Your Pregnant Now What?

Ah, the joy of being pregnant! Nothing can compare! Pregnancy is an exciting moment for most women. If you have kids, you probably remember how it felt like when you carried them within you – and we’re not talking about the fatigue and flatulence! We’re talking about the pregnancy glow, the restful nights, and the other joys of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage of life, and most women look forward to it. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, you probably want a healthy pregnancy (what woman doesn’t?). One sure way to have a healthy pregnancy is by planning for it ahead of time. Make changes as if you are already pregnant. You will greatly benefit from changing your diet and lifestyle habits.

Confirming Your Pregnancy

Many times, women get overexcited trying to interpret signs that indicate they are pregnant. Sometimes symptoms can be false alarms. It is very important to make sure that you are pregnant before you start preparing for your baby. One way to know you are pregnant is to perform a urine test at home. You can also ask your doctor to carry out a pregnancy test. Also look out for normal pregnancy symptoms which can confirm your pregnancy like nausea, back pain, swollen breasts, food cravings, and missed periods.

Finding out you’re pregnant is very exciting, but before the big day arrives, it’s a good idea to fill your mind with information. A big part of your pregnancy should be spent preparing for your bundle of joy and making sure you’re all set to welcome your little one into the world. Get some handy birth advice and learn how to make a birth plan.

It is possible to have a safe pregnancy that’s devoid of complications. To ensure you have one, you need to arm yourself with information about pregnancy, especially if you are a first time mom. Knowing what to expect will make pregnancy an enjoyable part of your life.

Dealing with Pregnancy Symptoms

It is common for pregnant women to start experiencing bodily changes. Some of the changes may be visible while others may not. Nearly 50% of pregnant women develop blemishes or dark patches on their skin. This condition is commonly known as Chloasma.

Chloasma, or the mask of pregnancy, often manifests itself as dark spots on the face. It is caused by an increase in pigmentation. The spots mostly appear around the cheeks, forehead, nose, and upper lip. They also tend to show up in areas with increased friction such as inner thighs and underarms. You may also find that areas that are more pigmented – such as the section around your nipples, scars, moles, and freckles – tend to be darker when you’re pregnant.

During pregnancy, your body may experience hormonal changes which may increase the production of melanin. This hormone is responsible for the color of your skin, hair, and eyes. Being exposed to the sun also increases your chances of getting chloasma. There is substantial evidence showing that women with darker skin are more vulnerable to this condition than light skinned women.

How You Can Prevent Chloasma during Pregnancy

In most cases, it might not be possible to prevent chloasma considering it is a hormone triggered condition. However, there are certain things you can do to make it less obvious or lessen its effects on you.

Avoid Direct Sun:  Exposing yourself to the ultraviolet rays of the sun increases your chances of getting the mask of pregnancy. When going out during the day, apply sunscreen, use an umbrella, wear a hat, or wear long sleeved clothes to avoid direct exposure.

Use Mild Cosmetics and Soaps: Do not apply anything that may irritate your skin as it may enhance the problem of chloasma.

Use Concealing makeup: If the pigmentation makes you feel uncomfortable, conceal it by applying mild concealing creams.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: Hyperpigmentation is mostly associated with folate deficiency. Include foods that are rich in folic acid in your diet like green veggies, oranges, and whole grain cereals.

Never use bleaches or chemical-based creams and cosmetics to lighten the dark patches. They may pose a threat to you and your baby. The mask of pregnancy is likely to fade on its own after delivery. But in some women, the changes don’t disappear completely. If chloasma persists long after you have delivered, you can ask your dermatologist for treatment options.

Natural Ways for a Natural Birth

Natural birth is a process that allows nature to take its course during delivery. A pregnant woman goes through labor and delivery without the interventions of medications, including pain relievers.

Giving birth naturally isn’t easy but it’s doable. Some women choose to give birth naturally because they want to be in control of their bodies. They believe that the process of delivering a child should be as natural as it was meant to be. Natural birth often occurs in the presence of a doctor, a doula, or a midwife who offers support to the mother throughout the labour stages.

My family has been pro natural birth in many cases.  My nieces have used midwives and natural birth, including water birthing.  My daughter had her first child at home and I had the gift of catching her as she came down the birth canal in a hurry.

Birthing at home does not mean you cannot have something for pain, if desired.

The most important thing to do is to “Do Your Homework”. Learn all you can about all the options and pick the one that fits you, your lifestyle and personality.

Tips for a Natural Birth

  • Get informed about labor and birth. Learn techniques such as relaxation and coping mechanisms to help you prepare for labor.
  • Choose a health care provider who supports natural birth. Chances of having a successful birthing process increase if the people taking care of you share the same belief.
  • Spend early labor on your feet. Move around and take walks when contractions are not regular. The more active you are, the quicker you’ll deliver.
  • Make use of relaxation techniques. Breathe, relax, meditate, listen to music or get a massage – whatever it takes to keep you calm.
  • Learn exceptional breathing control and techniques which will give you great peace when it comes to any stress, including childbirth.

Are You Ready For the Exciting Journey?

When all is said and done, most women enjoy the experience of being pregnant. While it comes with its fair share of challenges, it is wonderful. Fear not, the whole process will be worth it in the end. Pregnancy and childbirth will change your perspective of life for the better. Many women report gaining confidence and self worth after going through pregnancy and delivery.

The Gift of Life is Magical and a Miracle.  Be excited and in JOY as you have one of the most beautiful opportunities to help support a true Light on the planet!

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