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Develop Your Inner Strength Through Yoga

No one likes to be thought of as weak, neither physically nor emotionally. In order to come out on top, we need to be strong, both inside and out. But is inner strength something you can work on and develop, just like outer strength? Yes, it is, and one powerful secret is by developing inner strength through yoga. Here’s how yoga can help you develop your inner strength.

Yoga is a sound practice for mind, soul, and body

A lot of people make the mistake of dismissing yoga as something only “hippies” engage in or something that has no practical, real-world results. Another segment of the population thinks of yoga as something to be done strictly for inner peace. While it’s true that meditation through yoga can help you achieve that state of serenity, it’s not its only use.

Getting inner strength through yoga.

Getting inner strength through yoga.

In fact, yoga has multiple benefits for the entirety of your being, from mind and soul to body. Yoga can, indeed, provide you with that sense of peace and calm that you are seeking, but it can also serve as an excellent workout and a way to focus your mind and thoughts.

Yoga is not just about sitting on a pastel-colored mat in that now infamous lotus position and humming your way to enlightenment. That is merely the perception of suburban housewives and the uninitiated who are misguidedly looking at yoga as their new social group or pilates replacement. I bet you can just imagine them all lined up on their high-end yoga mats and running to Starbucks in their expensive yoga pants.

But that is not the point. As you are going to learn, yoga is so much more than that, and it can be “exactly what the doctor ordered”, so to speak. Practicing inner strength yoga has been a thing for a long time and you, too, can use this method to develop your inner strength.

How you can develop your inner strength through yoga

As you already know by now, yoga is a very special practice. It can contribute to your inner strength both by working your core muscles and by giving you the confidence and emotional strength you need, in order to succeed in life. There is an empowering aspect to yoga that no one ever talks about, which we will discuss in this article.

Learn how to have patience

They don’t say that patience is a virtue for nothing; learning how to slow down and have patience is one of the most strengthening exercises you will ever do. Why? Because it teaches you to stop expecting instant gratification and start appreciating the fact that good things come to those who wait.

Connect with your emotions and thoughts

How often do you give yourself the time to sit down and analyze what you think and what you feel? A little introspection can do wonders for a person and it can even be incorporated into an inner strength yoga meditation.

Achieve balance

We’re talking about both physical balance and emotional balance, here. Yoga is excellent for this, because a) it works your core and b) it reinforces the previous lesson about patience. In addition, it forces you to focus, which is great for developing your inner strength.

Work on your focus

Speaking of focus, do not underestimate it. Meditation can be a tremendous help for teaching you how to focus properly. You can even use inner strength quotes while you perform your meditation exercises.

Some examples of quotes that can be supportive are:

  • What would it take for me to have strong inner and outer strength?
  • I love my strong healthy body.
  • I am strong in mind, body and spirit.
  • What is the number one thing I can think about that will create inner Peace?

Teach yourself consistency

The secret is to keep at it, no matter how difficult it is for you. You become stronger with every instance where you don’t give up but keep persevering. You can develop your inner strength by forming a routine and remaining consistent with it. The feeling of accomplishment will support your continued practice.

Understand and appreciate your body

In order to be able to practice inner strength yoga and notice results, you need to learn how to properly understand and appreciate your body. Take the time to analyze it, see what it is capable of and learn to appreciate its beauty and strength.

Build physical strength

Your core muscles can be built through a variety of special, targeted yoga practices that will strengthen your body. A strong core leads to a strong attitude and a strong emotional state.

Learn inner strength from mentors

Find a teacher or instructor that is experienced and has a life-long commitment to yoga and all of it depth.  They can help you move deeper and more powerfully as you advance.

Inner strength can be difficult to develop, especially when you have no idea where to start. We know that outer strength can be built through exercise, but when it comes to emotional and mental strength, we’re usually on our own. However, some people have managed to make physical exercise work for them internally.

I have learned everything I know about yoga and its extraordinary influence on your inner strength from a mentor I have had the pleasure to interact with in my youth. This person taught me the importance of yoga and told me all about the way he discovered the emotional benefits of meditation.

Inner strength yoga was thus born, and this person spent their life teaching others and sharing his experience with like-minded individuals and people who were eager to learn. From him, I was able to learn what I needed to do to be strong, inside and out and just how crucial yoga can be in one’s life.

Although a Mentor and/or Instructor is ideal, you can also learn and practice at your local yoga studio, by using DVD’s that you can purchase on line (one of my personal favorites is anything by Rodney Yee or a DVD series called Yoga Complete for Every Body) or by watching free youtube videos online. 

In conclusion, as you can see, your perceived lack of inner strength can definitely be solved, and the key to everything is healthy and mindful yoga practice. Meditation can be the one to help you achieve physical strength, through daily and consistent practice, but it can also give you the peace of mind and inner strength that you are looking for.

Confidence can be built with the help of yoga; you just have to be willing to understand it and work towards it. Follow the steps and you can enjoy the benefits of yoga practices meant to develop your inner strength.  You can also achieve this with your partner in will improve your relationship.

Inner strength through couples yoga!

Inner strength through couples yoga!


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