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There is a line that divides inspiration and desperation. Inspiration is that feeling of excitement whenever you get up every morning to do your duties. Desperation is that feeling of not wanting to work but you have no choice because you need to. What separates the two is happiness, which stems from truly knowing who you are and following through with what you want to do in life. Go deep inside yourself and know who you truly are. Find what speaks to you the most and draw the line of what feels more like an inspiration or desperation.

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Inspiration vs. Desperation

I am very excited to speak about something that’s fresh on my mind. It’s called Inspiration versus Desperation. My work hovers greatly around relationships, mindset, and things that will increase the empowerment of our lives and the feeling of joy in whatever it is that we are doing. This work is also about getting deep inside yourself and knowing who you truly are. As we had decided that we were going to do podcasts, we have a sheet that gives all these different topics that we sat down and created one day. Rafael said, “Let’s do some podcast.” I went to this sheet. I was sitting there and looking at all the things that were written on this whole Excel sheet. I just went inside and thought to myself, “What do I feel like speaking about?”

I went from my head to my heart, inside my body and as I read the different titles, I noticed how it was that I was feeling in my body. Some of them were very distinctively, “I don’t feel like talking about that.” Others were, “I could do that but that’s not necessarily all that exciting to me, at least ten seconds.” I came across several that I felt inspired by that, “I’d like to speak about that.” I wrote down four or five little subjects for me to become invested in and desirous of sharing whatever would come on my mind. Many of you know I don’t have an outline or anything. I just sit here, close my eyes and speak.

State Of Inspiration

In my mind, I am in a great state of inspiration. I’m inspired. I can’t wait to come and speak to you about what it is that I’ve come across because I had this little gurgly feeling of excitement about sharing what it was that I was feeling in my body, even though I didn’t know what the words were going to be. Rafael and I had to get together here in the office. We had the mic all set up and all ready to go. He said, “What are we going to speak about?” I said, “I’d like to speak about mindset, inspiration versus desperation.” He said, “That doesn’t work. That’s not one of the things that we have to do because we’re doing this whole keyword thing. There are all these funnels.” I just sit here and talk. He has this plan in his head and I’m over here with this plan in my head. I know what I’m feeling inside and he knows what he’s feeling inside and here we are at the greatest level of dichotomy you can imagine. He keeps trying to talk me into doing what it is that he wants to do, which to me feels like complete desperation and I’m over here going, “This is what I feel like doing. I’m inspired to do this.” We go back and forth.

This is an important thing for you to take heed of. Are you an inspiration? Are you in desperation? Are you doing what it is that you’re doing because it feels in the flow of your blood? Does it feel like what it is that you want to do because it’s just wanting to overflow from you? Are you feeling like, “I need to do this, I need to follow the schedule, I need to do it because of the outline that I’ve already written. I need to do it because I have made agreements that I have to do it. I’ve got to do it because it’s the most logical thing to do.” I’m not meaning to sound like I’m putting Rafael in a place where he was in desperation, but I have to tell you that he was running his mind from a logical viewpoint, which is usually where desperation comes from. We have inspiration, which is usually more of a right brain kind of thing.

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Inspiration means that there’s not necessarily a lot of logic because it is more of a feeling-based experience. Your mind is always going to be determining what you’re doing based on what is most prevalent for you at that moment. If you are in your left brain and you are thinking all of the logical reasons that something needs to be done, then there’s value to that. I want to be clear that there’s value in integrating that and it is not a way of living if you truly want to know joy. Ultimately, you want joy. Ultimately, I want joy. We all want that. If you’re going to move into that place, you cannot be driven, run by, or completely led by the nose to whatever it is that needs to logically be done. It can’t always happen that way.

There may be times when you’ll make that choice, although ideally, you would not. When you are present, you can stay inside yourself and ask yourself, “What is it that’s true for me? What do I feel like doing? What makes me feel like I’m going to overflow with joy, glee, excitement or passion when I do it?” Versus, “What am I doing that feels like I must do it or I have to do it because if I don’t,” and that’s where you start looking. Start looking under the covers. Start looking what’s underneath that thought. Is it a feeling of, “If I don’t do it, I’m not going to be holding up to what my boss wants me to do, my partner wants me to do, my bank account wants me to do, my health wants me to do?”

State Of Desperation

Almost always it comes from a state of fear. Desperation and fear are best buddies. If you’re afraid, you’re going to be doing things through desperation. If you’re desperate, it’s because fear is driving. Regardless of how you may say to yourself, “No, I want to do this,” you have to look closely to see if that is accurate. Many times, we convince ourselves that we want to do something because the fear of not doing it provides consequences that we don’t want to deal with. Therefore, of course, I want to do this because I don’t want to get my hand slapped. I don’t want to get in trouble or I want to get paid. It’s always about awareness. You hear me speak about this all the time and I’m going to continue to do that because when you are very aware, you are going to be very clear. When you’re very clear, you’re empowered. When you’re empowered, you feel good. When you’re empowered, you’re aware, you’re connected. When you’re connected, you have a high vibration, a higher attitude, a different way of seeing things. Your mindset is on fire with clarity.

WUE 25 | Inspiration Vs. Desperation

Inspiration Vs. Desperation: When you’re empowered, you feel good, you are aware, and you feel connected to what you do.


That pristine clarity allows you to do things not out of fear but out of the experience of inner passion and motivation. It’s something that gives you a reason that is beyond your logic. If you’ve got your right brain that’s in the flow and comes from an emotional state of, “This looks like fun. This is what I would like to do because it’s there,” or if it’s the left brain which is coming from, “I have to do it, I should do it.” Then you’re dealing with this chaos in your mind. Chaos does not make for a happy mindset. If you want a mindset breakthrough, you’ve got to be aware. You’ve got to be in a place where you’re recognizing that whatever you’re doing is always driven from one of two places. Inspiration or desperation? Resistance or non-resistance?


This awareness is going to make every single area of your life be significantly different. Your outcome in your personal relationships will be very different if you are pursuing someone because you’re desperate, you have to be with somebody and you’re so lonely. You can’t stand it because you want somebody to go do something with and you don’t like being alone. If you’re a woman or a man and looking for somebody to take care of you, a mother figure, a father figure, a financer, someone who is going to take that pressure and the struggle off of you. Those are all desperation modules that we utilize to get what it is that we want.

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Another way of doing relationships is to think about who you are, what you are like, what you’d love and how it is that you’d like to express what it is that you love. It’s very important to know yourself because when you’re inspired, then you start to know what’s true for you, not true for your programs, your beliefs, your fears and all of the sometimes psychotic behavior that we have going on, but rather a true sense of joy. A piece of excitement, passion and motivation.

When you are looking at relationships, you can look at your relationships as to, “I am this, I am that. I love this. I’m excited about that.” Wouldn’t it be fun to share this with somebody? “How can I help augment someone else’s life and they can help augment mine,” and not, “What can I get from them or what are they going to get from me? What are we going to try to pull from each other and then we’re in this give-take pool struggle situation. Where I want something and I’m trying to pull energy from you or you want something and you’re trying to pull energy for me.” That is not the way you’re going to do a relationship. It’s not a way to do your mindset. It’s not the way to live in a joyful, clear state of inspiration.


What I’d like to remind you of is that your awareness about what it is that you’re doing is going to be extremely important. Let me give you another example. You might be at work and here you are and I know this gets tricky. If you’re self-employed, this is going to be a lot easier. If you are an entrepreneur, this can be easier from one perspective, from another, it’s not any different. I’m going to start with being an entrepreneur. You ended up at your desk. You’re there in the morning like a good dubby. You show up on time and you’re very committed. You follow-through and you’re disciplined, you sit there and see your to-do list. If your to-do list is anything like my to-do list, that could be enough to make you go back to bed and cover up your head with the pillow on top. I have to tell you, I have literally pages, I have like 30, 40 things at a time on my list all the time. If I sit at my computer and open up my to-do list and see this, I could get a little bit freaky, stressed and not feel like doing any of these things because overwhelm immediately steps in.

If you notice that for yourself, here’s something that you can do. Come back to this place that I was speaking about, inspiration versus desperation. Look at that list and see as I did, as I spoke at the beginning. I looked at all those different titles and did a sensory connection exercise. I read the title, I was still, quiet and realized how it felt in my body. Did I feel lighter? Did I feel heavy? Did I feel a tenseness? Was I relaxed? If you utilize this technique for virtually everything you do, you’ll become astutely aware of how you’re living your life. When you’re aware of how you’re living your life, you then have the capability of changing some things in your life, without the awareness you do not.

You’re sitting at your computer. You’re looking at your to-do list, reading it and you are determining which ones make you feel light and which ones make you feel heavy or downtrodden. Your logical mind will most likely step in, “You might feel like doing this, but this is what needs to be done. We have a deadline. This has got to get handled right now. Get over this la-la feeling that you’re going to go over and do this because it’s not nearly as important about what it is over here that needs to be done. If you don’t do this, you know what’s going to happen.” You’ve got it right in front of you. You can see inspiration versus desperation. You can see how desperation can be very strong. It’s very logical. It will tell you in no uncertain terms that you must live your life according to fear. When you become very connected to yourself, you will recognize that you never ever let the fear stop you.

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Yes, there are certain things that you will want to accomplish in a certain period of time. One of the things that you can do is look at what you felt inspired to do and do that, and here’s why. When you do that, you feel better. It raises your vibration. It increases your happy attitude. It makes you feel inspired, passionate and motivated about life. Then you can move into something that might not have seemed as inspirational and you never know what is most likely that you’ll be inspired to do that. It’s like you gave yourself the reward before you did something that you might not have felt like doing. When you give yourself permission to do what it is that you want to do, you feel excited about it, you feel heard and gotten from within, then you can go do what it is that you might have been a little resistive to at the beginning. You feel like you got what it is that you wanted. It’s amazing how that works.

Inspiration Vs Desperation

I felt inspired to speak about this inspiration-desperation thing and we went through a little bit of a back and forth situation. What I realized was that being able to speak about this right off the bat made me feel good. I wanted to talk about this for whatever reason, and I am more than willing, very excited and looking forward to doing another podcast. That will be what it is that will fit into the logic of whatever the marketing thing that we’re supposed to do. All these things are going to be beneficial, life-changing and empowering to everyone that listens to them.

I’m giving you the backstory and the under the covers view because most people won’t tell you the things that I’m telling you. They won’t tell you their personal things that go on. For me, it’s important that you recognize how practical these things are. How they work in our day-to-day lives and how it is that it works regardless of whether you think about it or whether you don’t. It’s going to be there. It’s going to be inviting you in virtually every minute of every day to determine from what perspective do you choose to live. From what perspective do you choose to enhance your mindset.

If you are going to have a mindset that is going to be supportive, then you’ve got to learn how your mind works. You’ve got to learn about the programs, the beliefs and the ideas that you have that make you feel good and make you feel resistive. Unless you know yourself, you can’t make decisions that will be supportive and be out of resistance. Another whole key, a principal term that I’ll do another podcast on at some time is nonresistant living. When you are living in resistance and you are forcing yourself to do things that you don’t want to do, then you are not going to do them as effectively. They will not turn out to be as terrific as you would like them to be. Everything we do is infused with a certain level of us.

WUE 25 | Inspiration Vs. Desperation

Inspiration Vs. Desperation: When you are living in resistance, you are forcing yourself to do things that you don’t want to do. At the end of the day, you won’t be doing them as effectively.


The us in those moments is determined by our passion, motivation, excitement, positivity versus resistance, aggravation and all of the things that feel like coagulation and the shutdown of our energy flow. Those are put into whatever it is that we do. If you’re forcing yourself to do something because you have to, that energy is going in there and whether you believe in it or not, there is a whole mechanism that works out there on the universe that says that what vibrates will attract to itself that which it is. You’ve all probably heard of that term law of attraction.

It’s the same thing. If you’re putting out something with a desperate feeling, a fearful feeling of resist to feelings of feeling, that energy is what you’re putting out to the universe and guess what you’re going to get back? That’s why it’s so important for you to relax and take the time and balance your life. It’s critical that you do that because if you do not, you find yourself pushing and that pushing ends up being to a place where you start feeling resistive, “This is too much for me. I can’t keep doing this. I’m tired. I like doing it, but I’m tired. I need a break.” When you give yourself that break, you relax. You feel more peaceful and you can allow yourself to then step into your inspiration.

Here’s your assignment to do. Choose to accept it. Slow down. Be still. Look at everything that’s in front of you from the perspective of, “Am I inspired to do this or do I feel like I should do it or am I desperate to do it?” If you notice that you’re desperate to do it, ask yourself what that fear might be about. Then go deeper into that. If you’re inspired to do it, then go with full on 100% passion into it and do it and trust and know that that energy will come back to attracting the very same thing to you more of the like-minded, the like energetic experience of excitement and joy and elevated frequency positivity, and things of that nature.

Take these moments and connect with yourself. Sink into your body. Take slow, deep breaths. Close your eyes and breathe to the cycle of breathing in through the count of five very slow. Hold it at the count of five and then exhale to the count of five. Get in your body and think about what it is that’s in front of you. Notice how you feel when you live your life from this perspective. You will notice that everything will change. You will also notice that the flow of life will be your friend. In fact, it will be your way of living. Always remember to give me your feedback because it is Important to me. It inspires me. Until next time, feel a hug.


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