How To Do Self Healing Meditation

Meditation has been used as a resource and tool for healing by humans for centuries. In addition to being a regular practice utilized by specific spiritual practices, Buddhists, and with a non-religious application, meditation has the power to calm the mind.


It is believed by some, that to reach a supreme state of health, it is best for one to be both emotionally and mentally stable. The health of one's body is attributed to the mind and one's state of consciousness.


If someone is consistently in a perpetual state of fear, feeling a sense of lack, or is plagued with replaying traumatic events and negative thoughts constantly, it is no wonder that the state of their physical health is typically on a decline.


When an individual is not satisfied with prescription or over-the-counter medication or talking with a therapist does not reap the results they seek, using the power of meditation for self-healing may be an optimal solution.


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When using Self-healing meditation, the practitioner takes responsibility for their life, their health, and seeks to reclaim their spiritual and personal birthright to heal at the cellular level.


Meditation is believed to increase one's life energy which is responsible for energizing the body, reducing lethargy, and helps speed along recovery from illness. A lot of health ailments have their root in stress, anxiety, and fear.


Meditation helps rewire the brain so that it returns to a peaceful and positive state of mind.

When self-healing takes place, something beautiful and transformative happens to a human being who meditates.

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Who Benefits Most From The He​​​​aling Power Of Meditation?


Meditation is a beneficial practice that everyone can enjoy. Using the breath, guided intentions, and positive visualization, one can choose to enhance their experiences meditating to improve and enrich their health and life.


The following persons might find even more value in using meditation to help heal emotional, mental, physical, and psychic wounds.

  • Anyone who has suffered a traumatic experience that has left them feeling scared and disconnected
  • If a client is unresponsive or unwilling to use traditional accepted therapy or medication to heal
  • Self-directed individuals who are looking for a more in-depth healing process beyond the superficial

Whether you are an individual who feels that they have a more profound and more urgent need to do some deep in-house cleansing of the mind from negativity, depression, anger, or stress, or you want to maintain a better state of mind, meditation is available to all.


One does not have to be suffering from a severely debilitating condition to use meditation. One has to choose to sit, focus, and meditate whenever one finds the time to do so.


After a meditation session, one should feel a sense of bliss, calm, and a joy which leaves you smiling or feeling at peace. Over time, repeatedly committing to the practice of meditation my transform your habits, emotional state, and kindle a spirit of compassion, inner peace, and inner joy.

Different Methods Of Meditation For Healing

Persons who live with chronic illness, conditions that are unresponsive to societally accepted solutions, or interested persons can heal themselves using meditation.


There is a myriad of variations of meditation practice to heal the mind, body, and heart. However, there are three easy methods that one can use whether at home, work, or even during a commute on public transit.


3 Minute Guided Meditation


To practice the 3 minute guided meditation, you only need to commit to spending a minimum of 3 minutes executing a guided meditation, for a total of 3 times daily.


Choose to visualize whatever specific part of your body that is ailing healing during your meditation session. Consider visualizing a gentle beam of healing energy washing over the target that needs healing. Imagine that your body and mind are immersed in a warm and loving energy.


As the energy envelops your entire body or a targeted area that needs healing, visualize that the energy is slowly healing whatever it touches.


Trust in the process, and allow yourself to repeat the process over time. You may be amazed at the results.

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Change Your Health By Reprogramming Your Thoughts


When living with a chronic illness or health condition, it can be so easy for your mind to replay thoughts about how much pain and suffering you are feeling. When you focus on what is wrong with your mind, body, and heart, you amplify the problem.


Once you recognize how much power you have over your life and health, you will be quick to put a stop to such self-destructive and negative patterns of thinking and behavior.


Instead of being self-defeatist and wallowing in self-pity over whatever health ailment is troubling you, change the script.


When you meditate, choose to surrender to the experience. Be open to being mindful and living in the moment.


Begin to focus on your breath and use it to keep your mind and focus on the meditation process. As you center your thoughts, choose to repeat in your mind positive mantras silently.


Consider the following mantras to help you get started.

  • "I am healthy and perfectly well."
  • "I am free of illness of the mind, body, and heart."
  • "I am strong, healthy, capable, loved, and full of vitality."

Using mantras such as these can quickly squash and dispel any lingering negative self-talk, which may be exacerbating existing problems. By choosing to focus and repeat positive mantras, you reprogram your mind to draw positive energies to you, reflect the positive mantras you wish for yourself, and begin healing from the inside out.


It's a humbling but straightforward thing once you realize how much focusing on your visible health ailments, or replaying negative self-talk can wreck so much havoc, and create so much influence on your daily life.


Coupled with positive visualization of your body healing from any physical, emotional, or mental hurt, you may be shocked at how fast your life and health transform for the better.

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  • Relax And Heal Thyself Meditation



For this final example of a meditation practice to heal, you want to make sure you are in a peaceful environment with no unwanted distractions.


Make sure that you are comfortable, and feel free to wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe and don't have you feeling constricted. Choose to sit in a chair, or get some cushions.


With your back straight, you want to close your eyes and begin focusing on the in and out of your breath.


As you focus on your breath, let go of any feelings of negativity, judgment, or feelings of tension. Let your whole body relax. If you have any wandering thoughts, return to focusing on your breath to keep you centered.


Scan your body mentally for any feelings of negativity, energy blocks, tension, or physical pain. Project feelings of love, calm, and healing wherever you see fit. Once you feel that your visualization has done its job, move to another area until your body feels clear.


Continue to focus on your breath, and keep your eyes closed.


Next, you want to replay mantras of positivity, good health, self-love within your mind. Allow yourself to feel how powerful these emotions and energy of these mantras are, and your feelings of illness, negativity, inadequacy, stress, and anger are no match.


Remind yourself that you are human, you are well, you are loved, and you are whole.


As you breathe in, breathe in the fullness of the positive energy. As you breathe out, release any negative energy, tension, or sense of illness you are carrying within.


Continue to maintain this meditation until you feel lighter, calmer, and can feel the strength of this positive energy filling every inch of your being and healing you from inside out.


Once you feel ready, open your eyes. Feel free to stretch and slowly get up before continuing with your day.

Additional Practices To Enhance Self healing Meditation

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In addition to utilizing the power of meditation to heal yourself, It is important to continue to make healthy lifestyle choices to reinforce your new positive and healthy state of mind.

Choose to eat more foods that are organic, whole, nutritious, and filling. Seek to drink more water throughout the day, and make an effort to exercise a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week.

You might be surprised at how much engaging in some physical activity is good for your circulatory system, reduces stress levels, and requires you to be attentive and practice mindfulness.

Consider journaling to keep track of your meditation and self-healing process. Be patient, and give yourself ample time for you to make meditation and to take back the power to heal yourself a lifelong habit.

Forgive yourself and others whenever possible, practice gratitude, and remember that your healing is indeed possible with the power of meditation. With earnest practice, dedication, and time, you can unlock the secret to excellent health of the mind, body, and spirit.


Author: Self Healing Institute

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