Relationship Issues?

Is your marriage, courtship or other relationship stuck in a rut? Wondering how you can change this? Do you need to find out more about the guy or lady you just met? If you have answered yes to any of these then you need to ask some questions. Questions are a good way of obtaining information and finding answers concerning many issues. Asking the right questions increases clarity in your relationship and enhances its quality. These questions can be directed to yourself, your partner or the relationship.

Benefits of Relationship Questions

Generally, questions have many benefits and even more so in a relationship. They are useful for,

  1. Determining whether the individuals involved in a relationship are compatible
  2. Assisting in understanding your partner better
  3. Enabling you to explore yourself deeper
  4. Determining the level at which a relationship is
  5. Establishing the weak and strong points in a relationship
  6. Ascertaining whether it is time for the relationship to shift to the next stage
  7. Creating more open communication between a couple

How About Taking a Couples Quiz?

Questions in this quiz present you with the perfect way to find out how well you know your partner. Deep, honest communication is a major factor to a long-lasting relationship. The quiz helps the couple identify their future plans and establish the strengths and weaknesses within the relationship. Being two imperfect people from varying backgrounds, you are bound to disagree on several issues. Do not let this affect you but instead focus on both your relationship needs and investigate if you are reading from the same script.

Taking a Couples quiz can help you find out if the two of you are ready for a deeper relationship commitment, how you will cope with your in-laws, and identify your feelings about each other. It can point out your conflict style, suggest what type of parents you might be and pinpoint whether you are financially in tune. It is ideal to take this quiz together so spare time and see what comes out of it. Here is a sample of such a quiz to identify how well you know your partner. The answers are yes/no.  

    Does your partner want to have children?
  1. Do I know my partner’s philosophy in life?
  2. Am I familiar with my partner’s best friends?
  3. Am I aware of the of the current stresses my partner is facing?
  4. Is there a lot of reciprocation in our relationship?
  5. Do I know and support my partner in his/her life dreams?
  6. During disagreements, does my partner listen respectfully?
  7. Is my partner my best friend?
  8. Does my partner appreciate what I do in this relationship?
  9. Is the romance and intimacy alive in our relationship?
  10. Does my partner really respect and trust me?
  11. Do we agree on how we manage our finances?

What Relationship Questions to Ask?

When asking relationship questions, it’s important to remember there are different questions for particular stages in a relationship. Questions should be coined depending on what you expect to find out and what you intend to do with the information you get. Apply your reasoning to find out the type of questions ideal for the current stage of your relationship. Being a good attentive listener is key to obtaining the right answers to questions asked.

Avoid being judgmental even when the answers you receive are contrary to what you expect. Reflect on the answers you receive before responding and be prepared to give answers when asked questions as well. Some key relationship questions to ask include,

  1. Are we constructively influencing each other’s life?
  2. When was the last time we said “I love you” to each other?
  3. How committed are we to this relationship?
  4. Do we find it easy to forgive each other’s mistakes?
  5. Do we respect each other’s beliefs?
  6. When did we last have an in-depth conversation?
  7. Are we keeping any secrets that we’re afraid of letting each other know?
  8. Do we accept each other the way we are?
  9. Would you choose your partner again, if you had the opportunity to?
  10. Do we truly enjoy each other’s company?

Relationship Questions to Ask a Guy

Questions can help you understand a guy better and determine whether you want him as part of your life. The questions can also help you determine your compatibility with him. It is essential to have an idea of how a guy operates, what makes him tick, how he treats those around him to determine how he is likely to behave towards you. Relationship questions to ask your boyfriend include the following:

    Does he treat his family or other people well?
  1. Does he bring out the best in you?
  2. Does his action and behavior match with his words?
  3. What type of relationship commitment is he looking for?
  4. Does he accept your beliefs and perspectives?
  5. Has he introduced you to his family and close friends?
  6. Are you included in major aspects of his life?
  7. Does he bring joy to your life?
  8. Is he trustworthy and does he have integrity?
  9. Does he speak and act kindly to you and to others?
  10. Is he a caring person?
  11. Does he speak mostly about himself and seem disinterested in you or others feelings?
  12. Does he communicate readily and openly?
  13. Do you feel safe with him?

Important Girlfriend Tag Questions

Tag questions are a great way of politely finding out more about the relationship you are already in or are planning to get into. A few necessary girlfriend tag questions include the following

    Can I be my authentic self when I am around him?
  1. Does he support and encourage me in my life endeavors?
  2. Does he inspire me to be the best person I can be?
  3. Do I accept him as he is without needing to change him?
  4. Does he make me feel insecure at any point?
  5. Does he treat me as a priority in his life?
  6. Do I feel safe with him?
  7. Do I feel trusted and respected by him?


If you are in a relationship or intending to get into one you need to ask some relationship questions, they not only give you information about the relationship and your partner, you also get to explore deeper within yourself. Take a couple’s quiz to determine how you and your partner view different things in your life. Whether it is a guy or girl you are getting to know, the kind of questions you ask them will determine your future or lack of.

Remember that open, honest, clear authentic Communication is a critical Key to a Fulfilling Relationship.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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