Trying to find an effective diet or health supplement that actually does what it promises can feel nearly impossible at times. You can spend countless hours online searching through reviews and testimonials only to order this "outstanding" product to find that it didn't even come close to living up to the hype. In our world of overly busy lifestyles, chemical ridden beauty products and overly processed food, how can simple diets actually help us gain control of our weight and health? In this honest and transparent SkinnyFit Detox review, we will help you discover if this product does all it claims to do.

We know, you have seen an abundance of online reviews for various products that make outrageous claims. "Lose 30 pounds in a month!" or maybe a headline on a magazine, such as, "How I lost 100 pounds without changing my diet." While we can all fantasize about dropping some lbs without putting in any effort, we have all come to find at some point in our diet journey that they are empty promises.

Real and true weight loss that lasts requires effort, however, we do believe there are products out on the market that can assist with your journey and also provide quicker results. This was our goal in this SkinnyFit Detox review -- to see just how great a weight-loss aid SkinnyFit tea can be.

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What Is the SkinnyFit Detox?

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For those of you who have never heard of this trending weight-loss tea, it's just that, a tea that assists those who are working at meeting their health goals. However, there is a twist. This tea doesn't claim to help you lose weight simply by drinking this magical healing herbal blend, it actually works to rid the body of harmful toxins that can cause weight gain.

What Are Toxins?

For our Internet and Google-savvy readers, we know you have seen the recent health buzzwords, such as "inflammation," "toxins," and "detox." They are literally pasted over all the health blogs to help inform readers about the importance of looking at a person's overall health rather than simply recognizing a need to lose weight.

With that being said, a toxin is simply anything that damages the body rather than nourishes it. As good stewards of our bodies, we should binvesting in our overall health. A person may be physically fit, but could be internally drowning in dangerous toxins. Over years of research, it has been proven that individuals with an excessive amount of internal toxins, over time, will most likely experience various health issues.

Where Do Toxins Come From?

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When you think of toxins your brain may jump to the sight of that frightening biohazard photo that warns people about harmful chemicals. While, yes harmful chemicals in our environment and even beauty products can cause serious health problems, there are many other toxins invading our bodies that we are probably unaware of.

Certain foods, mold that grows in our homes, allergens in the air, pollutants in the water and even synthetic fabrics can cause damage to the body. Before we scare you all into living in a plastic bubble, we want to remind you that our immune systems were designed to help fight of a variety of harmful intruders. However, it is our responsibility to aid in this process by detoxing the body to help rid the excess toxins so we can remain healthy and function at our best.

Toxins and Weight Gain

So now that we all understand that toxins are all around us, we can see that the majority of people should be looking for various ways to clean their internal systems. Hence this SkinnyTea Detox review. Before we get into the actual product, we wanted to tell our readers a little bit about the correlation between toxins and weight gain.

Because toxins are anything that damages the body, our bodies can react in various ways to this inflicted internal pain that has probably gone unnoticed in us for many years. Scientists have found that many toxins, specifically pesticides and PCBs, interfere with the function of our metabolisms, hormones and thyroids. All of which are responsible for how we break down calories...see where we are going with this?

So, in this SkinnyFit Detox review, we wanted to inform our readers about their detox options. If you are looking for healthy ways to aid in your weight loss, choosing to focus on detoxing rather than only exercising may prove to provide better and long-lasting results.

Product Specs

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Have we frightened you into understanding the importance of detoxing yet? Then you may want to continue reading on into this SkinnyFit Detox review to get started on a detox program that fits your budget and specific needs.

SkinnyFit Detox Tea

While there are a variety of SkinnyFit teas, the most popular blend is their all-natural detox option. This vegan, gluten-free and laxative-free tea is packed with health-aiding ingredients that aim to help cleanse the body of harmful toxins. It promises to boost your metabolism, ease bloating symptoms, release toxins, reduce stress and build immunity. All of which are vital factors to successful weight loss.


For those of us who have tried it all, we have probably come close to spending it all! Take a deep breath and know that this SkinnyFit detox review has your budget in mind. Quality tea has never been on the lower end of the pricing scale, but we found that most websites carried the SkinnyFit Detox Tea for approximately $70 for 28 servings. If you compare that to getting a daily Starbucks drink, it really isn't too outstanding for something of such high quality.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. In this SkinnyFit Detox review, we included the price of each product, the taste, effectiveness, quality of ingredients and even side effects so all of our readers can make an informed choice when looking for detox aids. Please remember that our price review also includes the amount of servings per price unit.

  • Yogi Tea Detox
  • YoungYou International Detox Tea
  • BaeTea 14 Day Teatox
skinnyfit detox tea

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Taste 5 Stars

We quickly fell in love with this white tea, green tea and herbal blend. It was light, comforting and even energizing! It's a perfect go-to tea for the morning commute and even for a mid-afternoon treat.

Effectiveness 4 Stars

Like we mentioned earlier in this SkinnyFit Detox review, toxins can be the cause of weight gain, but this doesn't mean this is true in everyone. For those of our testers who had higher toxin levels, they experienced better results than our testers who did not. Detoxing is important for everyone and will provide results if the body is overloaded with toxins.

Quality Ingredients 5 Stars

We were thrilled to discover that there are no harmful chemicals and preservatives in this tea! It truly was all natural and packed with high-quality ingredients to nourish the body.

Side Effects 4 Stars

Because all detoxing normally has side effects we gave this portion of the SkinnyFit Detox review 4 stars. The severity of the side effects depends on the severity of the toxins in your body. Some of the side effects we experienced were: headaches, fatigue and loss of appetite. However, after a week or two the side effects began to diminish.

yogi tea

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Our readers can find Yogi Tea at almost any retail store. It comes with 96 tea bags on Amazon and is USDA certified organic and non-GMO verified. The tea is packaged in recycled carton and compostable tea bags and is also caffeine free so it can be enjoyed late at night before bed.

Taste 3 Stars

We didn't hate the flavor, but we didn't love it. There are a few ingredients that make this specific tea blend taste more medicinal than we would have liked, such as the licorice root. If you want an affordable detox tea to drink and are not too concerned with the flavor, then this may be a great option for you.

Effectiveness 3 Stars

Our testers had mixed reviews about this tea. Some thought it was comparable to the SkinnyFit Detox tea and others said they didn't feel as "clean" as when they drank the SkinnyFit Detox tea. So, we decided to give this portion 3 stars because the reviews were split down the middle.

Quality Ingredients 5 Stars

Similar to the SkinnyFit tea, this Yogi detox tea was vegan and also has very pure ingredients that are known to aid with the detox of harmful toxins.

Side Effects 4 Stars

Similar to the SkinnyFit Tea, our tester experienced side effects for the first couples weeks. What made us give this specific tea 4 stars was the fact that some of our testers have more digestive side effects than they did with SkinnyFit.

detox tea for weight loss

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This tea is a great option if you are looking for a treat that is sweet and won't make you cheat on your diet. It is packed with antioxidants from the variety of fruits that are loaded into this fun and fruity blend.

Taste 5 Stars

This detox tea has a wonderful herbal and fruity taste that we all enjoyed. It was sweet enough to trick us into thinking we were cheating on our diets, which we love.

Effectiveness 4 Stars

While this tea did provide some weight loss, the majority of our testers felt that it didn't contain strong enough ingredients to really make an impact on their overall health.

Quality Ingredients 4 Stars

We decided to still give this product 4 stars because the ingredients inside are quality ingredients, however, most of the ingredients were simply green tea and various fruits. We felt it may be simpler to incorporate these fruits into our diets.

Side Effects 5 Stars

Most of our testers really didn't experience any side effects, but this could be because the detox may have been significantly less effective than the other two teas.

baetea 14 day teatox

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This two-week detox contains high-end and fast-acting ingredients that will encourage the body to detox and let go of unwanted toxins and weight. Reduce bloating with this herbal blend.

Taste 3 Stars

While we really did enjoy the light flavor this tea has to offer, we felt the taste was a little weak. If you drink it knowing it is a health supplement rather than thinking of it as a delicious tea, it is quite delicious.

Effectiveness 3 Stars

This tea really didn't make too many promises, but the promise it did make was to reduce bloating. We gave this tea 3 stars because it did reduce bloating, but that is really all it achieved.

Quality Ingredients 5 Stars

This tea contains quality and healthy ingredients, but was missing a lot of the detoxifying ingredients that the SkinnyFit Tea and Yogi Tea contain in their blends.

Side Effects 4 Stars

We gave this tea 4 stars because there were little to no side effects, however, most detox teas have side effects because of their effectiveness.

Conclusion of this SkinnyFit Detox Review

For our readers who want to take control of their health and live a healthier lifestyle, detoxing is essential. We believe the best choices were the SkinnyFit Detox tea and the Yogi Tea: detox. Both contained high-end and quality ingredients that aid in detoxifying the body and both were decently affordable for being vegan weight-loss supplements.

Since both really achieve the same goal, it really comes down to taste. We felt that the SkinnyFit Detox tea has better flavor notes than the Yogi Tea. If you are looking for a tea that has it all then the SkinnyFit Detox tea is probably your best choice if you want to detox your body and encourage weight loss. However, if you are looking for a tea that provides the same results that come at a better price, you can look at your local market for the Yogi Tea: detox if you are willing to compromise on flavor.

Author: Self Healing Institute

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