RDD 24 | Multidimensional Happiness


Happiness is not difficult to achieve when happiness is within you. Power couple Esateys and Rafael Stuchiner engage in conversation on the new paradigms for multidimensional happiness. In this special episode, Esateys gives her advice on how we can expand our capabilities towards pure joy by simply being our true selves. Diving deeper on the term multidimensional, she then discusses how it relates to energy and why we should be in a place of open-mindedness. Together, they shed light on how different frequencies translate to you, and get into the idea of fear and how to overcome it.



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New Paradigm For Multidimensional Happiness

We have had some important downloads and it’s made a major difference in the direction of our work and we want to share that with you. The name of this is episode is New Paradigms for Multidimensional Happiness. You’re probably asking what that is. I’m going to let Esateys answer that question.

First of all, I want to share that some of you have known me for a really long time. Some people have been doing work with me for many years. When I was teaching and doing things that I was doing many years ago, it was spiritually based and it had an expanded viewpoint around it. As time went on, I shifted to become what I call more grounded, more mainstream. I started using words that more people could identify with and become connected to or safe with. I have done that for many years. In spite of what some of you may be thinking right now, for me it’s pretty grounded.

What’s happened for me is I’ve been being pushed from within to start being more authentic, in other words to bring up and to speak more about things that I know about, that I have experienced and all along those lines. It’s a little bit for some people out of the mainstream. When we speak, I’m going to let you know in advance that some of the things that I will share are things that might be different than you’ve ever thought before. It may be something that you’ll go, “Are you kidding me?” You may go, “That is awesome or I heard that before.” Whatever it is that goes on in your mind, allow it to be there. The thing that I do ask of you is to stay in a place of open-mindedness.

Allow yourself to read with an open heart and open mind because one of my main jobs on the planet is to provide options to people. Most importantly, to support them in expanding and what I call to awaken to things that they don’t normally think, to what they may not normally do or how they have lived on a regular basis. I’m like a catalyst or maybe even an alchemist or the option queen. I’m putting everybody on notice right now that I’m going to speak about whatever that I speak about because I’m not really sure of that. I do know that there’s more and more of who I am authentically that must start expressing at a higher level.

The cool thing about what we’re going to tell you is that this started when Esateys got up. I always tried to stay away from her in the morning because something new is going to change. She came in and said, “I want to change our website and I want to differentiate our website and the work that we’re doing to dealing with changes or being happy in the material world.” It includes relationships, job, money, health, children, and then the second or differentiating world is the spiritual world. Many people have taken on a spiritual inclination and they have given up or don’t concentrate on the material world. We created on the website three worlds. It’s the material world, the spiritual world, and the I want it all world. What we’re going to be speaking about is a culmination or combination of those two worlds and you will find that fascinating I’m sure, because I did. At first, I had a lot of resistance to it and now I totally get it.

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What I call that, want it all. I’m thinking as I’m speaking here. Don’t mind me, we’re going to have a little business meeting with you all. I’m thinking of changing that third section on the site to be multidimensional, have it all. I like the word multidimensional because we are multidimensional. We have many different facets of ourselves and we have the ability to expand ourselves out to so much more than we do. No matter how expanded you think you are, there is an unlimited and a vast amount of capabilities that you have emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. It’s really limiting to live in a place where most people live. If you really know your capabilities, it would freak you out at the beginning, but as you take one step at a time, then you become familiar and you go, “What took me so long?” “I don’t know how I ever existed without having this awareness.” The point of this is that I’m kicking it up a notch, but on a personal level, being very transparent, I’m becoming more authentic to myself. This is where my heart is.

This is what is really important to me is to tell all of the truth all of the time about who I am, what I’m about, and where I’m going. I hold that will resonate for you. If it doesn’t, I completely understand. It’s one of the most profound teachings that I could give to anyone at any given time, and that is 100% authentic. When you are authentic, that means that your head doesn’t get so involved, but rather you tap into a place that emerges from within. It’s those words that happen when you don’t even think about it. It’s when you’re in the zone, when you’re feeling a sense of you. You’re not thinking about the past or the future, you’re just a being, you’re not even thinking of the moment. Words come out of your mouth. Actions occur, everything is just happening. I want you to think about those words. Everything is just happening. That’s exactly life.

Things are happening and although we think we’re making them happen, it’s not about us making them happen. They’re going to happen. Things will continue to happen. You can sit on a rock for a few years and things will continue to happen. Ants will come and get on you, spiders will run across your legs, a tree branch will fall down on your head or you will have somebody bring you berries. Who knows, but things will continue to happen. You will have thoughts come and go throughout your mind. The sun will come or it won’t. The clouds will be there or they won’t. It will rain or it will snow or the sun will be out. Things will always be happening. What does that mean for you?

It means as you’ve heard me speak before, as things are happening, if you want to know happiness, then it’s imperative you allow things to happen and give up your resistance to what it is that’s happening. That means that you are in astute awareness of how you feel when things happen. That means that your judgments, your resistances, the feeling of being in the flow become aware of that, become the most profound observer ever. When you do that, you’re going to notice that you feel a whole lot better within. When that occurs, you realize that you are a master of perception. Your perception is always going to determine whether you are happy, sad, mad or glad and to what degree of happiness that you are holding at any given moment.

Can you relate what you’re just saying to what is multidimensional? What is your definition or your working model for it and how does it affect the things that you were saying?

RDD 24 | Multidimensional Happiness

Multidimensional Happiness: No matter how expanded you think you are, there is an unlimited and a vast amount of capabilities that you have emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.


You might have to ask me the second half after I get through the first. Let’s see if we can all get on the same page. I think everybody who’s reading this as is probably right here with me, but we come to the agreement that everything is energy. We know that energy has different or vacillating levels of frequency or vibration. I’m going to use them interchangeably. When we recognize that, we can also determine, and if those of you would like to look at this more closely, there’s a book called Power vs. Force. I think this is where this chart is. It gives vibrations of different feelings. We’ve spoken about them at some of the retreats that I’ve done. You will see that fear has a certain frequency, guilt has a certain frequency, neutrality has a frequency. Happiness has a certain frequency. Love has a certain frequency.

Each one of those frequencies for this moment, because this is like a primer in this, we’ll call those each a dimension. Each dimension has a different energetic vibration to it. Each one of those vibrational levels is connected to an emotion and to other things that are material or not. When we talk about multidimensional, we’re really talking about the frequency that you are living at. The frequency, as it increases, is going to bring you a different experience than you would have if you were at a lower frequency or a lower vibration. The more astutely aware you are of your vibration or your frequency, the more you’re going to be able to tell what mood you’re going to be in, what stuff is going to be going through your mind.

To put it in simple terms, can we say that our frequency, as you’re describing it, is our degree of happiness, our degree of sadness? I know it’s not an exact match, but it might be helpful if people could understand how do these different frequencies translate to them? How can they know if they’re in a high frequency or a low frequency? Can you give some guidance about that?

You know by how you feel. One of the ways to know this is you’ll notice how many things and to what degree you have triggers. You know that if somebody who walks by you every day at lunchtime as you’re sitting on your bench or something, they smile, you smile and you’re fine, you’re good, that feels whatever it feels, and yet the next day somebody goes by and they smile at you and you go, “That person is like a robot.” Whatever it is to come to your mind, you’re irritated. There is something that is irritating to you about that. Where you were when you smiled and you felt as a sense of connection with that person, that’s one frequency. The next day when you go by and you notice that you’re agitated or irritated and it looks like it’s them, then you’re at another vibration or another frequency and it’s a lower one because you’re now in judgment that is bringing yourself down. When we speak about these things, it has everything to do with your happiness. Higher frequencies create a higher level of perception of happiness. That is an important piece to be in touch with.

The key that you said that I got was your perception of happiness.

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Yes, it is definitely about your perception.

Not necessarily the reality because you’re making that.

Your reality is the one that you’re making up. You get to determine whether you want to be happy or not. You get to determine whether you choose to feel good or to feel bad based on how you’re perceiving whatever it is that’s going on in that particular moment. When I speak about multidimensional, I’m not only speaking about this level, but I’m speaking about elevating yourself past what it is that I’ve ever spoken about. Meaning that there are aspects of your mind, of your brain, of your whole self that you have never accessed before. Rarely does anybody know what’s beyond where their mind knows to go.

In fact, that’s one of the things you’ve heard me say it before that I say every night before I go to bed, which is take me beyond where my mind knows to go. My mind only knows recycled information, which is sometimes recycled ignorance. That means that it can repeat things for me, but it doesn’t generate new thought unless I am opening up another whole level of that, which has been dormant within myself or anyone else. When I’m speaking about multidimensional living, multidimensional happiness, multidimensional anything, what I’m speaking about is going to those hidden places that have not been accessed. That has not been incorporated in your day-to-day world and opening them up for a whole new level, a whole new perception, a whole new way of thinking, feeling, being in life. All of the expansiveness of that will bring you to a higher vibration, to a higher energy level, to a higher level of happiness. Does that make sense?

It certainly does. When we experience this higher vibration, when we experience this state of wellbeing or whatever, that’s transient. My experience is that one minute you’re up, one minute you’re down. It’s like being out in the elevator or the rollercoaster, up and down. I want to talk about how does one maintain staying there. You use an expression of the penthouse. Let’s talk about the penthouse and how we stayed there. I know you had a minute to think about my very deep question, which you probably don’t remember.

RDD 24 | Multidimensional Happiness

Multidimensional Happiness: Life is a CCU or a Constantly Changing University.


I don’t because I don’t think. That’s really important for you to remember. I don’t speak from a place of memory. I speak from a place of this moment, which is not like an archived thought from a computer file. That’s why when I ask you to repeat something, it’s because in this very moment is the only place I am when I’m doing podcasts, when I’m coaching, when I’m teaching, when I’m doing a retreat or any of those things. Therefore, something is here right now, I fully embrace it, I’ll respond to it however it is that whatever comes through and then it moves on and the next thing shows up. You’ll have to ask the question.

I want to say I’ve known Esateys for many years and when I first met her, I went to a retreat she was doing in New Jersey. The things that came out of her mouth were incredibly profound and I found that not to have diminished over these many years. This is a woman who has such brilliance and such depth that when she can connect to that part of her, it’s incredible and sometimes she doesn’t remember what she did a few minutes ago. It’s an incredible dichotomy. I want to say that’s what I love about her. I can never know what’s going to come out of her mouth. It’s awesome. How does one maintain staying in what I’ll call the penthouse and being in that higher state of feeling of energy? As life happens, as the polarity, as you’ve described it happens, we move up and down. How does this multidimensional model keep us there?

First of all, it’s important to recognize that it’s not about staying there. Life is, as you’ve heard me say in the past, it’s CCU, Constantly Changing University. The very fact that you want to try to keep something creates resistance. Resistance slows down the energy. Slowing down the energy creates a lower vibration. A lower vibration creates a connection with things like sadness, anger, guilt, wherever it happens to fall on the scale and therefore it’s not about maintaining that. I can tell you that if you desire to move yourself on a continuous basis, if you’re willing to be uninterrupted movement, then what you want to do is focus on being unattached to anything. It does not need to have severe structure, to letting go of judgments, blame and things of that nature, which slow and lower vibrational frequencies. That’s one piece.

The other is that when you are first of all in those places that I was speaking about and you’re going with the flow, if you will, or you’re in the zone where you’re not thinking about the past or the future, what occurs is that you have an open airway. A tunnel that opens right up for you that you can walk down and stay in a total state of connection because that’s where you’re “living.” Furthermore, you’re not just staying static there. You’re always given an opportunity to take the up escalator or the down escalator. If you want to give yourself permission to always be going up, then it’s mandatory, at least in my experience, that you monitor what you’re thinking about and how you’re framing what you’re thinking about.

Another extremely key point is who are you hanging out with? People that are not open-minded, people that are not willing to consider something that’s out of the box. Someone who was finding fault with themselves or others, especially on a continuous basis, is not going to be those that are going to be helping you find the escalator. Based on that, I beckon you to look around in your life and who you’re hanging with, create friends and associates that are a lot more committed to being in a personal state of growth, into a personal state of seeing things as half full. When you do that, what happens is you are being surrounded with the ability to maintain and then elevate yourself from where it is that you are. If you are around people that are toxic, people that are negative, people that are always looking for the worst-case scenario or any of those things. What happens is their energy is like a pulley. It pulls you down and you won’t be able to maintain by yourself most of the time. That’s why I feel that creating a tribe or a group of friends, whatever words you want to use, that are aligned. You catch each other when you’re starting to fall off the edge of the truck and you remind them because you don’t want to live in that other place. Those are a few ideas of things that you can do.

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A personal note about what you’re saying about community is for those of you who don’t know, we run a Meetup every week at a local hospital. We have two Meetups together, and what happens is when we come together and we have a group of people who have been coming consistently. We all feel great. We get a feel-good pill, a feel-good hit that puts us in that high state because we’re all talking about we all want the same things. I wanted to throw that in because it’s something that’s profound when you can find such a community or you can create such a community so that you can have that experience of being with people who want exactly what you want. What I want to do is I’d like to go back to something that we talked about at the beginning. You have the material world and all those things, relationships and all of our teachings around how to make those better, happier, whatever words you want to use. We have the spiritual world where we concentrate on creating the interconnection and now the multidimensional world. How do we put them all together? How does the model fit?

It’s not about the material, it’s not about the spiritual, it’s about living life from the place of authenticity, of awareness, of a real passionate desire to “have it all.” That means that when you are doing the work from within, work from inside out. When you’re working from the inside out, your outer world is going to shift depending upon what’s happening in your inner world and therefore you’ll find that you don’t have to differentiate between the material world and the spiritual world. They’re not separable. In reality, it appears that they are because of the point of focus that we put on either one of them. Some people are, “I want more money. I want to get out of debt. I want,” whatever it is that they want and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, except all of their focus is on that. It comes from a state of fear. Anytime you want or feel like you need something, you’re in fear. Fear is the underlined frequency that’s going to come out in between the cracks.

Therefore, what happens is you manifest with an overlay of fear and that’s why it’s not in your best interest to constantly being in a state of what it is that you need or want, but rather become what it is that you need or want. If you want to be a happier person, then ask yourself what a happier person would do? How would they respond? How would they act? How would they whatever? Some people say, “That’s like lying.” To one degree, it could look like that. On the other hand, come back to what we spoke about earlier and that is that everything’s perception. Changing your perception is a choice. Nobody says it has to be that I’m depressed and I’m unhappy. It doesn’t have to be that I’m feeling good and joyful. Instead it can be, “I have something in front of me. How do I choose? How do I choose to be with what is?”

Cutting through all of that, the multidimensional aspect is about being okay with whether you’re happy or sad. Things are going your way or not going your way. It’s about seeing things from a different perspective.

The ability to be in joy doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening in the outer world once you realize that you are the happiness. The new car is not the happiness, more money is not the happiness, and everyone spends a lifetime after lifetime looking for what’s over there to get to that happy place. It has to come from within. I’ll tell you that I don’t even know how many more levels that I can talk about this where you’re moving beyond that into something to where you can access these different levels without feeling like you’re doing it because you need something. Rather you are being what it is that you at one time or another may have wanted, but rather it’s like, “I want to play that role,” rather than, “If I don’t, I’m going to lose my house,” or whatever. The mind may tell you. It can be tricky. It can be challenging, but I will tell you that there’s that level and then on a whole bunch more beyond that to where we talk about being in a total state of connection from within.

RDD 24 | Multidimensional Happiness

Multidimensional Happiness: The ability to be in joy doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happening in the outer world once you realize that you are the happiness.


To where we talk about being able to connect with the parts of yourself that are beyond your physical awareness and connecting with others’ guides, energies or support team that is beyond the material world. There’s another whole level that is about being connected to the parts of you that you have not accessed before. You don’t even know what they are, what their value is or what they’re there for. That’s opening up another whole level. Ultimately, it’s about being so connected to your true self that you only can be what you truly are, which is the love, which is happiness, which is the joy. You don’t know how not to be that because there is nothing, there’s no shroud that you’re wearing, there’s no set of clothing that you put on to cover up the parts of yourself that you have judgment about and all of those other things that I probably don’t have time to talk about. I’ll let it be there.

I want to ask you one parting question. If for people who have read this and it strikes a chord, it strikes something that is of real interest to them, what’s the next step for someone and what would you recommend they do?

First of all, please make comments on the blog where it is that you are reading. Secondly, contact me and let me know what you’re looking for because most likely I have a program, a plan, a something that will help you take your next step. I will mention that this conversation touches some people beyond where it is that they’re aware. It may just haunt you. It may keep coming up in your head and that’s an indication that you really desire to know more and to take the next step. When that’s the case, you can email me at Esateys@Esateys.com or connect through the website Esateys.com.

Please go to the website now that we have our three different categories up. If you would be kind enough and do me a favor and click on one of those three boxes, I want the material, I want the spiritual, I want it all. I’m doing a little survey to see where people are at. I’m curious. You don’t have to sign up for a program or do anything. It doesn’t take you to a signup sheet. It takes you to more information. If you were willing to do that, it would be supportive for us to know where the interest of the people that are reading are, where they’re really being drawn to.

I would also recommend to keep reading these blogs because even though it’s Relationships Done Different, our topics go all over the place because they’re all about relationships.

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Share this with people. I said it before, but it’s true. Imagine if more people were open-minded as you are. I have so many things that I want to share with you at such an expanded level that it’s like I can barely stand it because there’s so much that I want to give you an option to consider. Some of these things you may know and perhaps you don’t know yet, and it can go as deep as you are ready and willing to go or stay at an entry level, wherever it is that you are. There’s no right or wrong. It’s about being true to yourself.

I had one other thought. If this is something of interest to you, why not create either a Meetup or the equivalent of a Meetup? The subject could be reading these and then have a discussion and a conversation about it to get to create a community that will create that higher level of vibration, which will ultimately be powerful for you.

Go to Meetup.com. It’s free to create a group. It’s all over the world, but certainly I know it’s all over the US, and some can even be done online. I’ve thought of doing one online and that’s something that if you did one online, that I could come and I could speak to your group periodically. Think about that. If you want to know more about it or you want to discuss it or ask questions, then let us know and we’ll be happy to support you in doing that. What you’re doing when you do that is you’re taking charge of creating your reality the way that you would like it. You’re taking charge of creating a new you. You’re taking charge of expanding yourself beyond where it is that you currently are and you are demonstrating a fearless movement toward experiencing multidimensional happiness, a real connection to whom it is that you truly are. From there it keeps getting better and better.

We hope you enjoyed this. This was awesome for us. Esateys is going to talk about our question of the day.

“What would it take for me to have an expanded mind?” If you ask yourself that many times throughout the day, what will happen is you’ll probably hear more things like this or you’ll become intrigued about what’s on the other side of that mountain? What’s at the end of that road? What’s behind that door? If you allow the curiosity, the excitement and the innocence guide you, you’ll find that there’s so much more available, no matter how elevated, no matter how awake, no matter who it is that you are, there’s always something beyond that.

I’ve got the goose pimples when you said that. It was powerful. Next time, we are going to be doing the topic, Is It Better to be Right or Happy?

I can’t be sure whether any of the shows from now on will be the same or not.

I’ll leave you with this parting thought of living with the creator of Constantly Changing University and never knowing what’s going to happen, first breath in the morning.

Feel a hug and know that you are loved beyond measure. Remember, take me beyond where it is that my mind knows to go so that you can experience more than you ever dreamed possible.

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Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

Esateys describes herself as the ‘Architect of the New You’ and has dedicated her life and professional career to helping her clients create “New Beginnings” by facilitating self empowerment, economic freedom and restored health.

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