Do you Have Healthy Relationships?

“I’d rather be single than in a bad relationship!” is a phrase we’ve heard time and again. Which leads us to the question: “What is a healthy relationship?” Healthy relationships are ones based on trust, mutual respect, and many other factors. The partners share the power in the relationship equally.

"Babe is our relationship healthy?"

“Babe is our relationship healthy?”

Most people think that healthy relationships are only for a select few; however, this is a mistaken belief. Anyone can be in a healthy relationship. The key is to work hard to keep your relationship happy and healthy. While the early days of a relationship can feel exciting and effortless, you have to compromise and put in effort to create a successful, long-term relationship. Build healthy patterns from the get-go to create a solid foundation for your relationship.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

The media constantly tells us that sex and romance are the major components of healthy relationships. While the two are important in relationship and they aren’t the only elements of a great relationship. Some other signs of a healthy relationship include:


Trust is a major part of a relationship. It is the foundation on which great relationships are built. Without it, none of the other positive elements in a relationship can be formed. If you don’t trust your mate, you cannot love them completely, respect them, feel safe or be honest with them. Most will not have the sexual experience they would like if trust is not first. This seems to be particularly true for women.

Partners in healthy relationships trust each other unreservedly. They take each other’s words at face value and allow themselves to be vulnerable.


Respect is something everyone deserves. However, you have to give it in order to get it. People who respect each other value each other’s independence and trust each other. They value each other’s feelings, wishes, and opinions and listen in a non-judgmental manner. They respect boundaries, talk freely and honestly, and make decisions together.


No relationship can succeed without communication.  Most issues in relationship can be handled but open, honest, non-judgmental and complete communication. Communication is key because it allows one to say what is inside them and connect with another person.

It enables partners to tell each other what they are feeling and what they are thinking. You can tell your partner if you are happy, angry, or sad and feel safe doing so. Partners who communicate well have the best of relationships. They build their partnerships and make them stronger because they demonstrate compassion, safety and lack of judgment when the other is sharing their feelings.


People in healthy relationships are honest with each other. They know they can trust each other and don’t worry about getting hurt or being cheated on. They are internally secure and feel good about their partners and life in general. This creates a barrier between them and the hardships of the world. When you trust someone, it becomes easier to take risks that help you to grow. You can give each other the energy you need to face the ups and downs of life.

Shared Responsibility

Shared responsibility means making decisions together, mutually agreeing on distribution of work, doing things for each other, and giving as much as you receive. In days gone by, people had to fulfill their socially set responsibilities: men were hunters and women were homemakers. But times have changed.

People share responsibilities in relationships. When these are not shared equally, partners become angry, hurt, and resentful. Aim to share responsibility and learn the skills your significant other is good at. Neither of you will feel burdened to share responsibilities.


Every good relationship has an element of fun. Now now, fun doesn’t mean being loud and rough – although this is suitable in some relationships. Fun means doing things that make you happy and joyful. Oftentimes, people stop doing fun things after they get used to each other. This does not keep a relationship new and healthy. Partners must consciously create fun situations as they are the glue that hold relationships together and make lives sweet.

Their has to be fun in healthy relationships!

Their has to be fun in healthy relationships!

How to Have a Healthy Relationship

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Keep It Sexy

Your relationship will change for the better if you enhance the behaviors you each find sexy and limit those that are not. Sexy not only refers to bedroom preferences, it also refers to what excites you about your significant other. Maybe you find it sexy when she cooks for you or when he takes you out on a date. Talk about what sexy means to you. Be more sexy and make your relationship strong.

Be Fun to Be With

As months and years roll by, you may relax and become lazy in your relationship. You may lose your gentleness, patience, happiness, and understanding and stop giving your all. Think of when you started dating and note down all the things you used to do that made your significant other fall in love with you. Start doing them again. Start fresh EVERYDAY.

Check In With Each Other

The distractions of work and life can take up your energy and leave no time for your relationship. Learn to ignore distractions when you are with your beloved. If your attention is divided, they are bound to notice. Talk about what you can do to improve your relationship. Plan a date night each week and talk about anything and everything. When you don’t check in with each other, you can easily grow apart.


As time goes by, you might assume that your significant other knows you so well that you don’t need to say what’s on your mind. When you make this assumption, you set expectations that soon get deflated. Bear in mind that no matter how much your partner loves you, they can’t read your mind. Ask for what you want – whether it is a warm hug or sex. Also, ask your partner what s/he needs. Learn to really listen when they speak. When either of your expectations are unmet, you may start questioning the viability of your relationship.

Make Your Relationship Healthy

A strong, healthy relationship can be the best support in your life. Healthy relationships enhance all aspects of your life; they strengthen your mind, your health, and even your connections with other people. They are crucial to your happiness and well-being. But remember that a relationship is an investment. The more you give, the more you get. Use these tips to create a healthy relationship. Improve the quality of your life and that of your significant other.


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