is to think of a place you have been before.  Remember the smells, the wind against your skin, the warmth or cold.  Include all your senses and recreate the emotion you had at that time as well.  Become totally immersed in the experience, feeling it completely.
  5. Now you are ready to practice with something you desire.  Do not progress to this step until you feel you have a good grasp on the previous steps.

The Guided Imagery Process

So now you know what Guided Imagery is, who can do it, what pre-steps are helpful and how to develop or enhance your Imagery skills.  The next part it to know how to utilize this skill on a day to day basis.

  1. I recommend that you set aside a time at least once a day, preferable twice a day where you sit quietly without cell phones and any other interruptions.
  2. You can sit or lie down, ideally with eye covers on so you are able to focus within easier.
  3. Through your nose, breathe in to the count of 5 and exhale to the count of 5.  Repeat this process for at least 10 breaths.  While doing this start at the top of your head and put your attention on relaxing your head, neck, shoulders, arms, torso, hips, arms, legs, feet etc.  Let your whole body just let go.
  4. Now bring into your mind’s eye what it is that you would like to experience as your goal or outcome.  See the final scenario from within your own body.
    • Experience yourself living it while taking in the sounds, smells, body sensations and all areas of your senses.  Let every cell feel the celebration of the completion and success!
    •  You may find yourself with tears in your eyes and wanting to scream as you see it already done!  Let that be there and encourage it.  When you feel the experience in an all-encompassing way it will manifest faster and more profoundly.
  5. I sometimes do this briefly throughout the day as well.

My Personal Guided Imagery Story Outcome

KaJai-a Wins his first 5 pt Major 2015

KaJai-a’s first win as Best of Opposite, Best of Winners & Winners Dog!

Each day and before each time I showed “KaJai-a” (my pups name) in the American Kennel Club dog show I visualized us running around the ring and the judge pointing to us and saying “Best of Breed.’

I saw other dogs in the ring, I noticed what I was wearing, I could hear the background noises at the show, and I saw the other people in the ring and imagined them standing their dogs up for the judge.

I saw the judge examine them all and ultimately choosing Kajai-a as the Winner.

I felt the ecstasy when the judge picked us.  I experienced a rush of joy in my stomach and chest. I did all of this from within my own self.  This means I saw everything from my own eyes.  I felt it all from within my body.

Persistence in Action:

I showed KaJai-a at a show and although he won his class he did not win any points.  It takes 15 points to become a Champion, including 2 majors.  A major can be 3 or 5 points and is won when you beat a certain number of dogs of your breed.

The Lowchen is rather rare breed within the AKC and I was told that getting a major was very difficult.  Heck, I was just trying to get one point at this moment.  I have friends who have been trying to get to Championship for over 2 years.

I knew I could not let the other people’s experience or beliefs be mine.  THIS IS IMPORTANT! Keep your focus on what YOU want, not what other people’s story is.


I realized I had not been really doing my Guided Imagery every day so I regained my focus and entered another show.  It was 4 days long.  On the first day, again, he won his class but no points. The next day, he Won Best of Winners, which means he won 2 points!  YEAH.  I felt that joy.

The next day we had enough dogs to get a 5 point major but at the time I did not even know that.  I just went in to the ring staying present and focused.  I was strong on my Guided Imagery. I let go. I did my best to relax and have fun.

When the judge picked us for Best Opposite I almost fell over.  OMG! He actually won!  AND, it was a 5 point major to boot.

It was just like I had seen in my mind’s eye.  It was amazing!  The only difference was he was not Best of Breed but second to that.  Still, he won the maximum amount of points you can win at any show.  Now we had 7 points.

I went home and kept my focus and my Imagery strong.  The next day, under a different judge the imagined scenario came true again!  Another 5 point major!  Now he had 12 points in one weekend!

I left that show a serious believer in Guided Imagery (although I always have been, it was such a confirmation of how perfectly this works).

I entered another show and although I did my Guided Imagery he was not showing well and we did not score any points.  I kept persistence.  I increased my desire and commitment and an important key here is that I was truly happy for the people who did win.

Gratitude is Essential in Life.

I entered my 4th show and humbly continued my Guided Imagery  and focus.  It was a big group and KaJai-a, was showing well.  This time he had to beat 2 Grand Champions and several other Champions.  He was just a puppy and this usually does not occur.

Hold the Focus!  Hold the Focus!  See the Win!

The judge was comparing the 2 Grand Champions.  I kept ’seeing’ her say Best of Breed to us but honestly I did not think that was going to happen.  She hadn’t really even looked at us with a great deal of interest.

After a seemingly long time, she walked away from the two Grand Champions, scanned all of the other dogs, pointed to KaJai-a and said “Best of Breed”.

I screamed and jumped up and down.  He did it!

KaJai-a Champion Best of Breed 5 pt Major Gloria Geringer Elam WA 5-2-15

KaJai-a is a New Champion Also Winning Best of Breed in 2015

He became a CHAMPION in his 4th weekend of shows and just a week after he was one year old!

This is just one of many, many stories I can share with you about the Incredible Power of Guided Imagery.  If you are ready for Great Things to Happen then add this amazing gift to your daily routine!


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