Unfortunately, as people grow older, they tend to lose hope. This happens partially because of the nature of the process, as we move towards impending death and partially because of the way our society dismisses the elderly.  Discovering this information about Self-help for the the elderly will help with this.

However, that is not the life you have to live; you don’t have to be sentenced to years of depression. You can get help – in fact, you can help yourself, believe it or not. Read more to learn how!

Depression Self-help is Effective


​Depression is a sad and common reality present in young people, but is especially among the older segment of the population. Particularly after the kids grow up and move away to college or start their own families, parents tend to suffer from what has come to be known as “empty nest syndrome”.

To put it simply, middle-aged and elderly people have dedicated their lives to taking care of others and raising their children, and once they move away, they feel like they have no purpose left in the world. Consequently, they suffer from loneliness and depression.

If you find yourself in this position, instead of giving into it, you can make active efforts to solve it. Depression self-help is real and effective, and you never know what beneficial effects it can have on you until you try. There are various methods and techniques to use and which ones you choose is entirely up to you, your lifestyle and your preferences:

You can turn to self-help books

Girl reading a book

​Self-help books are the revelation of the new millennium, with millions of people having achieved excellent results. It is the ultimate method of reaching out for help, without having to pay expensive therapy sessions or make an effort, if you can’t afford it. Self-help books are there to help you help yourself, by providing you with the ideal chance for introspection and sound advice, so you can solve your problems and turn your life around. These books are sometimes in the genre of Self-Development.

They can range from how to have a different perception about Life and your value to how to help others, which is very powerful way to get out of your own inner sadness and lack of worthiness.  Find the subject that most interests you.

If your vision is not great you can also listen to books via www.audible.com.  If you prefer to read you can find the written word in 1,000’s of books and if you use a kindle or some reading device like that you can have a backlit screen which also makes reading easier.

You can join self-help groups

Care Group

​Group therapy may not sound very appealing, but self-help groups yield better results than you can imagine. The concept is simple: you get together with other people who are similarly afflicted and you talk to each other, support each other and share your difficulties. Sometimes, when you’re going through a hard time, a support system of people who understand you is all you need.

Be VERY careful to pick groups that are very positive and uplifting.  Getting together to commiserate your sad life is not helpful or productive.  Note how you leave after your group and if you do not feel more motivated and uplifted, find another group immediately.

You can begin a new adventure

A New Adventure

​The elderly often hold the old school misconception that once you’ve passed your prime and have adult children, you can no longer do “silly” or “youthful” things like go on adventures. But adventures and having fun is not just for the young!

After your kids are gone, you are essentially being given a new chance at being young again. Go traveling, take a class, buy a pet – anything that excites you is good.

You can change your routine

Sad Girl

​Having a routine can be comfortable, but it can also mean you risk getting yourself stuck in a rut. You don’t have to throw out all your old habits, but if you are feeling depressed as of late, maybe it’s a good idea to introduce something that you can look forward to, even if it’s just going out for coffee and a Danish every morning.

You can welcome something new into your life

Girl with Backpack

​As mentioned earlier, something new can bring some excitement into a life that you no longer feel is worth it. It can be as small as joining a book club or adopting a cat or something bigger, like deciding to sell your house and go live on a boat and sail the world.

Sometimes rearranging your furniture or purchasing a few new things to give you a new lift can be fun.

You can focus your efforts on a hobby, passion or activity

Playing a Guitar

​More often than not, feelings of depression appear among the older segment because people feel redundant, not needed, useless, old, dying, burdensome, etc. Feeling obsolete can get anyone down, regardless of age, so maybe instead of sitting there feeling sorry for yourself, try channeling your energy into a passion of yours.

Playing music, painting, knitting, gardening, cooking, writing, or fishing can serve as the best kind of self-help for the elderly that you can think of. Any of these activities and many more can help you overcome your funk and feel in charge of your own life again.

Consider a dog and go to training classes.  It is wonderful and very healing to have a canine companion that you can have as a partner for training and sharing new things. My husband and I both have “puppies” (they really aren’t puppies but we call them puppies).  We go to classes and train and show them in rally and obedience.

It is very fun and causes us to open our hearts, expand, socialize, learn and exercise.


Girl Exercising

​Even if you are wheelchair bound you can exercise.  You can lift weights via your chair or use your own arm strength to roll yourself around.  You can also so isometric exercises anytime from anywhere.

Exercise via walking, lifting weights, treadmill, elliptical, yoga, tai chi, dance class or the 100’s of other options is a powerful way to increase the oxygen to your brain and other parts of your body.

Swimming is an excellent exercise for those who need less stress on their joints or who are suffering from arthritis.

The oxygen will help bring more energy to your entire system.  Exercise will also increase the neurotransmitter production.  Neurotransmitters monitor the happy hormones that we all need.  They many times will be reduced as we age and exercise is a powerful way to keep you body, mind and spirit young.

You can find a class which works well for many.  You can also purchase DVD’s on line, www.amazon.com or look on www.youtube.com for free. Having a partner makes it more fun for some but do not let being alone stop you!

​There is no Shame in Seeking Means of Self-help for the Elderly

Elderly People

​The reality is that too many people are simply too embarrassed to admit that they would like to find a method of depression self-help. However, that is what is holding a lot of people back and keeping them from enjoying their lives in the way that they could.

There is no shame in admitting that you need help or in seeking some methods of self-help for the elderly.  We’re all human, and we need assistance from time to time, especially when it comes to the emotional aspects of our existence. Passing middle age is a big transition and it’s completely normal for people to feel a little lost.

As a society, we need to lift the stigma surrounding all manners of self-help and actively encourage everyone, young and old do get the help that they need. That can make the difference between a happy, fulfilled individual and a depressed one.

All in all, it can be argued that self-help is something that has tremendous beneficial effects for everyone, not just the elderly. Through self-help methods, a formerly depressed person can learn to be happy again and find fulfillment in everyday activities.

If you struggle with depression, do not hesitate to employ one or more of the suggestions above, in order to help you overcome your current state and introduce some spark back into your life. Once you accept self-help as part of your recovery process, you will be able to embrace it and improve your life and your emotional state.

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