Sound Healing is a proven, powerful tool to create molecular change in the body.
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Sound Healing is used by many as it is non-evasive and relaxing.

Sound Healing has been known for centuries by our ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Grecians, Native American Indians, the Aboriginal people of Australia and others.

It was not very well known in the west until about 1930 when researchers found the value of ultrasound for medical purposes.

The Aboriginals first started healing with the didgeridoo.  That was about 40,000 years ago. The original  sound principles which healed broken bones, illnesses and other problems are now being used today in modern sound technology.

All of Life is Vibration.  In other words, everything is Energy.  All energy has a vibrational ‘sound’ to it although many of the frequencies are not audible to our human ears.  If we had the degree of sensitivity necessary we would be able to hear the sound of the flowers in the field, the grass, trees, and the whisper of the stars, moon and sun. We would even be able to ‘hear’ the beauty of each cell of our bodies functioning in harmony with each other.

Science has confirmed every aspect of nature has a frequency, pattern and musical structure.  Each aspect has its own resonance signature or vibration.

Sound Therapy is utilizing sound to create a change or healing in something that is not functioning in alignment with its natural or harmonious nature.  It is where certain frequencies or sounds are used in a manner that allows for a shift.

The Value of Sound Therapy     

Sound Therapy has been found to be valuable for stress reduction, anxiety disorders, sleep disorders and deeper sleep.  It is also helpful for pain relief, freedom from pain, better concentration and focus and an overall sense of “feeling good.

There are also reports of emotions becoming balanced, headache relief, creativity enhancement, and a deeper connection with your Inner Self/Spirit/God.

Cancer Research facilities are using Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls to support increased healing and wellness.

It has been shown that certain sounds en train the brain to sink into the Theta and Alpha states, both of which are meditative and relaxing.

Chanting, Singing and Music have been long used to stimulate healing responses in the body.

Other research is showing that since everything is energy and vibration, when certain vibration frequencies are utilized, cellular shifts occur.

This has been shown by Dr. Emoto who is well known for his work with water and vibration. He proposes that ‘positive’ energies change the molecular structure of water into a beautiful, smooth crystal form.

On the other hand when ‘negative’ vibrations’ were exposed to the water the molecular structure of the water showed darkened, in congruent form.

Studies have also been done on plants showing that they respond to certain sounds.  For example, researchers recorded the fine movement of a leaf when a caterpillar was eating its leaves.

They then exposed a group of plants from the mustard and cabbage family to the sound. These plants had never been exposed to caterpillars before.

They noted that the plants through the ‘vibration’ or ‘sound’ of this exposure caused the plants to increase their defense mechanisms when the caterpillars were put on its leaves.

The results showed that when the plants were not exposed to the sound prior to the caterpillars being placed on the plants, there was no defense activated.

When they were exposed to the sound of the caterpillars eating the leaves in advance of ever ‘meeting’ a caterpillar the plant activated a certain chemical that was toxic.

As you can see Sound Therapy has many, many uses and can be utilized in all areas of Life.

Sound Therapy is a modality that encompasses many different aspects of sound and through several different tools.

One of the most popular tools are Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Tibetan Singing Bowls are commonly used for healing and Sound Therapy.

A Tibetan Bowl may be made out of brass, metal, bronze or crystal.  In general it is said that a Tibetan Singing Bowl is made from an alloy of from one to nine different metals.  There is one belief that one of the metals is meteorite iron.

A mallet is used by tapping the rim of the bowl and then the mallet is swirled along the rim which creates a loud humming sound.  The sounds and frequencies change according to how fast the swirling is going.  It also has to do with the kind of substance the bowl is made of.

The ‘music’ or sound can be high pitched or very deep.  It may be very melodic or not.  It can be soft or VERY loud.  If you are sensitive you will feel the vibrations on your skin and throughout your body. The sound has many variances which are dependent upon the bowl, mallet and the person creating the sound.

Some groups gather and use different size and type bowls which all have their own personal resonant sound.  When you go to buy a bowl try them all out and see which one resonates with you and your body the best.

Tibetan Singing Bowls may have engraved words or pictures on them which give them character and meaning.

Some other tools used in therapy are:

Tuning Forks


Drums (all kinds)


Symphonic Gongs


Become a Certified Sound Healer

If this subject really interests you there are courses available where you can become certified as Sound Healer.  It usually takes at least 200 hours of coursework and practice time.  Check out Sound and Music Healing schools on the web.

You could make a difference by helping with verifying results so that this important modality can be more highly accepted and utilized in mainstream medicine.

If becoming a Certified Sound Healer is not up your alley you might just enjoy finding a Tibetan Singing Bowl that ‘speaks’ to you. Perhaps a drum, flute or didgeridoo is what will make you smile and relax.

Something I have done is gather a group of friends together and have them each play what they are most drawn to.  It is so moving and great fun to watch how the energy and sound melds to create a beautiful experience of ‘happy cells’ and ‘joyful attitude’.  It creates Connection to each other and your body will relax.

Regardless of what you are drawn to, you will find a great joy and a shift in your body if you use this fabulous modality for fun and healing!

Become a Certified Sound Healer!

Become a Certified Sound Healer!


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