Notes from Mp3 of 11 Podcast: Holidays, Birthdays, Illness and Death, Part 2

This is Part 2 of Holidays, Birthdays, Illness, Death and life changes. I left you last time speaking about how death is just change and we were rearranging the furniture because we recognized we cannot die. There’s nowhere for us to go because energy in and of itself cannot die. It can change form, it can appear to be different, it can appear to be in a different location, but it can’t go away because all things, all of life is energy.

Expect The UnexpectedIn this message I would like to speak a little bit more about the holidays, illness, and birthdays piece because, what happens is that around our birthdays, we have a certain cycle. Remember in the last little message I spoke about how everything is cyclic, we have a cycle for everything. When it comes to our birthday, there are certain things that we’ve made, not on a conscious level, but our God, our Spirit, our Programmer, whatever your core words is for consciousness from within you, the source of who you are, it has a plan. This isn’t exactly accurate, but using words to try to describe what really is, is a little bit tricky, so I’m going to give you the best shot I’ve got here.

We’ve got a cycle of energy that’s going around and there are certain things that we want to experience. And in this experiential way of living, every year of our life we have certain things that we have on a subconscious level coming from your Source point of things that you want to experience and then you as a personality get to decide how you want to perceive it and this allows you to experience many different things and kind of get done with it.

About 30 days before your b-day there’s a certain area where some people notice where their life just seems to go up against the wall – difficulties, stress, depression, all kinds of things. Just observe that for yourself. You may notice more pressure, more whatever. That’s because there are certain things that you on an unconscious level are desiring to complete and release. So they create a pressure point around your birthday. This can create stress & it can also create an opportunity for you to say, “Ok, I see it, I get it, I gotta get my act together and I need a perception shift. I need to get more connected. It’s all about how you are going to be with what it is that’s going on in your life.

With that understanding, you have an opportunity to think about perhaps my birthday is next week. And think that every week because you might feel this pressure about completions, about shifting, about evolving, about changing, about perceptions. All of these kinds of things are increasing in their frequency and their intensity for us right now because our world is desiring to move to a whole new level & you’re a part of this world. You’re creating this world by who you are, just being here. You’re significant, very empowered and empowering energy that allows all of this big soup of The Game Called Life to be what it is.

So around your birthday, if you notice these things, allow that to be and look at it from the biggest viewpoint you possibly can. You may notice some people end up leaving their bodies around their birthday – from 30 days before to 30 days after. I’ve had so many family members and friends who have left their bodies near the time of their birthday. It’s an interesting observation and it’s because there’s a certain level of completion that you have acquired for that cycle.

Remember, all you did was remove the focus of energy from being in human form where you are at that moment to another place and “time” (which isn’t exactly accurate, but we’ll use those words for now).

I’m hoping that with this understanding you’ll have a much different viewpoint of how these cycles are working, how your birthday is happening, the death window is opening and closing and these kinds of things.

Holidays and illness. During the holidays there are tremendous stresses that go on and because of that we have increased illnesses. The illness factor happens because our stress level is very high and we are inundated with the kinds of responsibilities, ideas and thoughts that we have to make decisions about which usually for most is not that particularly comfortable.

Well take that in you as an individual and multiply that by 8 billion people or however many people we have on the planet right now. All of this is a collective energy. This collective energy is impressing upon you more stress. And so more people become more stressed around the holidays for the collective reason as well.

What can you do? You can see this for what it is. Recognize this, how it is really happening and observe it instead of being lost in it.Life & Death Instead of falling into a vortex of feeling overwhelmed and falling into the old cycle or pattern, what you can do is stop! STOP! Take a breath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and See what is really happening. Notice if you are being pulled into a vortex. You don’t need to go there.

Allow yourself to be true to yourself. If you don’t feel connected to Aunt Susie, then don’t give her a present! Do what’s in your heart. Be true impeccable and authentic. That’s what brings joy, not trying to please other people. That does not work. It’s not real and people know it anyway. That’s the biggest joke. We think they get it, but they get what’s really real, that you don’t even like them.

I’m not saying go out there and be mean. I’m just saying, “Be true”. That’s going to help you tremendously. Put things in perspective that are honest for you and forget about the rest of the world, the social consciousness, all those things it looks like you “should” or “have to” do.

When you allow yourself to recognize that your life gets to be how you perceive it, that’s your state of empowerment. When you allow yourself to be aware and connected and the greatest observer ever then you will start to see things from a perception that is a bigger perspective, a macro perspective, a really profound way of being able to see life and when you allow yourself to do that you will be in a place where you will breathe more deeply and more easily and you will love and appreciate the holidays, the birthdays, even the illness and even leaving the planet, which we call death.

You will recognize there is nothing to fear, because fear is the basis for all of this. You will recognize in this amazing, powerful, incredible adventure called The Game Called Life you will start to appreciate and love who you really are and who we all are together working as a collective to make this adventure one incredible Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Until next time.

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Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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