What Is Sacral Chakra?

The Sacral meaning comes from the word Svadhisthana. This word is coined from two Sanskrit words, ‘Swa’ and ‘Adhisthana’. Swa means ‘one’s own’ and adhisthana’ means seat. The meaning of Svadhisthana is one’s own abode. In Hindu Tantrism, the Sacral chakra is second in the seven main chakras. They define sacral as the second chakra or sexual chakra.

The Chakra’s Location, Color and Element

The 2nd chakra is located in the pelvic area, at the base of your spine, above your pubic bone. It incorporates the entire genital region and is physically associated with the womb, bladder, genitals and kidney. A balanced sacral chakra results in feelings of abundance, wellness, joy and pleasure. An imbalance can lead to sexual dysfunction, emotional instability, depression.

Water is the element representing the sex chakra. It signifies cohesiveness. This chakra is the pleasure and creativity center. It’s the emotions, intimacy, sensuality, and connection center. This chakra’s energy is feminine, lunar and passive. It offers you flexibility, fun and access to flow. It allows you to experience body transformation, to let go, and experience a moment in its fullness.

The second chakra color is orange, a color combining yellow and red equally. It’s a warm color located on the visible light’s spectrum lower end. It signifies strength and vitality and is the area of your wisdom and gut feelings. The orange chakra is the center where we connect to our deepest voice of self, the deepest wisdom and stillness.

Is Sacral Chakra Healing Necessary?

Chakras are the points where energy channels meet. Through these channels, life energy flows. You need healing if your chakra is blocked or too open. Since the second chakra is the pleasure center, when the energy is healthy, you experience a natural and powerful feeling of intimacy.

Balancing your sexual chakra

Balancing the sacral chakra is essential because it affects other chakras. A strong and healthy chakra brings happiness and helps you experience emotional balance and pleasure. Having a good balance results in sharpened senses, enhanced creativity, and connects you to your intuition.

A balanced orange chakra boosts your self-confidence, sexual confidence and permits you to freely express yourself. Techniques such as yoga, meditation are primary in balancing this chakra. Other approaches like getting a massage, acupressure, playful contact sports and sexual union, are also helpful in balancing the chakra. A mix of several techniques is recommended.

Signs of Blocked Energy

An imbalance in your sexual chakra can result in physical manifestations in your body. These include pain during intercourse, urinary tract infections, chronic low back pain, and impotence. Others are ovarian cysts, complications with your kidneys and bladder, and pelvic–lower abdominal issues.

Blocked energy can also manifest mentally as emotional instability, addiction, and absence of creative energy. You may experience self-doubt, guilt, shame, fear of change, and acceptance of false reality. Love and passion become foreign and difficult to nourish.

How to Achieve Sacral Chakra Healing

Opening your 2nd chakra begins with the color orange. Wearing and eating anything with the color orange is a great way to begin opening and balancing this chakra. Exposing yourself to the color reminds you of the chakra and helps you visualize its orange energy.

In crystal healing, it is believed wearing orange crystals is an effective way to heal the chakra. The sacral chakra stones include hematite, citrine, carnelian, amber, calcite orange, topaz, and coral. Watching emotional movies will also open the chakra. Other ways to bring balance are:

1. Sacral Chakra Meditation

Meditation and visualization using color orange help you balance the sexual chakra. The sound VAM is the mantra sound corresponding to the chakra. By chanting this sound, vibrations open and balance this chakra. Picture an orange, bright and healing glow refilling your lower abdomen.

The best way to open this chakra is through a sacral chakra meditation. You must be familiar with meditation to perform it. Start by getting into a meditative state and focus on energy arising from your feet, through the root chakra into your navel.

Picture an orange ball of energy forming below the belly button, growing larger each time you inhale deeply.  The energy ball begins to swirl clockwise causing a slight tingle in your lower back and abdomen which is the chakra’s location. This should continue until you really experience the energy. It should feel like buzzing or tingling energy flowing through you.

The hand gestures linked to the 2nd chakra are known as the Sakthi Mudra. This can be applied when meditating to support the chakra opening. The most important part is learning to let go. Letting go of negative people, unhealthy emotions and memories is essential. It will help you eliminate emotional baggage, freeing up energy and space for better life opportunities.

2. Sacral Chakra Yoga

There are specific sacral chakra yoga poses you can perform to control it. These poses consist of the sun salutations. To regain balance, you have to undergo all the 12 poses and ensure they are as aligned as you can at all times. To achieve the best effect, the best time to perform these poses is early in the morning when you wake up.

Other specific yoga asanas that help open and align your sex chakra are seated pelvic circles, bhujangasana or cobra pose and butterfly pose (Baddha konasana) with a forward fold. These will help you bring your chakra into balance and result in healing. A massage is recommended after the yoga session to bring relaxation and recover the lingering passion experienced. 

3. Acupressure

This is another method you can apply to balance the orange chakra. It is an appropriate technique because you have many rigid body parts which can result in issues with the chakra. Acupressure is highly recommended as a means to remove this tension. When you use the right techniques, acupressure provides remarkable relief if you are seeking proper healing for the moment and in future.

The sacral chakra cannot be ignored as it affects several other parts of your body. An imbalance can cause unhappiness and may lead to physical diseases. It is not challenging to balance and re-align the chakra as long as you are committed. If you have been experiencing any of the signs of a blocked chakra, it’s time to take action.


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