What is a healer, exactly? Spiritual healers are people who have special skills that focus on healing your soul so that you can lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. A spiritual healer can sense spirits and, through them, pass spiritual energy onto themselves and others.

Interestingly, many spiritual healers are people who also need healing. It’s through their practices that they not only heal themselves but are also able to heal others around them through spiritual healing prayers and various therapies.

These healers are usually very sensitive to energy around them and energy from other people. They might notice temperature changes, touches, scents, and sounds more easily than other people. Healers are typically the people others turn to when they need advice or someone who can lend a listening, non-judgmental ear.

What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual healing can benefit people in numerous ways. Spiritual healers have the power to turn negative thinkers into positive thinkers who can start to view their world differently. Those who suffer from depression and anxiety can benefit from healing their souls, especially, to rid the body of negative thoughts and feelings that can overwhelm the brain.

Those who suffer from a physical illness may also find that healing their spirit helps them battle the illness emotionally and spiritually. By teaching them to control their thoughts, healers can also help people learn to control the mental and physical pain that comes along with a chronic illness.

Similarly, people who feel unfulfilled in their personal or professional lives may benefit from this type of healing. Through spiritual healing, you can find your real purpose and interests in life so that you can lead a happier life from a more positive perspective.

What Kinds of Healing Can These Healers Provide?

A spiritual healer can perform healing in a variety of ways, usually in the form of prayer or therapy. The following are among the most common types of spiritual healing therapies, although each spiritual healer will have his or her process for carrying out healing.

Before a healer can perform any therapy or prayer to cleanse the soul, he or she must first get a sense of your energy. He might place his hand on your forehead, for example, to feel your energy so that he can assess where your energy is faltering. Then, he can use the most appropriate therapy for your needs to restore energy to your soul to begin healing.

Energy and Vibrational Therapies

Energy therapy, also known as vibrational healing or therapy, is one of the most common types of spiritual healing therapies. This type of therapy is one that healers have used for thousands of years to help center energy imbalances within the body.

Healers sometimes refer to energy therapies as vibrational therapies because they use vibrational tools to stir the energy in your soul to balance it throughout your body and mind. The idea behind this type of therapy is to improve blood flow through the body, as both a physical and symbolic movement and balance of energy in all parts of the body.

Tai Chi is one form of energy healing that doubles as a meditative exercise to achieve calmness and balanced energy. Through this type of exercise, patients move in specific ways that aim to target flexibility and enhance the body’s stability and energy.

You might have also heard of scalar energy healing, which is a process that focuses on healing the immune system to achieve a better life balance. Specifically, this form of healing can benefit those with chronic illnesses or repetitive illnesses due to poor immunity.

Psychic Therapies

Psychic healing is sometimes known as spiritual healing, but it’s a separate form of therapy within the process of healing the soul. Psychic healing involves a spiritual healer who moves his or her positive energy to another person who needs healing, usually because of areas of low or negative energy.

The healer will tap into the energy of the universe and communicate with the patient on a subconscious level. The patient must be willing to relax and allow the healer to take over this process, or the healer won’t be able to transfer energy.

After a successful psychic therapy, the patient should feel more energized, compassionate, and positive. A patient may also gain a new perspective on his life, giving him more clarity for the direction he should take next, whether personal or professional.

More importantly, this type of spiritual healing can make a person more conscious of her thoughts and emotions, while also giving her more control over them. Her renewed energy can help her focus on more positive thoughts while weeding out the negative ones.

Distance Therapies

Distance healing is another form of spiritual healing that works a bit differently than the others. It’s also one of the most controversial forms of healing in which skeptics claim that healing from a distance isn’t possible.

As the name suggests, through distance healing, a healer will spiritually heal a patient without being physically present or close to that person. In other words, the healing effects from the healer move through time and space to reach the patient. Distance therapy is one, then, that healers can practice at any time or place. You can think of it as maintenance for your soul when you can’t physically visit a healer.

However, those who believe in the practice insist that this form of healing is as useful as a physical healing therapy. In any spiritual therapy, a healer must tap into one’s energy. If the healer has built his skill enough to access your energy remotely, then you can likely feel the same sense of balance and positivity from a distance therapy that you would from an in-person therapy.

How to Tell If You’re a Healer

Do you think you might be a spiritual healer? Most healers are born with specific gifts that they may never discover unless they’re willing to learn more about what makes them different. Then, they fine-tune their skills so that they can help others through spiritual healing. Here are some signs that you may have been born with the gift of healing:

You Consider Yourself an Introvert

Not all introverts are healers, and not all healers are introverts. But, most people with spiritual healing gifts would define themselves as introverts.

Healers, in general, prefer to be alone. They get wrapped up in their own thoughts and feel the most at peace when they’re by themselves or with small groups of their closest friends or relatives. They often find themselves lost in thought, even to the point of tapping into other levels of consciousness.

You’re Compassionate, Wanting to Help Everyone and Everything

Healers, by nature, want to help everyone and everything they encounter, not just the people who ask for help. This includes animals and nature.

You might consistently have a strong desire, when you’re around other people, to help them in some way. Healers are compassionate, feeling other people’s needs and desires intensely. You might notice that you hurt when someone else hurts, or feel angry when they feel angry.

You’re Very Sensitive, Emotionally and Physically

A spiritual healer can feel things that others don’t. You’ll likely have heightened senses that allow you to smell, taste, hear, and feel things around you. You might be more sensitive to someone touching your arm, and you can probably pick up scents and sounds from your environment more easily than others.

Internally, you’re very sensitive to your own feelings and the feelings of others. You might find that you feel very anxious in most situations, always anticipating what might happen. Others may even describe you as being too sensitive.

You’re Magnetic

Others can sense that you want to do good. It’s not uncommon for healers to find themselves being the person that others always come to for help. Children, especially, gravitate toward you because they know you’re compassionate, giving, and trustworthy.

Those with the gift of spiritual healing usually pick healing careers, such as therapists, doctors, veterinarians, or guidance counselors. If you’re a healer, your innate ability to help others will make you perfect for these professional roles.

You Sense Things About Others

When you’re around other people, do you automatically get an intense feeling about them? If so, you could have healing powers that allow you to sense the energy of other people. It could be overwhelming until you learn to control your senses.

Harnessing Pain and Emotion Through Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing can benefit anyone who is willing to try it with an open mind. Through various prayers and therapies, a spiritual healer can restore the balance in your body and soul to allow them to work together in harmony for better health and positive thinking.

If you’re sensitive, have a magnetic personality, and highly compassionate, it’s possible that you might even be a healer. Find a spiritual healer that you can trust to talk to about your gifts. He or she can likely help you control and build upon them so that you can touch the world through healing.


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Author: Self Healing Institute

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