RDD 07 | Google Search Engine


Looking at it under a metaphorical light, our minds are exactly just like Google. We search for things and ask questions, and, be that almost instantly or after a while, an answer comes back. No matter the case, we can always trust that the answers to our questions will ultimately unfold in our minds at the right time, whether it is from a previous knowledge we have, an inspiration, or a vision. Hold on to this realization of how powerful our minds can be as you learn how to access your own Google search engine in the most empowering and beneficial way possible. Pop open the doorways and make the windows go up for something new to occur to make profound changes in your life.

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How To Access Your Own Google Search Engine

In this episode, we are talking about How to Access your Own Google Search Engine. That may sound a little strange but if you think about it, our minds are exactly like Google, although I must say, they’re much more powerful. You put in a search term into Google, press send and almost instantaneously, an answer comes back. Our minds work pretty much the same way. We ask a question, the energy of that question goes out, finds the answer and comes back. The answer may come in the form of a knowing, an inspiration, a vision and may not come back right away. It may take a while or it could be instantaneous. Our mind is so powerful that it will pull in exactly what it is that we need to hear and to understand at exactly the right time. Esateys is speaking at a local meetup that we do twice a month in Vancouver, Washington. She will be speaking about how the rhetorical questions that we give you at the end of each session initiate the Google search engine of your mind and the very powerful effects it has to help you understand exactly what it is you need to know.

We’re going to talk about questions on how to send your mind as a Google search engine out into the world to be working for you instead of letting it recycle the things that it has on an old program or the RAM. For those of you who know anything about computers, it brings up programs and it keeps it very close up. When you ask for it, it comes very quickly, a lot of times we don’t know we’re asking for it. When you are bumping up against and you find yourself disoriented or frightened or resistive, start with asking yourself questions. Instead of saying, “No, I can’t do that.” You can say, “What if I was open to that? What if I was willing to look at this from a different perspective? What would I do if I wasn’t afraid right now?” In the mind, what we do is we literally have a Google search engine. When we are thinking about the stuff that we’ve always thought about, we’re just playing back the recycled ignorance. We’re playing back the programs that we’ve run, that we learned from childhood, from brothers and sisters and what we might’ve brought in our DNA depending upon your belief systems and all of that stuff.

Our job is to recognize that and then send your mind in a different direction than what it’s used to. In other words, pop open the doorways and make the windows go up for something new to occur. That’s how you’re going to make the most profound changes in your life. It’s also how you’re going to get yourself out of the dungeon, the trenches, the heavy duty depression, the confusion, the victimization or the poor me like, “How come my life is always liked this? How am I going to get out of this mess? How am I going to pay my bills? How am I going to do this?” The moment you go there with those questions, your mind is now cycling down. It’s going down and the frequency gets lower and lower and from there, you will manifest. What you’re going to manifest is less fun and a crummier perception. You’ll start pulling to yourself less money and less of what it is that you’re asking for. Your health might be worse. Your job might turn into something yucky. Whatever it is that’s going to come is because of what you’re putting your energy on and thinking about. Your programming is there because it doesn’t look at it as good, bad, right or wrong. The universe does not care. It’s just obedient. Whatever it is that we are going to put out there is what we’re going to get back.

The difficulty is, most people are unconscious about what they’re thinking. You don’t know what you don’t know. Awareness is always the number one thing. You’ve got to be aware of what you’re thinking and start observing those processes that you have going on in your head and not with any judgment. We need to be compassionate with ourselves. We need to be loving and kind to ourselves because if we are not, then we’re going to see it. We’re going to beat ourselves up, which is going to lower the frequency and downward you go again. It is going to get more self-denigration, more self-defeat, poor self-esteem, low empowerment and everything that goes along that frequency. There is an analogy that I’ve used in the past. If you had a regular radio that had AM and FM and you tune to KJOY, you’re going to hear certain kinds of songs. It might be soft rock or something, and then you may go to K-Country. Now you’re going to hear country songs and then you can go to the classics.

Our mind is so powerful that it will pull in exactly what it is that we need to hear and understand exactly at the right time. Click To Tweet

Every one of those stations has a specific genre and each one of those genres has a certain frequency to their music. There’s a frequency that comes with country music. It’s usually sad stories like, “You’ve been cheating on me, mama. Whose boots are under my bed now?” All of those things. They have a certain frequency to them. For people that have listened to oldies, things that happened in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, depends on how old you are. Everything could be old or for some of us, it could be different. Those songs also have a frequency and they tap into a frequency inside of you, which will be activated by the memories that you have in the ‘60s or the ‘70s or the ‘80s. It becomes interesting. When we’re on the radio station, we realize that each one has a frequency. That is true of everything that we think. When you are thinking from what I call recycled ignorance, on a subconscious level what your mom told you when you were three. Like you’re always going to have trouble or nobody’s going to like you. You’re going to have to struggle all your life or the things that people say that they don’t know what they’re saying. We don’t forget anything. Every single speck of data is imprinted on the walls of the frequencies of the universe. It’s a spiral.

You could imagine that all of these might be a mathematician or somebody who does that stuff that you’ve seen on the walls. There are all these formulas and all that stuff. That’s exactly what happens in our universe. Everything that we think has a certain frequency and has a certain data point to it. It gets smacked on the universe’s wall and it has a resonance value or a frequency that’s very specific to you. It doesn’t mean that other people can’t read it, feel it and experience it. It’s your thing and you might’ve made your thing based on somebody else’s thing. It creates a web or a blueprint or a matrix and that’s how we all get so very connected. When we talk about the RAM in the mind, when we talk about the Google program in the mind, what we’re saying is that it has an unlimited capability to go out and find anything anywhere in the universe known or unknown from all the writings on the wall. In doing so, it will bring back to you based on the frequency that goes with the question. The frequency will come up and attach to something that’s like it and bring it back to you. If you’re saying, “Why is my life so hard? Why has everything been so difficult? How come I can’t find a partner? How come I’m struggling with money so much?” Whatever it is that we think, that has a fear-based bottom line. The base of it is fear.

RDD 07 | Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine: Everything that we think has a certain frequency and data point that gets smacked on the universe’s wall and it has a resonance value.


When you are going to put out fear, it is going to run out and find anything that’s on the wall anywhere in the universe that will bring you back something that matches the frequency. If you’re putting out fear, it doesn’t think about the words as much as it attracts what it’s like. It is so critical. It is so important to be a mind manager. You must manage your thoughts. You must manage your thought processes. You have to manage and be aware of where you are and what you’re thinking at all times. In the Google of your mind, when you come up against something that’s difficult and instead of recycling, you can say, “What’s great about this that I haven’t seen yet?” You could say something like, “This is the most awesome day of my life that I’ve ever had so far.” When I woke up and before I left the bedroom, I went over and I kissed Rafael and I said, “This is going to be the most awesome day of my life so far.” I had a great call with somebody who’s very interested in doing something that we’re creating an online school. He’s a medical doctor and before he hung up, he said, “I’ve been waiting all my life for this call.” It was exciting.

When we’re aware and we’re conscious and we stay present, we have to be present and grounded to what it is that’s happening. It means that we stay in our body as much as we can. Except when the puzzle pieces are shifting position, it’s okay to be spacey. Don’t beat yourself up. Just stay safe. Maybe it’s not a good day to drive in too many places or do things that are grounding, like walking in the grass in the freezing cold and the pouring down rain. The other thing is that when you are coming up against things, you don’t even have to come up against things. You can tell the universe what your day’s going to be like when you wake up. If you wake up in the morning and you say, “I love my life.” Then you go on to say, “What is the most magnificent thing that can happen to me? What is the most incredible thing that can happen for my body and my partner, my money, my children and whatever it is you want?” When you start asking the question, “What’s the most powerful thing or what’s the most magnificent or what’s the most joyful?” You are immediately setting your day into a frequency modality.

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You are telling the universe, “This is what my day is about. I better get out there and find out what the most awesome thing is. I better figure out how I can make the body feel better than it’s ever felt before? How can I bring to this person something that is going to raise their good humor and elevate their frequency?” When you are seeing things from a different frequency, it means that you are no longer in the fear frequency of, “How come my life isn’t working? We need to do something.” We start getting grumpy about it because we’re in so much fear. That’s when we have to stay awake and shift to questions that will support things being the way we would like them to be. The key is, these are rhetorical questions. They are not questioned that you with your precious little recycling programming is going to come up with so you always want to leave them open-ended. You always want to put them in a way that is beyond what it is that your mind knows. If your mind knows that it’s already recycled, it’s already most likely coming from the fear frequency. Most of the programs that we remember come from the traumas we’ve had in our life.

What do we remember most about an event? 99% of the people will tell you what was the most horrible thing or whatever thing that happened in their life. I’ll say, “What are three things that happened in your life?” The majority of people will say, “When this happened to me one of my sisters fell from the trapeze.” On one of the questionnaires that I do when I coach people is I say, “What was the most awesome thing or what are the most miraculous things that have ever happened in your life?” You start thinking about, “What’s great about this? What’s great about my life that I forgot? I do exercises. It helped people look at who they are because we’re untrained. We do not train ourselves how we see our own magnificence. We are not trained to see things from the glass half full. We’re not trained to reiterate over and over again the great things that we’ve done, that we’ve said, the people that we’ve helped, and the incredible things that we have overcome and that we have accomplished. How much of your day is spent that way?

RDD 07 | Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine: We take in everything we encounter on a daily basis because everything is a frequency.


If you do a gratitude journal, then you’re getting closer to something that is supportive. It’s not just enough to think the gratitude acts a good first step. If you want to put depth to it and energy to it, then write it down. Write down every night or every morning or both. Write one thing or three things. If you try to write a page every night, soon there’s going to be a part of you that is going to get bored with that and say, “I’m too tired to write a page.” If you only have two or you only decide to write one or two or three things, then it’s not a big deal. You can spend 30 seconds writing one sentence and that will shift your entire frequency before you go to sleep at night. Another thing that is very powerful is at night before you sleep, you say, “Take me beyond where my mind knows to go.” Your mind is recycling everything that happened in the day and all the things you didn’t get done like, “I’ve got to remember to write that down.” I can’t even tell you how many nights. I turned off my phone. I’m getting ready to go to bed. I go to sleep and I’ll say, “Rafael, would you please send me a text to do something that I didn’t remember to do that day.” After he sends me a text, which I don’t hear because I turned my phone off at night. I lay down and I go, “Take me beyond where it is that my mind knows to go.” I call in my team, which is another whole subject that we could talk about.

Some of you have heard me talk about the genius team and then there’s the point zero team and then there’s a medical team. I have a lot of teams. There are all those that work with you that maybe guides or gurus or saints or whatever it is that your belief systems work with. After I named 30 of them, then I say, “For all of those that I’ve forgotten to mentioned and all of those seen and unseen.” There’s so much happening to support you in having an amazing life, but we forget that. We run wild with the recycled programming that we’ve got going and that becomes our law. It becomes our habit. It becomes our belief system. It becomes our entire self. That is the facade that we carry around us and it’s based on everything that is primarily and everything that is not the way you would want your life to be.

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This is where when you wake up, you start to take charge of your life and for some people, it is not the easiest thing they’ve ever done. It’s because little trenches are too dandy and that’s why you want to have as many things in your day to support you and keeping yourself in focus. You have programs that you listen to. We have 40 hours of different programs that you can be listening to that would be raising your frequency by a gazillion. There are a lot of different places. You can go on YouTube or go wherever it is that will support you in listening to that stuff. Instead of the latest murder mystery or the politics or the news bulletins, those things are not going to make you feel terrific. Because even though you think you are not paying attention, what happens is that subconsciously, we take it all in because everything is a frequency. We take it in and when we take it in, it imprints on us on a subconscious level and then we wonder why we have this undiagnosed fear like, “I’m just afraid and I don’t even know why.” Sometimes it’s because you’re picking up the energy of the planet, which is in terror and all of the things that are happening. The government shut down and people aren’t being paid and are we getting our food checked or whatever and all the things that are going on.

That’s creating a lot of fear for a lot of people. Sometimes it’s because you are so sensitive to the fear. You’ve got this subconscious fear going on from all of the other things that you listened to that are now attracting more of what’s going on with that part of the universe. Instead of the part of the universe that’s saying, “This is the best year of my life so far. What would it take for this moment to be the most incredible present moment that I’ve ever experienced?” Keep asking yourself. The ones that I use a lot is, “What would it take?” Another one is, “What’s the value of me being critical?” Then I go onto another whole piece which comes from access consciousness. I might say, “What’s the value of me being critical right now? Will you please delete, destroy and uncreate that all times?” What that means is, “Would you take it from the point of creation to the point of destruction and eliminate it off the wall?” Clear me out and then I will frequently say, “Wipe me clean,” I am in charge of my life. Life is going to happen, but you get to be in charge of how you’d be with that. You deal with what happens.

As a general rule, we as precious little beings, we didn’t get the instruction manual for life, therefore, we don’t know what we don’t know. What we think we know is that we are all little tiny worms of the dust. The majority of people do not know that they’re worthy, that they’re loved, and that they’re lovable. They don’t know that they have so much that they can give and whom it is that they can be. The world can make a difference in a way that they had no clue. The biggest thing is helping people know who they are. When you can help people become more empowered and recognize their own capabilities, their world changes and so does the rest of the world. It is important that we recognize that there’s more than you know. No matter how much you know, no matter how awake you are, no matter how advanced you think you are, you don’t even have a clue about anything. It’s just a signal that we’re not awake or aware or in the purest depth of all-knowing.

We do live in a very sequestered, organized and constructed engineered space. The bottom line is that in this engineered space where we live, we don’t know what we don’t know. It is specifically set up so we don’t know what we don’t know because the game of life is called, “Have I figured out what I don’t know?” If you didn’t look at it like it was some big punishment or some big deal and you looked at it more like an adventure, you’ve heard me say like being in an escape room. For those of you that know what that is, you can be like, “I’m going to figure this out.” How you figure it out isn’t using your left brain so much. It’s about directing your brain to go beyond where it is that your mind knows. Your mind only knows what it learns, what it sees and what it feels.

The part of you that knows so much more on the unseen level, that’s the piece you want to keep putting out that energy to access. If you think that it’s weird, no problem. You never have to believe anything I say. I don’t have any energy on it. I know it works for me. I know it’s worked for a lot of people I’ve worked with. If you want to get some validity to all this stuff, you can look at Napoleon Hill who had his whole thing come from the inside. Hilton made all of his hotels from his insight guidance system. It’s a whole bunch of very famous people that don’t tell the world until they’re dead or their family tells them after they’re gone, about how they got where it is that they got. They get it from what’s going on beyond where it is that your mind knows. The truth is, there’s a whole bunch of people that have had this that a lot of people don’t know of. We get little bits and pieces every time we meet unless we come to our retreat.



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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

Esateys describes herself as the ‘Architect of the New You’ and has dedicated her life and professional career to helping her clients create “New Beginnings” by facilitating self empowerment, economic freedom and restored health.

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