Have you considered The Cleanse Diet?

Have you ever heard the term cleanse diet in conversation and wondered what it is exactly or better yet what does it do? If so, you are not alone in this thought. Diets, diet pills and all kinds of detox drinks out there make miraculous claims, which usually are not completely true and can be confusing. To help clear the air, lets discuss what a cleansing diet is and how it works. This will help you understand the steps and results that you can expect from a cleansing diet.

What is a Cleansing Diet

There are a variety of cleansing diets that you can choose to follow with different procedures and results. They are not all the same so you should carefully consider your goals before starting a cleansing diet and choose one that works for you. Know what you are desiring to accomplish and have fun while doing it!

The first step to starting a cleanse is eliminating all processed foods and foods that are not supportive of your goal in doing the cleanse in the first place. This can take the form of a full or modified fast or by eliminating most foods that do not support the natural healing process of the body.

Following the period of fasting or eliminating harmful foods, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink loads of fresh vegetable juice (not fruit juice) and water. There are recipes and guides that pertain to each type of cleanse. A few examples of the most popular cleanses are;  the four elements cleanse, the master cleanse, juice cleansing, apple cider vinegar cleanse, skin cleanse, canadian cleanse, immune booster cleanse, liver cleanse, brown rice cleanse, heavy metal cleanse, ayurvedic cleanse, arise and shine cleanse, kidney cleanse, and even the parasite cleanse.

I will cover just a few of these today.

A Closer Look at Certain Cleansing Diets

 The Heavy Metal Cleanse: This unique cleanse removes heavy metals, which are toxic and cause inflammation and disorientation, from the blood. These metals include (but are not limited to) aluminum, lead and mercury which can enter the body through the food we eat or things we drink. Cilantro is a key ingredient of this cleanse; it is used in many foods and in teas. Chlorella is another key support. These two together can detox 80% of heavy metals.

The Brown Rice Cleanse: This particular cleanse is focused on the colon. Brown rice has loads of fiber in it which helps cleanse the colon. Brown rice helps clean out the intestines as it makes its way through the complex digestive system.



Juice Cleansing:
A juice cleanse is designed to help remove toxins from the body and lasts from 3 to 5 days. I am NOT an advocate of a fruit juice cleanse due to the very high level of sugar in any fruit juice.  I am an advocate of a vegetable juice cleanse although you must keep in mind that fiber is a most important element to reduce insulin resistance and therefore blood sugar problems.

Even using the whole vegetable or fruit in a vita-mix or nutri-bullet is not good enough.  It destroys the cellulose that is not digestible, which is what you need to support the insulin resistance issue. Insulin Resistance is when the pancreas produces insulin, as it “should” but the body does not use it efficiently or effectively. When this occurs, the sugar is not absorbed by the cells and instead builds up in the blood.  This is the road to prediabetes and type 2 diabetics. There are a lot of yummy and healthy juice recipes out there if you are considering a juice cleanse. A juice cleanse requires a great amount of dedication as you are not allowed to have solid foods.

The Kidney Cleanse: This kind of cleanse was formulated for just its name; the kidneys. Pain in the lower back can indicate toxic kidneys and this cleanse could be just the thing for you. Your aim during this cleanse should be to drink as much pure, ideally alkaline or spring water.  Drink no less than ½ ounce per pound of your body weight.  On a cleanse you would drink even more.

These are just some of the many cleanses that you can try. It is a good idea to be informed before starting a cleanse as there are a lot of things to consider before you start.

Superfoods That Help You Naturally Cleanse

There are certain foods that can help cleanse your body and keep you healthy. The following foods are included in the list of super foods, among others.  When you buy these be sure they are all organic and non GMO also be sure to wash your fruits and vegetables with a safe solution.

  • Avocados, cabbages and kale
  • Eggs
  • Citric fruits and melons
  • Lentils
  • Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Organic coconut oil
  • Wheatgrass


Even more important than the foods that you should incorporate in your diet, are foods that you should avoid eating. The top of this list is processed food; any food that comes in a can, is frozen or packaged should be eliminated or kept to a minimum during your daily intake. Foods and drinks with high sugar content should also be avoided, such as fizzy drinks, juice drinks and all sodas, including diet sodas. Read labels and avoid foods that have high sugar content.  It depends on the food or drink but keeping your sugars down to no more than 10-12mg  will be a good gage.  Alcohol is ideally not consumed very often, although you should not feel badly about relaxing with a glass of wine occasionally.


Trends,  Fads and The Truth Surrounding The Cleanse Diet

There are a lot of new trends popping up every day and it can be hard to determine which is best for you. Some of these trends can be dangerous, even if they are done with the best of intentions. For example, reduced protein and carbohydrate intake during juice cleanses can cause exhaustion. Some doctors and nutritionist say that during a cleanse you could end up doing the exact opposite of what you want to actually achieve, for example slowing the metabolism down rather than speeding it up.

There is a lot of speculation as to whether or not these diets actually work and with justifiable cause. The best thing you can do is to eat healthy by eating organic foods and eliminating Genetically Modified foods, exercise on a consistent basis and get regular sleep to keep your body healthy and in shape.

A good “SuperFood” Cleanse that is comprised of organic, vegan, non-gmo, live SuperFoods can be found at www.iamsohealthy.com


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

Esateys describes herself as the ‘Architect of the New You’ and has dedicated her life and professional career to helping her clients create “New Beginnings” by facilitating self empowerment, economic freedom and restored health.

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