Men of all ages are often expected to be virile and have confidence in their bodies and sexual health. Even though there are plenty of men who have no problem partaking in self-pleasure or enjoying intimacy with their partners, many men find it to be a little more challenging.

Given some of the cultural norms and societal expectations, it’s not uncommon for men to shy away from talking about sexual health or their inability to connect with their own bodies.

Lingam massage is designed to help men become better connected with their own sexuality and their bodies. We will discuss some of the basics, and what you can expect, so you can decide if this unique massage technique is for you.

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What Is Lingam Massage?

Before we discuss what you might experience during a lingam massage, it’s important to learn the basics of this method of massage. If you’ve heard of yoni massage, which is an internal therapeutic vaginal massage, a lingam massage (also known as a penile massage), is similar to the same kind of intimate and therapeutic massage but for men.

You might be wondering where the word lingam comes from and what it means. Lingam is a representation of male genitalia and the emblem of reproductive power. The word lingam is Sanskrit for penis and is a loose translation for “wand of light.”

Although this type of massage is often mistaken as a more sophisticated way of describing the act of masturbating or offering a massage with a “happy ending,” there’s more to the technique than most people know (or talk about).

Even though a man might experience intense feelings of sexual pleasure during his penile massage, it’s not the primary intent behind the technique. While every man is likely to get something different from getting an intimate penile massage, the lingam method follows Tantric practices of clearing energy and blockages.

It is also designed to promote healing and allow a man to have a deeper, clearer connection with his body and with intimacy. Since men are often expected to be successful at satisfying a sexual partner and reaching pleasure themselves, it’s not uncommon for men of all ages to feel a little bit disconnected from their sexual organ and any of their feelings.

While the lingam method of massage is often viewed as an erotic massage, or even sexual healing, the man receiving the massage should feel safe and comfortable. He should also feel relaxed, liberated, and free of any obligation to have an erection or an orgasm. It’s not uncommon for men to experience a mix of emotions while receiving a penile massage.


Who Benefits From A Lingam Massage?​​​​

This unique method of massage may be beneficial to any man who struggles with “connecting” with his sexual partner or is unable to experience a healthy sex life. While many people assume that the massage technique is only designed for men who want to improve their sexual health, it may be beneficial in other ways, such as:

  • Increase blood flow to the penis and release hormones more easily
  • Better brain functioning
  • Maintain hormonal balance
  • Prevent memory loss
  • Decrease back pain
  • Help with impotence
  • Reduce premature ejaculation
  • Help with body alignment and posture
  • Improve overall vitality
  • Boost confidence

For men who have experienced sexual abuse or assault, the lingam method may help with the healing process and allow men to have a healthier and safer connection with intimacy and sexual intercourse. The massage technique may help release trauma and emotions related to sexual abuse and promote healing.

Even though the lingam technique is solely designed for men, sexual or life partners of men may also benefit from understanding how the method works or even learning how to perform the technique; some men prefer to receive the massage from someone they whom with they share an intimate connection.

A penile massage may not be ideal for any man who:

  • Health issues (talk with a doctor first)
  • Has recently had surgery (talk with a doctor first)
  • Under the age of 18
  • Is currently dealing with trauma or physical or mental health concerns

While a penile massage, when done correctly, is safe, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor first to see if you are in good health to receive a massage. If you’re unsure if the lingam method is right for you, talk with a massage therapist who specializes in the technique. They should also discuss the process and ask you questions about your background.

Before you make an appointment to have a massage, it may also be a good idea to make a list of reasons why you want the massage.

What are your expectations? What are your goals? Do you have concerns about your sex life or issues with intimacy? Are you having the massage for yourself or for your partner? Are you prepared for anything that you might experience during your massage session?

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What Happens During A Lingam Massage?​​​​​​​​​

Whether you are receiving a penile massage from your partner or in a professional setting, the room should be warm, with dim lighting, and feel like a calm and safe place (similar to that of a room at a spa or professional massage).

If you receive a massage from a professional massage therapist, it’s a good idea to discuss a few things like what you might expect. The massage therapist remains fully clothed and wears gloves while touching the penis, prostate, and other parts of the pelvic region. You will be encouraged to communicate and express any concerns throughout the massage session.

The massage therapist should also communicate with you and guide you through the steps while performing the massage (especially if this is your first time getting a penile massage).

While it may be difficult express yourself, this is an open and safe environment to speak your mind and express your need for boundaries. Never allow a massage to happen if something doesn’t feel right.

During the massage, the man lies on his back and may receive a light full-body massage to help him relax and prepared for the lingam method. Deep and slow breathing is encouraged.

When the receiver of the massage is relaxed, the pelvic region (including the penis, scrotum, pubic bone, and perineum) is massaged through a variety of controlled motions that are all part of the lingam method.

During the massage, it’s not uncommon for the receiver of the massage to experience “waves” of climax or an erection. Remember, the main purpose of the massage is not to have an orgasm or ejaculate (although it may occur).

As the massage progresses, the massage therapist will focus on the “sacred spot,” which is between the testicles and the anus. This phase of the massage typically begins by gently apply pressure externally, but it may also be an internal massage.

The massage therapist should explain these steps while doing them and encourage continued deep and focused breathing. Many men experience a release of emotions during this part of the massage; it’s a normal part of the process.

The massage itself should be gentle and evoke a feeling of safety and comfort; the receiver should not feel pain or violated.

What Does A Lingam Massage Feel Like?

Unless you decide to experience the lingam method yourself, you may never truly understand how it feels or get a good understanding of what it feels like. Much like self-pleasure, sexual intercourse, or even just a regular body massage, the lingam technique feels different for everyone.

The most important thing to remember when considering a penile massage is to remain open to any feelings that you might experience during the massage. While many men prepare themselves for an erection and a deep feeling of pleasure, they are not prepared for emotions that may surface during the massage.

Some men describe the massage as a process that helps them connect all the dots in their life when it comes to sex and intimacy. Others thought that it helped them open up and pay more attention to their sexual partner, rather than just focusing on the ultimate goal of having an orgasm.

While many choose to receive the massage for the pleasure aspect, they felt more complete and connected with their mind and body. It became less about sex and more about feeling whole.

If you practice self-pleasure, you may not be intimidated by the lingam method. Some men may feel a little apprehensive about having their “sacred spot” explored. Check out some ways to explore this area on your own before you have a penile massage.

Choosing Your Lingam Massage Therapist

If you don’t have a sexual partner (or one who’s interested in learning the lingam technique), it doesn’t mean you can’t experience a penile massage; you just need to find the right therapist.

As we mentioned earlier, many people mistake the lingam method as a massage where you receive a “happy ending.” While there may be some similarities, the technique is most likely not the same and you probably you won’t receive some of the same physical, emotional, and mental benefits.

Unless you live in an urban area and familiar with massage therapists who specialize in tantric techniques, your best place to look is on the Internet. You might not find many search results when you type in “lingam,” but you may see results like sexologists or tantric practitioners.

If you find a massage therapist in your area, you may ask what they are specialized in and if they are certified. While it’s true that anyone can learn the lingam technique, you might feel more comfortable visiting someone who has studied the method (especially if you’re a first timer).

When you’re scoping out massage therapists, this is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns you have about the lingam method. If you receive answers that leave you feeling a little leery or if your questions aren’t answered, look for someone who can answer any and all of your questions confidently.

It’s important to remember that if you are interested in having an authentic lingam penile massage, you should not be looking for a romantic or sexual partner. Someone who is skilled in the lingam method is not providing a sexual service (unless they say otherwise).

Pricing For A Lingam Massage

As you look for massage therapists who specialize in penile massage techniques, you may notice that the price varies greatly. You might find a massage session for less than $100, but you may find that a session is well over $300. The cost depends on the length of the session and if other body massage work is included.

Some Final Thoughts On Lingam Massage

The lingam technique is suitable for any man who is open to new experiences and is willing to be open with his body. Anyone who has strong reservations about being touched by someone other than an intimate partner or who is working through issues of sexual trauma may want to explore other options or wait until a later time.

There is limited information about the lingam technique, and while it may benefit your mind and body, there is no concrete scientific evidence that supports the supposed benefits. While the lingam technique is safe for most men, it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before having the massage as well as your sexual partner.

Even if they are not performing the massage, they may benefit from knowing that you are interested in trying the unique therapeutic technique.

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Author: Lisa Hosmer

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