I’m sure you’ve heard about Reiki before – it’s a form of alternative or complementary treatment meant to help people who suffer from mental, physical or emotional illness. But did you know how it came to be and who founded it? I can tell you it was a man who was called Mikao Usui

Throughout his lifetime, Mikao Usui  is said to have passed on his knowledge to thousands of students who continued to teach his life’s work.

Who is Mikao Usui?

Mikao Usui was born in 1865, and he was the founder of the alternative treatment that is known as Reiki. It is assumed that he descended from a well-off family and benefited from a quality education at a Buddhist monastery. He was very interested in medicine, psychology and spirituality and studied them in-depth.

He held many professions during his lifetime until he became a Tendai Buddhist Priest and engaged in entire days of mediation. It is said that his idea for the Reiki method of healing came from his time spent meditating. Combined with his interest in medicine and his knowledge of spirituality and different cultures, he was able to create this entire new system.

For Mikao Usui, Reiki was a new form of healing, one which was meant to complement other forms of treatment for all manners of illness, whether physical, mental or emotional. All types of illness were considered equally serious and important, and Reiki was supposed to help with each and every one.

What was Mikao Usui’s contribution to the history of Reiki?

Obviously, since he was the one who founded the method, Usui was the most important person in its history. He was the one who came up with the concept and used his extensive knowledge in various areas of human existence in order to implement it.

Also, he worked all his life to teach others, as well. Some claim that he taught Reiki to some 2000 people, so that they would be able to take the knowledge and pay it forward. This way, Reiki has come to be known all over the world, and we are still using it today.

Reiki works to reduce stress!

Reiki works to reduce stress!

What is Reiki?

As I mentioned earlier, Reiki is a complementary form of healing. Reiki is Japanese at its origins, and it can translate as “Universal Life Energy”. Reiki works to reduce stress and promote calm and inner healing. The practice is meant to bring peace to your being and help heal whatever illness you may be confronted with.

Reiki is applied by laying on hands, and it is believed to work with energy. Any illness, pain or discomfort you may feel is said to be caused by low levels of energy. Thus, we need to have our energy acted upon, so it is restored to its normal, healthy levels.

Once you go through the practice, your energy should go back to normal, and your stress should vanish. Reiki promotes a sense of calm and a lack of stress, more than anything else. Reiki does not focus on just one aspect of your being but is meant to treat everything, from the body to soul and mind.

What is Usui Shiki Ryoho?

Usui Shiki Ryoho is a specific method within the Reiki technique of healing. It is manifested by having the students lay hands on to treat others or even themselves to come in contact with the energy of Reiki. The 4 Aspects and 9 Elements details this practice, taught by Phyllis Furumoto, Hawayo Takata, Chujiro Hayashi, and of course, Dr. Mikao Usui.

One of the greatest things about this Reiki system of practice is that you don’t need anyone but yourself in order to be able to heal. All you have to do is lay hands on and that way, you can work on your energy and heal whatever affliction is causing you pain or discomfort.

Reiki is also an extraordinary healing practice because of its ability to address all manners of illness; it is not confined just to the illness of the body. Low energy can affect any part of you, including your mind or your soul.

That means that whatever you are suffering from, you can find your solace and source of healing in Reiki. Dr. Usui worked long and hard on developing this system of practice precisely so that anyone who is suffering can find peace by restoring their energy.

Can Anyone Be Healed Through Reiki?

As I mentioned, Usui was passionate about medicine, meditation, and spirituality, and he wanted to pass on his knowledge so that more people can benefit from Reiki. So the answer is yes, anyone can be healed through Reiki, regardless of what kind of illness they are suffering from or what age or gender they are.

You don’t have to rely completely on Reiki; this practice is meant to be complementary to other forms of healing of the mind and the body. Together with other practices, you can find your peace and heal yourself of stress and physical illness.

Plan a Trip to a Reiki Retreat soon!

Plan a Trip to a Reiki Retreat soon!

All in all, I think it is clear that Reiki can be beneficial to anyone who tries it. At the same time, there is no doubt that Dr. Usui and his extensive knowledge may have changed the way we think about healing, in general. By introducing the concept of spiritual healing by laying hands on, he educated many people on the importance of energy and its tremendous influence on our health.

You, too, can be healed through Reiki, either by others or even by practicing it yourself. Follow the teachings of the great founder of this method and you will be able to lay hands on to heal yourself and others, by bringing peace back and eliminating stress.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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