What Is the Tantric World All About?

The word Tantra comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “woven together”. It originates from the Indian Vedic tradition. The tantric life approach believes that, all aspects of the universe are divine. It believes our beings are composed entirely of the divine, and the divine manifests through our emotions, bodies and minds. The divine can be accessed by going deeply into our thoughts, sensations, emotions or material world.

The Tantra Practice

The tantric practice combines breath, movement, sound and meditation to open up your body’s Chakra energy system. The opening activates Kundalini energy from the pelvis moving upward along your spine. The energy movement and expansion causes healing and enhances your ability to connect with people increasing clairvoyance and body sensations.

Tantra is concerned with intimacy and helps you connect more deeply with your partner or your desires, dreams and thoughts. It helps the tantra practitioner get in touch with their true self and reach eternal bliss in unique and profound ways. The practice extends to include meditation, yoga and massage.

What Is a Tantric Massage

A tantra massage is a type of massage that involves sensual touch. It’s among the best techniques of performing an erotic massage. This massage utilizes your sexual energy to reach a deeper state of consciousness. It was created by Andro Andreas Rothe, in the 1980s. He founded the first Tantric institute located in Germany known as Diamond Lotus Tantra Lounge.

The Tantra Massage Description

Professional tantric massage therapists use special sensual touch to stimulate dormant energy fields within your body. Tantra therapists lightly run their fingertips along your entire body as you passively participate in the process. The massage uses methods from sexual therapy, bioenergetics and yoga.

The tantra massage applies deep relaxation to help you therapeutically confront sexual issues. Contrary to popular belief, this type of massage doesn’t require any sexual exchange. It permits the escape of mental and physical pain trapped within your body and unites lovers in a blissful experience.

What about Tantric Yoga?

Tantra yoga combines many yoga practices, spiritual teachings and styles connecting you with the universe and others. It blends elements of Bhakti, Kundalini, Raja, Karma, and Hatha yoga practices. It also includes mystical practices such as Ayurveda, gemology, astrology and chanting because it aims to work beyond yogic philosophy limitations.

This type of yoga can be practiced with a partner or alone. It takes your whole body and person into account and engages 5 different bodies. These are, the physical, the wisdom, the mental/emotional, energetic, and bliss body. These bodies have strengths and weaknesses which can be brought to the surface with yoga, thus enabling you to control your desires.

The tantric yoga approach is comprehensive and incorporates meditation, pranayama and breathing practices. It emphasizes and enhances the relationship between yourself and others. There are a variety of poses in this yoga. The practice may comprise of a vinyasa practice with flowing postures, transcending your physical body to incorporate pranayama and meditation.

The Goal of Tantra Yoga

The goal of tantric yoga is to expand the tantra practitioner’s awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. It’s to overcome limitations and foster the ability to respond consciously to desires and fears. This goal is considered threefold: to prosper, thrive and to merge the material world and spiritual world into one.  

Practiced consistently, tantra yoga helps deepen the relationship with your partner. As an individual, it can help you achieve your goals, helping you connect with your inner self. This type of yoga helps you identify blockages and limitations, offering you techniques to cause material and spiritual prosperity.

What Is Tantric Meditation?

This meditation stimulates your consciousness to liberate Shakti energy. Unlike other kinds of meditation, it doesn’t lead your mind in a certain direction or control your mind tendencies. Instead, it allows the mind to express itself fully through anything that manifest within it.

Anything the tantra practitioner experiences is used as a tool in the meditation process. Tantra meditation teaches you to accept whatever is occurring without fighting it, reacting or being overwhelmed by it. Tantric meditation techniques can be applied individually or with a partner.

Numerous meditations exist in tantric practice for every life situation and temperament. Yoga Nidra, Trataka and Antar Mauna have several variations and are some of the most effective mediations. In tantric meditation, a practitioner remains still and devotes themselves to different experiences.

A minimum of 5 minutes daily meditation practice, with gradual time increments avails tantric benefits to all your physical abilities. The effects are abundant and include, higher concentrating ability, more calm and contentment, and greater intuition and awareness.

When you learn to harvest and contain the life energy through tantra meditation, you can access more power to apply in every area of your life.

How to Practice Tantra

Tantra for beginners can be quite challenging and may need commitment and persistence. Tantric practice helps you enhance your intimacy capacity and the techniques help you address your barriers to access prosperity. Continuous practice helps you expertly identify the behavior and beliefs hindering you from the desired intimacy.

Many beginners are drawn to tantric practice because of the ability to deeply connect with their partner. Tantra for beginners requires a commitment to living your whole life as a spiritual practice. Practicing tantra feels good and steers your body energy towards your true purpose. The true tantric path requires you stay connected to worldly emotions, actions and desires as you focus on the divine, which is challenging.

The tantra practice has been known to enhance a couple’s sex life which can be achieved by attaining a deeper connection to your body and energy. Remember that, tantra sex is not the main aspect of learning the practice. Becoming tantric means seeking the divine in your daily experiences and aiming to see beyond the ordinary.

Practicing tantric sex enhances your relationship and sexual pleasure by emphasizing breath and connection leading to deeper intimate contact. It’s slow pace allows a couple to explore their sensual range in connection with their minds and bodies. Some instructors provide tantric sex classes which may include a tantric sex video.

Tantric practice can teach control, presence and appreciation for the moment  of connection that is far beyond a typical orgasm.  In fact, usually the orgasm is not the point of focus at all.

Whether you choose a tantric massage, tantra yoga or tantric meditation, be keen on the person you work with. Select a professional with a solid and professional reputation, who can teach you the correct way to apply the tantric practice.

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