Is it True Love?

When we are young, we watch fairy-tale movies and dream of meeting our soul mates. We see ourselves as the protagonists and wait for the day when we’ll fall madly in love. But when we grow up, we discover that finding a soulmate isn’t as easy as it seems. We start to wonder if finding a soulmate is a myth.  Are There Really Soulmate Signs that will Help you Know you Found True Love?

What is a soulmate, or who is a soulmate? Do soul mates even exist? Soap operas and films revolve around soulmate relationships and true love, making us want to believe in this notion. Yes, soulmates exist, as does true love and friendships and were going to explore the soulmate signs that will help you know when you’ve found it.

Soulmate Definition

A soulmate is a person you develop an instant connection with the moment you meet. The connection is so strong that you feel drawn to them in a strange way. As the connection grows, you experience a love that is so deep and strong you wonder if you’ve truly loved anyone before. Your soulmate also experiences the same feeling and connects with you the same way. You feel happy, peaceful, and calm when you are around them.

At the periphery of a solid relationship are friends, but at its core are soul mates. Simply put, soulmate relationships are the perfection of human friendships. Fortunately, soulmates aren’t only found in movies, they also exist in real life. When you find your soulmate, you cannot imagine life without them. A soulmate makes you develop a new zeal for life because of the positive energy they bring.

Finding a soulmate is not always easy. Some people find their soul mates quickly while others must go through many bad relationships before they find “the one.” However, for your relationship to stand the test of time, you must work hard to keep it healthy.

How Easy Is It to Find a Soulmate?

The journey is different for everyone. Some people find their soul mates easily while others take years. If you truly want to find the love of your life, you must first understand the nature of a soulmate. Many people have no idea what a soulmate is and try to force the wrong people to fit the soulmate mold.

You can tell you’ve found a soulmate when there’s more than just physical chemistry. Your minds and spirits also connect. While chemistry does take center stage at the start of many relationships, it can only take a relationship up to a certain point. To spend a lifetime together, you must be connected in mind, body, and spirit.

Soulmate relationships are just like any other relationships. While they may have fewer problems, they also have their challenges. All relationships have problems, even the best ones.

How to Know You’ve Found “The One”

You Can Be Yourself Around Them

New relationships take a lot of work and are filled with expectations. You are smitten with your partner and want them to see you as perfect. Some people go to the extent of revamping their wardrobes or adopting new lifestyles just to please their partners. Soulmates are not this demanding. You can be yourself around them. They accept you for who you are – that’s the beauty of a soulmate relationship.

Silence is Golden

Many are the times when conversations among couples evolve into nerve-racking silence. The silence becomes so loud that both partners become uncomfortable. They wonder what to talk about or what the other partner is thinking. You don’t always have to talk to your soulmate to make your time together interesting. You can be silent but happy. You don’t need words or fillers, the silence is as wonderful as the conversations.

You Have Similar Goals and Values

Soul mates want the same things in a relationship. You know you’ve found a soulmate if you have the same goals and values. You are on the same page about getting married, having kids, and dealing with family and friends. You also share the same perspectives regarding what is right and wrong. Sure, you may differ on a few topics like religion or politics, but you still respect your partner and value their thoughts and opinions.

You Trust Them Wholeheartedly

Many people in relationships do not trust their partners. They call them incessantly when they are away, go through their phones every chance they get, or monitor their movements. Soul mates value each other’s personal space and understand that it’s important to have a life outside the relationship. They encourage their partners to spend time with their family and friends.

Differences between a Soulmate and a Life Companion

Healing From Emotionally Abusive Relationships.6

Definitely a Soulmate Sign!

The fact that two people are in a relationship or have an admirable friendship does not mean that they are soul mates. Unfortunately, circumstances chain people to settling in relationships they would get out of if given a chance.

A soulmate is a person who you feel more complete with and makes you feel a kind of love you have never felt before. It is a person you can’t imagine living without, you cringe at the thought of them not being part of your life. The beauty of being with a soulmate is that the care, love, and connection come naturally.

A life partner, on the other hand, is a companion and a friend. They are dependable, secure, and are always there to offer help when you need it. You and your life partner may be in love, may respect each other, and know each other’s needs and wants. But a relationship with a life partner lacks one major thing: the deep, strong connection that is found in a soulmate relationship.

A life partner may feel the need to make a relationship official as a sign of commitment. Soulmates may not officialize their relationships but the mutual care and love will always be there. Luckily, life partners can transition into feeling like  soul mates. It is simply a decision they have to make.


Another View Point About Soulmates

Some beliefs say that your soulmate is a difficult relationship.  It is based on the reality that we live in a polarity based world. Since men and women have difference polarities in their energy field, they may attract the polarity of themselves to see and experience the opposing or resisted parts of ourselves that we see in the other person.

This is powerful because we can use our relationships to grow ourselves and learn how to be the person we would like to be.  We do this by being exposed to a diverse way of thinking, being and communicating and determining how we choose to respond.  This opposing or polarity based relationship may not feel very joyful and it can be the most powerful and growth driven relationship ever.

Yes these kind of relationships can be smooth and loving and still help you become all you can BE!


Find Your Soulmate

These days, online dating is all the rage. It can be hard to find a soulmate online and many dating sites create compatibility tests to help members find likely matches. But you don’t have to try online dating to find a soulmate. You can meet them at the mall, at work, or even on the street. Keep an open mind and you’ll find your soulmate. Go inside and call for your soulamte to come. (yes it can be as easy as this)

Don’t push yourself too hard, your soulmate will come at the right time.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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