How Starting Mental Detox Can Change Your Life

Our mind is always thinking.  It’s always “churning and burning.”  It NEVER STOPS.  It takes in everything it sees, hears and feels and creates many thoughts about what it is taking in.  New thoughts trigger old programs or memories that turn into another thought and before we know it we have created a whole new story about it. It never stops but a Mental Detox could be helpful.

The important thing to know is that these thoughts turn into emotions.  If it’s  a negative thought, it will turn into a negative emotion, which means that you will view everything from that lower or dark place.  If it’s a positive thought we will feel light, uplifted, good and joyful.

All of these negative thoughts and negative emotions are toxic to our body.  Yes that’s right. A negative thought or a negative emotion can be just as toxic to our body as anything we physically ingest or breathe.

Stop for a moment and reflect on a very negative thought or experience  you had recently. Most likely that thought became a trigger that stayed with you for a long time.  A day, perhaps two.  Sometimes they can stay with us for years and years.

Can you get in touch with how angry you were?  Did the anger fester within you?  These triggered emotions cause stress that has a very serious effect on the body and over time will really take its toll on your body’s health.

Did you know that  95% of our thoughts comes from the subconscious?  This means that most of the time we have no control over these thoughts and the emotions that are tied to them.  They are just sitting  “in the back of our mind” causing havoc to our body and your good humor.  Most of the time you may not even be aware of them.

Starting  a mental detox is the only way to get rid of the harmful toxins that are being pumped out by our brain. By starting a mental detox, you can increase the control over your brain, cleanse your mind and support your body and overall well-being..

Meditation Is The Ultimate Mental Detox

In the ancient times, spiritual leaders used to sit in far off places for days, weeks or even months.  Why did they do this? It brought them mental peace! Can you imagine what it would be like if you weren’t bombarded by the constant chatter of your mind and you didn’t live in a state of constant upset and trigger?

Meditation is the natural way to detoxify your mind. Nature has created natural ways for your body to cleanse itself. Likewise, meditation helps the mind cleansing  process.

Starting  a mental detox becomes a lot easier when you do it through meditation. All you have to do is sit down and relax  your body. Let your mind ease up and focus on your breath.

It takes some amount of effort to quiet  your mind. It is a process of training your mind to be still.  The key to this is to not resist the thoughts.  Do not put any energy on them.  Notice what is being thought and let it go.  Watch the thoughts or observe them like you would a cloud passing by.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate and you cannot do it wrong. There are many methods of meditating {Add a link here, hopefully from one of our articles.]  I find it is best to experiment with different methods until you find the one that is right for you.

Most importantly, don’t give up. Remember there is no right or perfect way to do this.

But, believe me, it is totally worth it. The mental silence will heal you as nothing else can.  Imagine releasing your negativity and the constant chatter that stresses you!    You’ll  be a much happier person.

Here are 5 steps you can follow for detox meditation:

    • Keep a detox book. Write 5  things you are grateful for every day. After you have finished your meditation, write down any thoughts or experiences that you had. Just let things flow.  Again there is no right way to do this and there is nothing to aspire to.  Whatever is there just let it flow through to the paper.  Doing this simple thing will usually release many emotional toxins.
    • An Easy and Powerful Meditation
      • Sit down alone in a quiet place with no distractions or phones  for  just 5 or 10 minutes a day. (It is best to start slowly and give yourself time to adjust to this new way of being.)
      • Close your eyes or use eye covers.
      • Become aware of the breath and observe it as you inhale to the count of 8.
      • Stay with the observation of the breath as you exhale to the count of 8.
      • Notice the thoughts and anything else that occurs.  Have only observation.  No reaction of commentary is necessary.  Just Watch everything and do nothing.
      • Over time you will find you will naturally increase the amount of time you meditate. Don’t push it.  Let it be enjoyable and natural.
    • Another option is to create a safe place in your mind  for you to go when mediating.  A beautiful beach, the woods, a green field, whatever feels safe and nurturing for you.  You can utilize many other forms/types of meditation.
    • Always stay the Observer, no matter what form you choose.
    • Focus on all the positive, enjoyable things in your life.  Notice when you don’t.

Quantum Meditation – A Different View on Conventional Meditation

Today, most of us believe in science, things that can be proven.  Meditation is also proven by science. This is what we call as quantum meditation because the benefits of meditation are explained through neuroscience, genetic engineering, and quantum physics.

When you sit down, relax and dive into the positive thoughts your brain makes more dendrites. These are the connection between the neurons and the mind.  This leaves your mind more energetic and sharper than before.

Other Mental Detox Methods

There are more ways to cleanse your mind.  They all focus on reducing stress in your life. Here are just a few of those methods:

  • Make a To-do List – Start your day by making a to-do list. Make it realistic. This will keep you on track. You will definitely feel more relaxed when you’d know that you achieved all the goals of the day.
  • Focus on the Important Tasks – ‘The noise of urgency creates the illusion of importance.’ Stephen Covey

When something of urgency comes in our way, we put it on the highest priority. This lets us lose sight of our important goals. Try to complete the important work before urgent ones. Otherwise, you are bound to be anxious and stressed at the end of the day.

  • Finish What You Start – It will be frustrating if you start one task then move on to the next without finishing the previous one. Stay focused on only one task at a time. Only computers are meant to multi-task.
  • Achieve Something of Worth – It’s human nature to feel pleased with oneself when one achieves something in life. Set checkpoints of achievement for yourself on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean you should build a rocket every day!

Look for the small things that you’ve accomplished. Then, write these down in your detox book. This will create a sense of satisfaction within you. You’ll notice how much more confident, happy and content you’ll feel.

  • Give Yourself a Break – You deserve it! – Set some breakpoints throughout the day. After all, you deserve it after so much work. In these breaks, spend time with things and people you love. Or simply, find a private space and meditate. This will refresh your body and mind.

The mind is a complex thing. Even more complex are the thoughts we litter it with.  Go easy on your mind and let it relax once in a while. Stay positive and keep smiling!  Get a puppy.  Take a walk in nature or on the beach. Listen to some soul inspiring music. Find a new hobby. Find things that engage your creativity, ‘fun-factor’, and sense of peace internally.

Do these things and watch your life change! Mine did. 🙂


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

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