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Theta Healing.4Theta healing is a term used to describe an alternative therapy based on a healing technique which enables you to reach a consciousness level that allows you to change your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reality.

This healing method addresses the causes of blockages arising from the way you function. These blockages are a result of factors such as belief systems, concepts, emotional repression, traumas, and fears. The occurrence of these blockages restricts the body’s flow of spiritual energy.

This healing technique helps you in identifying these restrictions and enables you to form a connection to a higher source so as to disconnect from negative beliefs. Theta Healing is utilized in the treatment of various issues such as healing of relationship traumas and recovery from physical injury.

Theta healing was developed by Vianna Stibal in the 1990s. Stibal is a massage therapist, naturopath, and intuitive reader who testifies to having healed herself from terminal cancer.

Other gurus such as Sean Campbell have adopted this healing technique and propagate its use in the healing of different illnesses.

Body and Mind influence each other.

Body and Mind influence each other.

DNA Theta Healing

DNA is the building block of all life forms and carries the blueprint to a person’s psychological and physical makeup. DNA stores our genetic characteristics straight through our ancestral line. Living cells contain DNA and produce their individual electromagnetic activity. Behavioral and emotional patterns are inherited through DNA. Your DNA, can on activation, be re-coded from any dysfunctional or harmful traits to clear the negative genetic sequencing.

DNA Reprogramming is achieved through this mode of healing by immediately reprogramming on every level, your DNA, your beliefs, your molecules, and your cells. This in turn impacts you spiritually, psychologically, physically, hormonally, physiologically, mentally and emotionally.

What is Theta Healing?

When you use this healing technique, you connect to the Energy of All That Is, Universal Consciousness, through the Theta Brainwave. The Energy of All That Is forms the source from which creation begins.

It is from this source that healing/instantaneous change is performed. The human brain has five major frequencies: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. These brain waves are used simultaneously with the dominance of any one of them depending on the situation you are in.

During deep meditation, hypnosis, or drifting off to deep slumber, the Theta wave takes dominance.  

Research and theta healing reviews by scientists have shown that the Theta brain wave alleviates stress, facilitates deep relaxation, reduces anxiety, improves creative thinking and mental clarity, promotes euphoria, reduces pain, and provides instant healing access.

During this healing method, the brain goes into an instantaneous state of Theta wave. When in this state, you can work directly with Spirit, Source, the Universe, Creator of All That Is, or God (it all depends on your religious and spiritual beliefs), to enable powerful healings. Achieving this state can be learned in minutes.Theta Healing.2

What Does A Healing Practitioner Do?

The healing practitioner helps you to identify the unconscious beliefs that are restricting you or those that are causing physical discomfort in your body. Most people are aware of conscious “limiting” doubts, fears, or beliefs that obstruct them from attaining what they desire. It has been discovered that the root of the problem is an unconscious program or belief.

Once you discover the root belief, the healing practitioner will proceed to use the Theta Brainwave to access the Energy of All That Is, instruct and witness an immediate change of the belief.

The witnessing act- the observation in change of this belief- is the key to achieving success in healing. Once witnessing is completed, the root belief as well as beliefs emanating from it are instantaneously changed. You will feel the effect immediately, and the relief will be fast and permanent.

Many people are unaware that their beliefs and emotions have a direct impact on their body’s physical state. It is not only what you eat and drink or the environment around you that affects your physical well-being.

What you say and think about yourself and others also has an effect on you. The Theta technique can help you to deal with the psychological and emotional stresses and negative beliefs that impact your physical well-being.

Theta Healing is relaxing!

Theta Healing is relaxing!

What Goes on During Theta Healing Classes?

During a healing session, the practitioner identifies the key beliefs that hold your emotional or physical issue in place. This is done intuitively as well as through a “digging” process.

Digging is a method used to work through the belief layers to uncover the key or bottom belief. Once the bottom belief is changed, the beliefs that are stacked above it change automatically – similar to a house of cards – freeing you instantly from limiting patterns with no need to relive previous traumas.

The practitioner will use muscle testing to determine whether you hold particular beliefs. Muscle testing will also be used to validate the shifting of the beliefs. A healing session can last between 30 minutes and 90 minutes. The number of sessions you will require will depend on the issue you desire to work on. Most issues are resolved in one or two sessions; however, some may require more sessions.

Theta Healing.3You will not be required to do anything to prepare for the session. In fact, you are allowed to completely doubt the efficacy of the healing method. However, it will be helpful for you to voice your feelings to your practitioner as it will enable him/her to work on your doubts.

Many healings have occurred spontaneously once the practitioner resolved the patients doubt. It’s also advisable to drink plenty of water prior to starting the session to ensure your body is hydrated sufficiently. This will also assist during the muscle testing.

All changes will be performed only at your informed consent. The consent you give will signify your conscious readiness to allow a new reality. Your practitioner will ensure that you have a supportive and safe space within which you can wade through any area of your life that you desire to experience change.

If you would like to learn how to do this for yourself, become a Practitioner or Instruction or find someone to work with you google ‘Theta Healing.’

In addition to your well-being and health being improved, you can resolve any other issue such as finding a soul mate with whom you are most compatible, unlocking your creativity, or growing your business. The possibilities offered by this healing technique are endless!Sex Can it Improve Depression 5


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