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What do Mahatma Gandhi, Tina Turner, John D. Rockefeller, and Great Britain’s royal family have in common? They are/were all strong supporters of homeopathy.  There is only one reason why these and other noteworthy individuals across the world support homeopathic treatment – it works!

Homeopathy is used to treat various conditions including physical and psychological illnesses. People seek homeopathic treatment for conditions such as asthma, hay fever, ear infections, allergies, arthritis, dermatitis, high blood pressure, and mental health conditions (such as anxiety, stress, and depression), just to name a few.

What Is Homeopathy

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, gave two Laws of Healing: the Law of Similars and the Law of Opposites. Conventional medicine utilizes the Law of Opposites – antibiotics, anticonvulsants, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatories, and many more.

Homeopathy uses the Law of Similars, its defining principle is “like cures like.” This means that the substances that cause symptoms in healthy people can be used to cure those symptoms.

Homeopathy is a form of treatment that respects the body’s wisdom. It makes use of natural remedies that activate the body’s immune system to kick off the healing process. It personalizes medicines according to a person’s physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. The approach is widely recognized as safe and is very useful in the treatment of new diseases that affect us in the 21st century.

Who Invented Homeopathy?

Homeopathy was invented by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. He is said to have based his theory of like cures like on an experience where he consumed cinchona bark, quinine’s source that is used to treat malaria. After ingesting it, he experienced symptoms common to malaria. He concluded that the substance’s power to cure the disease lay in its ability to create symptoms like the disease itself.

Hahnemann and his followers administered minerals, herbs, and other substances to healthy people and recorded what they observed. The observations were later compiled into lengthy reference books named materia medica which proponents refer to.

Principles of Homeopathy

Many people think that homeopathy and herbal medicine are the same but they are not. Homeopathy is based on 3 core principles that have never been changed since they were invented by Samuel Hahnemann.

The Principle of Similars

This law states that the substances that cause symptoms also cure them. For example, if you have difficulty sleeping, taking caffeine can help; if you have watery eyes due to hay fever, onions can help.

Homeopathic doctors believe that all living organisms have an automatic healing response. When you are unwell, your body produces symptoms in order to overcome the illness. By using a homeopathic remedy, you give your body the information it needs to restore health. The medicine works by first increasing the symptoms then cures the disease from within.

The Principle of Infinitesimals

Hahnemann proposed he could boost the potency of a homeopathic treatment by diluting it in water. The more dilute the treatment, the stronger it would be. The original substance was diluted and shaken to attain the desired potency and to discharge its dynamic nature. Hahnemann discovered that tiny doses worked better than large ones and prevented adverse reactions and side effects.

Homeopathic doctors use pills and liquid concoctions containing small amounts of active ingredients to treat diseases. These are known as “potentiated” or highly diluted substances. Research has shown that homeopathic treatments are effective.

The principle that only the minimum dose should be used is based on the belief that the medicine’s stimulus works from within its energy and is not inflicted from the outside. Only a small amount is needed to initiate the healing process, which the body continues, driven by its internal healing mission.

The Principle of Succussion

Hahnemann made an amazing discovery one day as he was transporting his treatments on a horse-drawn carriage. He realized that the potency of a homeopathic remedy could be increased by vigorous shaking. This shaking process is referred to as succussion. When preparing homeopathic treatments, homeopathic doctors shake or tap them at each stage of dilution in order to make them more powerful.

Why Is Homeopathy Popular?

Since time immemorial, people have used homeopathy to treat numerous illnesses and to maintain health. Homeopathic medicines have been used to treat both long-term and short-term illnesses. Here are some reasons why homeopathy is so popular.

  1. Homeopathy works with the body’s healing powers to restore health and well-being.
  2. Homeopathy treats all symptoms in the body – physical, mental, and emotional- and finds cures for them.
  3. Homeopathic remedies, which contain the minimum dose, are gentle yet powerful. They are not addictive and are not tested on animals.
  4. Every patient is treated as an individual, not as a compilation of disease labels. Homeopathy treats you as a person, not just your symptoms.

Is Homeopathy Safe?

Since 1938, homeopathic treatments have been regulated in the US and are considered safe. Given that the remedies are energetic in nature, there is a low chance of having serious adverse effects. However, rarely, some homeopathic medicines may contain substances that interfere with the effectiveness of other medicines. Talk to your GP before combining traditional medicines with homeopathic remedies.

Benefits of Homeopathy

  1. Homeopathy can be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  2. The natural remedies can treat baby ailments like colic, teething, sleep issues, and ear infections.
  3. The symptom aggravations of homeopathic medicines are mild and short-lived. They are usually followed by improvements in symptoms. The symptom aggravations are a sign that the correct treatment has been administered.
  4. Even when a patient is given the wrong remedy, they will not experience any negative side effects.
  5. Homeopathy can be used to treat acute and chronic conditions.
  6. The treatments are easily available and can be used by anyone.
  7. The remedies are inexpensive and offer an affordable approach to healing.
  8. Homeopathy is safe and effective, when used correctly.
  9. The treatment procedure brings about rapid, gentle, and permanent cure.
  10. Homeopathy works with the body’s healing mechanism and not against it, it treats like with like.

Try Homeopathy Today!

Many people quickly reach for artificial drugs when they feel sick. But these drugs are not always safe and effective, and sometimes their side effects are stronger than their healing powers. If you want a safe and holistic alternative to artificial drugs, try homeopathy.

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