A Healthy liver is the key to a healthy body

Detoxing your liver on a regular basis is arguably the most important thing you can do for your overall health. A clean, healthy liver, one without stored harmful toxins and fortified by the right nutrition, will allow the liver to perform all of its essential body functions, including its ability to heal itself on a continual basis.

What may be surprising to many, is that a clean liver will help stabilize your state of mind and enhance your sense of well-being. The liver has been called the repository or seat of anger in the body. Anger is an emotional toxin that has many harmful side effects to both the liver and the entire body. One of the functions of the liver is to filter out of the body all toxins, including emotions which in and of themselves are very harmful to multiple organ systems. When anger is high or chronic, the liver cannot filter out all of these emotional toxins and they get stored in the liver waiting to emerge like an erupting volcano. This is something that no one would like to have happen.

To fully understand the impact of toxins and nutrition on the proper functioning of the liver and the effect on the rest of the body, we must first understand all of the miraculous things that this organ does for the entire body. The second largest organ in the body (second to the skin), the liver is the quarterback of the body’s filtration system and regulator of multiple hormone systems. It regulates the functioning of the lymph system which is essential in eliminating waste products from the body.

It is beyond the scope of this article to explain all of the functions of the liver, but suffice it to say that this precious organ must be kept clean and clear of any blockages (energetic or physical) so that it may do its job of regulating multiple organ systems and maintaining homeostasis in the body. This is the key to our health. The body is a master at healing itself and maintaining proper balance in the body can only be accomplished by a healthy robust liver. This is why we must care for our liver and treat it with the respect and care that such an important organ deserves.

One thing to be noted is that the body’s innate ability to compensate can only go on so long and then the liver will start to break down. This can be very serious. The only way to avoid this is nourish the liver and keep it free of toxins that will cause it to overwork and eventually to break down.

The five most important functions of the liver are:

  • Filtration system of the body’s blood supply keeping it free of harmful toxins and maintaining the right PH (Alkaline/Acid) balance and other essential hormones in the blood. The proper balance of body hormones is important in digestion, sexual function, and maintaining energy levels.
  • The liver produces bile which is used to break down fat (and keep the body’s metabolism balanced). This allows the body to metabolize stored fat into energy when needed.
  • The liver helps regulate and balance the sugar levels in the blood and endocrine system. It does this by storing glycogen when there is too much sugar consumed and lets it out be either converting it to energy or into fat storage.
  • The liver monitors and regulates the body’s stress levels and its fight or flight hormones.
  • The liver monitors energy levels in the body and an overworked liver will result in Chronic Fatigue.


How to detox your liver

There are many detoxing methods available for the liver. Many of these can be highly effective and used on an ongoing basis when the liver is not functioning up to par, or symptoms relating to a toxic liver show up.

My approach is to cleanse and nurture the liver on a daily basis. This requires a multifaceted approach that will be most beneficial in the long run. Give the liver everything it needs in terms of nutrition and the ability to filter the blood and the benefits will be returned in spades.

These are my everyday recommendations that will keep the liver clean and healthy:

  1. Avoid Overeating- Eating smaller amounts will keep the liver from being overburdened with processing the toxins.
  2. Drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins from the liver and the lymph system.
  3. Eat only organic and NON-GMO foods which are not full of toxins, harmful, preservatives, pesticides and genetically altered substances.
  4. Eat slowly, mindfully and chew your food at least 20 times for each bite.
  5. Get plenty of sleep, at least 8 hours per night. This will allow the body and liver to recharge and heal itself.
  6. Express and emote all unprocessed emotions. Use effective release processes such as Journaling, Anger Therapy, Tapping (EFT), and speaking honestly, opening and calmly with those in your life. Taking care of these unprocessed emotions in the moment will help eliminate damage to the liver.
  7. Live in a place that is as free of environmental pollutants as possible. For example, living next to a freeway or under a power line would just not be a wise idea.
  8. Avoid artificial sweeteners or anything processed. Processed foods are not your friend they are full of preservatives and artificial ‘everything’. Read ALL labels and know your ingredients! Learn what the names of hidden sugars and preservatives are.
  9. More Veges LFR
    Shop in the outer perimeter of your supermarket
    , not in the middle. This area is where you will find your fruits, vegetables and fresh food. The middle of the store is where you will find processed, packaged, canned and other not as healthy choices.
  10. Eat organic and pure foods. The less toxins that the liver has to process the easier it will be for it.
  11. Animal Protein is best if free-range, cage-free and organically fed whenever possible.

Following even a few of these suggestions will make a significant impact on the quality and sense of well-being in your Life. The more you explore your options and plan your eating to minimize exposure to toxins the better off you will be and live the Life that you absolutely love.



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Author: Rafael Stuchiner

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