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One day you’re fine. The next, you feel this sudden surge of sadness or even frustration. In the current situation of the world, it is very easy to get sensitive and be overcome with emotions. One reason why is that is because the energy that surrounds us are not balanced. It is not aligned with our current state. As we often say, everything is energy.  It takes enough understanding of oneself to let that energy be working for the better and to speak your truth without judgment. It is within you that can create how your perception of the world is going to be. If you fill yourself with negative thoughts, then it is easy to overcrowd your reality with negativity. Step up and acknowledge what is going on both from within yourself and everything around.

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Are You Grumpier?

We’re going to speak about energy, communication, and the fragility of the human condition. You may have noticed that people seem to be getting in lots of little sensitivity battles lately, communication errors, and projections. It happens all the time. What I’ve noticed lately in my coaching and my consulting with people is there seems to be a lot of projection and miscommunication that’s going on. I wanted to give you an update about how the energy is experienced by humans, by all of us, these days. There is an intensification of certain resonance values. I might be getting a little out there for some of you, but it’s important for you to understand that everything is energy. We are all energy. Everything on the planet is energy. That, hopefully, is not a debatable fact for you. You can go and find that out through science all over the place.

I’m going with the assumption that you get that and you realize that everything is energy. Remember that the planet itself is an energy. It’s an organism. It is a live, living experience and it has a consciousness just like we do and just like everything else on the planet does. The planet right now is receiving a tremendous amount of energy that is allowing it to cleanse itself, rather mostly cleanse those of us that are on the planet. The planet is desiring to raise the frequency of herself. It means that we all must raise our frequencies. To help us do that, the intensity, the frequency, the resonance value that I spoke of is becoming very high.

What happens is that energy moves deeply into the cellular body. That means that your cells are literally being purged. They are being cleansed. Let me share my own personal experience. When I was a child, I had asthma. I was a very severe asthmatic. I had to carry Epinephrine shots around with me. One time, I had to be airvac out of Catalina Island because my asthma was so bad that I couldn’t breathe. I had a tough time as a child. When I was about maybe eighteen or nineteen, it just went away. They say that you can outgrow asthma and I did. Although I was a little bit frightened about that, I carried an inhaler with me for years. The bottom line is I’ve never had any asthma issues since then and that’s a few years.

About a month ago, I started with this funny little cough. I didn’t think too much about it. I rarely ever get ill and if I do, I might get a little sinus headache and I just take some of my immune boosters and that’s the end of that. This time, the cough became increasingly more constricted and I started wheezing. I started having difficulty breathing. I went to the doctor after a while because I tried all my essential oils. I tried all the different remedies that I knew. I did all my alternative things and thank goodness we do have medicine when we need it. I went to the doctor and she said my lungs sounded terrible. They were full of gunk and all these things. I got a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia. I did not have pneumonia, but I had asthma. I had asthmatic bronchitis.

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I was dumbfounded. I haven’t had asthma and I’ve never even thought about asthma. Asthma, many times, has to do with the suppression of feelings and things of this nature. I started doing some introspection about that. What I recognized is and what came to my mind was in my dreams over the last several weeks prior to this time, I have been dreaming about my mother, about my childhood, and about my father. Both of my parents died lots of years ago. It’s like I was retracing, I was dreaming about all these childhood things and I come up with asthma. I found that so fascinating. When I did some introspection, even more so, I realized that I was rethreading. What that means is that you go back into your cells and your cells start dumping out things that were suppressed and that were caught there from childhood.

This relates to what it is that I spoke about, which is that the energy that is coming in right now is allowing us to purge out things that are no longer important or valuable for us. For some, myself, for example, we are experiencing some of these cellular regurgitations. That is something that’s helpful perhaps for you to know. If you’re experiencing things that you don’t normally experience, you’re noticing that you’re not feeling the way you usually feel or you notice that suddenly you’ve got things from your childhood old memories, things with your parents, you start looking at people and they remind you of your sister when she used to rag on you when you were little or your mother when she used to yell at you or your father when he puts you on restriction. Whatever it is, just play with that and be playful and curious about what’s going on in your life.

It can be you purging out and allowing that old part of you to be released. The energy is a gift. They’re always a gift. What I’ve also noticed is that many people are going through a lot of insecurity, a lot of fear, a lot of blame, and a lot of difficulties. When we’re frightened, what we do is we project. We don’t like to feel the feeling, so we look for someone or something to put it on. That someone might be a relationship. That might be somebody that we know or that we don’t know. That might be the presidential candidates, it might be our animals or wherever it is that you noticed that looks like it’s a problem over there. It’s a clue that there’s something going on because we do know that everything happens from the inside and then it appears outwardly. If there’s something over there, it’s always in here.

With that understood, we also can open up our hearts to more compassion. Everyone’s going through this and not everybody is as alert, aware, and connected as you are. You listen to things like this. You are expanding yourself. You’re phenomenal. You are so far ahead of the game than most people. You can acknowledge yourself for that and utilize that gift to be more open-hearted, more compassionate, more understanding, less judgmental, and all things that might normally come from somebody who is feeling insecure, unhappy, and fearful. The people in your life and in your own life are probably feeling that way at a pretty high level.

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When this shows up, what happens is many times people will feel offended much more readily than they normally would. I had an experience with somebody that I was consulting with and they were telling me about some difficulties they were having in one of their relationships. What it boiled down to, is this person’s friend who is usually quite dynamic and assertive, was confronted with a circumstance that lowered her vibration. She felt less than and she was self-judgmental. These things make us not feel so great inside. This friend not feeling so good, the person I was consulting said something and the other person overreacted and really became very defensive.

Have you noticed that with anyone you know? Have you noticed whether you have been that way? Do you find yourself being a little bit snappy and a little bit pissy at people? Are you reacting a little bit differently than you would ideally like to? All of this has to do with what is coming up. You have the ability to do that differently. You have the ability to be aware of what’s going on. Right this very moment, you have a better understanding than the 99.99% of the people on the planet and because of that, you become the master. No more victim.

WUE 22 | Everything Is Energy

The Zero Point: How to Enter the Realm of Limitless Possibilities

You step up and recognize what’s going on. You allow other people to be in the place that they’re in. Speak your truth, set your boundaries, but with no attack and no judgment. Go inside and do Ho’oponopono. You can look up the book Limitless by Joe Vitale and it will tell you about a doctor who healed all of these people that were in a mental institution by just doing this process. This process is incredibly powerful. It will help you take your focus off of them and recognize that the power is within you. It’s within you that the perception originates. It’s within you that can change your outer world because of the way you frame and the way you are with your attitude with every single thing.

That’s the gift. The game called life is truly an adventure. The more aware you become and the more connected you become, the more you understand the way your personality works and the way the whole thing comes down. Then you start to have fun. There will be nothing that will stand in your way of being joyful when you get it, when you absolutely step into that awareness and you’re living that. Put your attention towards that. Put your attention towards being the master that you truly are. Recognize your phenomenal capabilities to be who you truly are and allow other people to be in the place they’re in.

If they are too nasty and they’re just not what you want to be around, then divest yourself from the energy. There’s nothing wrong with getting out of the way of the oncoming truck. No extra points for standing in front of the semi. Wish them well, give them love, and either momentarily or perhaps forever release them from your life. Remember that your frequency and your ability to be who you truly are is going to be influenced and affected by those that you hang out with. If you’re not being with people who are high vibrating, who are positive uplifting people, then think about it.

Think about what it is you’re doing, thinking, feeling sane, and how you may be defending or feeling guilty and all those things. Stop and look inside. Decide what it is that you want and who it is that you truly choose to be. Live your life more openheartedly than you ever have. Knowing and understanding how the game called life works brings you to a great advantage. You go out there and live like the true master that you are. Like the true loving, giving, compassionate, openhearted being that you truly are. Until next time, know that I am you, you are me, and we are one.


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