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Do you ever wonder why some people get sick or die near holidays and birthdays? That has to do with the energy that revolves around the earth. It’s part of the many cycles that goes in the planet. Also, the stress level is big. You might reach a point where you start fearing particularly death. Don’t worry. You can turn this around by shifting the way you perceive it. Death means change. And there is something comforting in that.

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Holidays, Birthdays, Illness & Death Part 1

Holidays, birthdays, illness, and death. What do they all have in common? Have you noticed lately, it seems like that more people are ill than you have noticed before? Are people closer to you having more difficulty than before? Have you ever noticed how many people seem to leave the planet around the holidays and even close to their birthdays? Maybe you haven’t thought about these things. Maybe if it’s something that you observed, you would notice. There are certain cycles on the planet. We all know that everything in our world is cyclic. The sun, the moon and the waves, which is related to the moon, the way that we have morning and evening, the way we have the seasons, everything has a cycle in life. The same is true for the major energies of life. We take it out to a more macro view and we start to see that there are cycles within cycles. Then there are the bigger cycles that perhaps you’ve never even thought about.

During the holiday season, to the latter part of the year, there are several different reasons or layers to why people become ill and also why people seem to leave the planet more frequently. One of the things that occurs is pretty logical. The stress factor is big. We have in our society created a way of celebrating holidays to where it is that who gets the biggest presents, the most expensive, and the most in quantity. It’s become for many a very commercialized experience. Many people are not in a financial position to where it is that they can afford to buy the things that they might want to. Then, there’s the whole thing about feeling like, “I ought to buy something for Auntie Sue.” In your heart, you haven’t even spoken to that person for a year and you don’t feel any connection, but there’s this innate programming going on.

There’s an unsaid obligation that we have to be there and have to do things for certain people even if it’s not in our heart. All of these conflicting thoughts create stress in the body. Not long ago, I did a whole little message on stress and I appreciate the tremendous feedback I’ve had from that. Many people read it six, seven, eight times or more and have found something different every time they have read it. That’s something that I recommend that you do with these podcasts, which is to read them repeatedly because you will be amazed at how you can hear words that seem like the same, but you will not hear them the same as you evolve and as you are changing in your life.

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If we go back to this illness in the holidays, the stress level that goes on is pretty significant. That creates people to go on a little bit wacky. You may also notice that people go a little bit off the deep end during these times because we are not programmed to handle the stress levels that we put ourselves under. What does that have to do with it? It’s the perception. How is it that we are perceiving what’s going on during the holidays, around birthdays, and around the things that happened naturally, which is basically illness? I am cautious about using the word naturally because it’s not natural to be ill at all. It is something that happens on a regular basis because of our stress levels and of the way that we are experiencing our life through the food we eat and all those other things.

The other thing that occurs around death is that we have certain times of year, this is a more macro view of a cycle, where there are certain doorways, I call them windows, where more people leave the planet. This has to do with the frequency level of the planet and certain frequencies are held by certain people. There is a certain balance that goes on our planet from the big gods in the sky that you might think about that are keeping all of this in order. Have you ever even sat to think about how we keep the balance energetically of keeping everything in functioning order here with all of the moon, the stars, all of the things that go on, all the different people and the energetics that go with that? That means that we have certain things that people are contributing to that energetic vortex or that energetic soup. There are certain people that are needed to be removed from this particular soup and other people will be adding onto.

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I know this might sound very cold perhaps to you. When you reach a place where you realize that energy cannot die, there’s nothing that can happen to you, you can’t die. You can have a different body and remove your energy. It’s not that you as a personality that’s to remove it, but your energy will be moved to a different location. Then that is the best thing that I can describe for you to understand, that there is nowhere that you are going as far as death goes. One of the things that I’m aware of is that everything is about movement of energy. I think about this in my house all the time. I think about how I’m picking up trash and moving it from one place into the trashcan. Then, I think about the trashcan that gets moved to another place where it goes somewhere else and somewhere else.

The same is true of food and virtually every single thing. Observe that for a while, it’s fun. When you take that out to a bigger level, what you notice is energy in general is always being rearranged. A term I’d use in the past is we’re rearranging the furniture. When it is time for you to let this body lay down and move the energy that keeps it functioning to a different location, it is rearranging the furniture. That means it’s like if you had this big mansion. If you’re living primarily in the left wing where you’ll have your bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, all those things and that’s where your life is functioning, then, when it’s time for you to move to a different location, what occurs is that you will move to another wing of the house.

WUE 10 | Holidays And Birthdays

Holidays And Birthdays: If you really want to know joy, make peace with death and recognize that death just means change.


It might look like you left or died away from wing number one or wing A, but you’re just functioning over wing B or the second wing. You never died. You can’t die. It’s not a possibility, but we call it that because it means change, death equals change. When you recognize that, death has a whole another perspective that you can allow yourself to be comforted about. We struggle and fight with all of our might to stay alive and even keep our animals alive even though they’re suffering. We’re afraid of death. If you want to know joy, make peace with death and recognize that death means change.

I have so much more to say about this. I’m going to do a part two to this. Start to contemplate what it is that I’ve spoken about here because on the next level message, I am going to speak about some things that you can also do around illness, around the holidays, and around birthdays that are going to allow you to have a different perception and experience your life from a brand-new way of joy. I will connect with you very soon on the next little message that we’ll be doing. Until then, feel a hug.


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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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