Hi everyone this is Esateys and welcome back.  I am excited to be with you here today.  Today we are going to speak about those words that come out of your mouth.  Your word is Law.

Let’s go back to some basics.  Many of you may sit here and say, I know all of this.  Let me tell you, you may think you know, but unless you are really living it, quiet yourself down and open up.  It never hurts to hear these things over and over again.  You are not the same person you were last time you heard it.  You are evolving and changing and becoming more of your ability self each moment.

Let’s start with everything is energy.  There isn’t anything that isn’t energy.  Since we live in a energetic planet.  We have energetic bodies.  It makes simple sense it, what we speak is energy.  Words have energies.  The truth is that there isn’t anything that is not making an impact on the planet and your life and every single moment.  That means what you are speaking, has a tremendous amount to do with what it is you are experiencing.

Let’s take some words and think about how they make you feel.  Just close your eyes.  Take the word kill.  How does that feel in your body?  Or take something that is even a little more intense.  Massacre.  What kind of feelings come up in your body when you hear that word or you repeat it to yourself.  Now, let’s notice how you feel when I say, butterflies.  Kittens.  Beautiful clouds.  Beach.  Meadow.  The stream.  Whatever it is that you feel inside your body and depending upon, if you are like most people, you will have felt a heaviness or a tightness when I use the first two words.  When I used the other words, your body would feel lighter and you would feel a little different.  You would feel joyful.  You might have even smiled.  Wanted to go off in that direction and think of other things.  That tells you right there that those words have energy.  Every single word has an energetic value to it.  Like all things on the planet.  And even though they don’t have a 3-D structure like telephone or desk or something like that, they have as much influence, actually more, because we put emotionality around the words.  And this is very very important piece to remember.  We have words that come out of our mouths and the words actually, in and of themselves, could be very neutral or benign.  What occurs is that we create definitions and meanings to these words and are emotional feelings about that.  So, if we have beautiful experiences with something, the energy will be lighter, better and we will enjoy what it is that we are experiencing.  If the words have things that we have past history of not feeling good about, our energy will be lowered if you don’t feel good about that.

When we put our own emotional attachment to words, they change their frequency.  I always use this example.  Many of you have heard this.  If somebody comes up to me and say, Esateys, that’s a really cool shirt.  And I could decide how I want to respond to that.  I am going to respond to it in a way that is directly related to how I feel about the shirt.  It has nothing to do with what they say about my shirt.  It’s all about me.  My own perception.  I can take those words and I could look down at my shirt and think to myself on a subconscious level and think, this shirt is old and doesn’t fit me the right way.  I call it my old shirt now.  I have all kinds of numbers running around which puts energy into the experience that person just gave me.  On the other hand, my perception could be, I love this shirt.  Its pretty pink.  So when somebody comes up and says, Esateys, that’s a great shirt.  I get to decide whether I want to take the tonality or energy of what they are putting out and I can say to them, either one of the things I just said.  I can go, wow, it is an awesome shirt, isn’t it?  I love this color, it reminds me when I was in Maui.  It’s really cool.  And that person may have been being passive aggressive, sarcastic because the tone of their voice implied that.  The tone of their voice has tremendous implication as to what’s going on with them.  It’s not about me.  If someone says that to me in a tone of voice that is not all that complimentary, then I know they have a judgement.  Their judgement is portraying what is going on inside of them.  It wouldn’t matter what shirt I was wearing, they have stuff going on.  They are just looking to unload their judgement.  When you start to recognize this, people don’t have any control over you.  You have complete responsibly and the mastery to absolutely discern how you want to be with the energy with the energy being projected.

I have the ability to do the same thing.  You have the ability to do the same thing.  We don’t have the ability if we don’t know that there is energy in words.  There is energy that comes wrapped around our own personal judgments.  There is another layer to this.  Energies have words based on the collective consciousness.  Everybody has a certain viewpoint, but when there are many people that have that same viewpoint, that word is going to have a much higher impact of likelihood of impacting us because it comes out us with a whole other way.

Here is an example.  It is something that you can relate to.  You are driving in your car down the street and you see this big flashing light coming right behind you that is nice and red.  Its strobing like crazy and you hear that siren.  You realize, it sounds like a cop.  What happens for most people?  They immediately get an adrenaline rush.  Their mind might say, Oh…blank.  And then they will figure out how to pull over to the side of the road with their heart beating fast or they are angry.  They might be angry or ashamed or betrayed.  But notice that it is not just the words, it’s everything in life that gives us an opportunity to perceive what is going on through an energetic emotional perception.

Another one, is you get a letter in the mail and you notice that the return part is from the IRS.  Most people will have a response to an IRS letter.  Oh my gosh, what did I do wrong.  Am I being audited?  Are they are going to ask me for more money.  Very few people will say, yippee, they are sending me a check.  I must have overpaid and I am getting money back….No, most people don’t think that.  Because the overall collective conscious is when you see something or hear or experience a word about something, the perception of the collective is what is going to be imprinted on you.  It doesn’t have to be that way!!  By any means and it frequently is.

What I want to put across here is everything has energy.  All of your words, thoughts and perceptions are all energetic.  The energy is going to create you feeling happy sad mad or glad.  If we go back to the word piece, it’s important to recognize that it is not just the word, but the feeling behind it.  It’s also what you do with those words.  If you are taking those words and projecting them out, blaming other people, then that puts a whole other meaning to the word.  What occurs is, you start creating, remember that law of attraction.  The boomerang theory or whatever concept you have will help you know what goes out comes back.  The core principle I teach about energy never leaves its source.  Energy never leaves its source means wherever it originates from, it goes out but like a paddle ball like we played when we were younger, the ball hits the paddle, goes out into the air and comes back to the paddle.  Therefore, what you think what words you use, how you be, goes out and it may be projected and you might be blaming or yelling.  But that will come back to you because it originated from you.  Its very important to recognize that energy never leaves its source, I would think twice about if I was going to attack using sarcasm.  Doing what we frequently do with people because we don’t want to feel those feelings ourselves.  That is important to remember.


Your words are telling the universe what you believe, think and what you want because energy never leaves its source.  What if you say something like, ok, I don’t want to be poor again.  Those are words first of all.  The universe doesn’t associate with negative words like no and don’t and can’t.  It will say, I want to be poor again because the energy is I don’t have enough, I am struggling, I am in scarcity, I whatever it is…..I have a vacuum, I am in a void.  I feel victimized.  Whatever is going on with you.  That energy of that experience is what you are putting out and that is going to create a result for you.  Your word becomes law and sometimes we will say, I am so sick and tired of you doing that.  Well, what the universe hears is I am so sick and tired.  Cool, the universe says.  Then whola, you are sick and tired.  It is very important to recognize that you are in a place where you are really creating your reality by what it is that you are saying.  What it is that you are thinking?  All of those factors play the part in creating the magical world that you live in.  So when you are thinking about your words, what I invite you to do is think about what it is that is wrapped around them.  Think about the words and energy you have around them.  Think about the words and energy that the collective have around them and then think about how you are using it.  I will tell you and encourage and support you and never ever saying anything that you do not want to experience.  Never ever. ever. ever. ever say anything that you do not want to experience.  That means if you are making a comment about somebody else, like, you are never going to get that, you are not smart enough to do this, what took you so long, you are not good at that, all of those things are perceived projections and the bottom line is that energy and those words will come back and manifest in your life.  You will experience yourself going through what it is that you are telling other people about but because energy doesn’t leave its source, it will end up coming back to you.  Your word is law because your words create your reality.  Your reality is directly related to again, I am repeating this, what you think, say, do, and the energy that you wrap around everything and how you perceive all of that creates your happy sad mad or glad.

So what do you do?  Well, you become aware.  You get conscious.  You become astutely present to what comes out of those precious lips.  What comes out of your mouth?  What are you saying to anyone or everyone?  What are you saying to yourself because that is another layer?  There are the words you speak to yourself.  If you tell yourself it’s too hard, or you can’t do it, etc…What do you think that is doing?  Those words are creating your reality.  You are making your pathway so much more difficult.  So what you do is you start to frame everything in a way that supports you.  Speak from a motivated and loving way towards yourself and towards others.  That means you say, I am so excited that I got that raise.  Speak like it’s already done.  Speak it to the universe because the universe is always conspiring to love and give you what it is that you want.  What you say is what it thinks you want.  Be conscious of that.  So when you are saying I am so appreciate for that amazing relationship that came to me, even though you may not have that currently, what it is that is going to occur is the universe will say, perfect relationship, I am on it.  It’s out there and it’s looking to fulfill that reality because the universe is constantly working at what to give you what you want.  You have to be really conscious of what you say you want because it’s going to give it to you.  Wake up.  Wake up!  Be aware of what you are saying.  Be aware of what you are thinking and doing.  Awareness is the key to giving yourself the ability to have the life you love.  It’s your brain, it’s your headset.  It’s how you frame what it is.  If you are filling your head with positive things, loving and supportive things, then those things will come back.  Does it happen right away?  Maybe not.  That means you have to be persistent and committed and follow through.  Sometimes our minds will whine.  I have been doing this for two hours, why has my life not changed?  In a week, your life CAN change but it might not.  It depends on how many things you have said that you didn’t say.  Or your thoughts created your reality.  Your word is another whole level of manifestation.  If you like to create awesome things:  think it, speak it, write it, and do everything you can to put energy to it.  If you desire to make $15,000 to $20,000 a month, you will think:  I am so grateful that I make $20,000 a month.  Write it on a paper that I am grateful $20,000 a month.  You speak your words, yippee I am making $20,000 a month.  Take your hands and run it over the paper.  I am so grateful that I am making $20,000 a month.  You are now using all of your senses to actually to manifest what it is that you want.  Pay attention.  Because the exact same thing happens in the other direction.  If you repeatedly say, I can’t do that, I am a schmuck, all of those words are going out and gets who gets the reciprocation of that?  You do.

The universe doesn’t see good bad right or wrong.  It has no idea or consideration of what you do or say or see.  It is willing to give you a million dollars a month.  OR it can help you struggle or get food every month.  It does not care.  It’s not an emotional being.  Not an emotional experience.  It’s listening to your law.  Your words and thoughts are law.  What you think, feel, say and do creates your reality.

Until you get your headset wrapped around that 100% and you start filling yourself with the things that work for you, then you zip it when you mind says things that don’t work.  Then at that point you are going to be conscious.  So pay attention.  If you are doing something that is not going to really bring you joy.  If you are saying something that doesn’t bring you joy, or criticizing someone else, then stop it.  You won’t get the results that I know you want.  Reframe it.  Put it in a different context.  Change the perception in a way that allows you to have what you do want.  By what it is that I just said.  I am so grateful that I now have $20,000 a month.  That is so awesome.  I am so grateful that I am making more money to give away to people to people who need or desire.  I am just so grateful.  If your words are filled with I am so grateful and I am so in love and I am so willing to and I am so open to and I am so desires of and you start using those kinds of words, they all have vibrations and frequencies that will bring you more of that.  The moment you declare something to the universe, for what you want, you are going to have that come back to you.  The more you do it and the passion you have about it, the more it is going to work for you.


Recognize the mastery that is within you.  Let your words create the law, the life and the experience that you truly want.  Give the highest vibration, highest thought, highest gratitude that you possibly can in every single given moment.  When you do that, it will come back to you.  Give up completely, any negativity, judgements, anything that is going to lower your own self love and the love of other people.  Watch what happens in your life when you give up those negative things.  You will be excited and delighted when over time you will experience something that will change your forever.  You are creating your tomorrow.  You are creating your next moment.  Think very, very clearly.  Very, very diligently about the words that you use because they are what you are going to experience in your next moment, hour, day, and month.  It’s all within you.  You are amazing.  You have it all now, use it all in a way that will give you what it is that you truly desire.

Until next time, feel a hug.

Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

Esateys describes herself as the ‘Architect of the New You’ and has dedicated her life and professional career to helping her clients create “New Beginnings” by facilitating self empowerment, economic freedom and restored health.

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