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Hi everyone. This is Esateys. I’m very excited to be with you today. I wanted to get something straight right off the bat. I’m not a political person. I don’t have any feelings about one side or the other being better or worse or any of that kind of stuff. I’m a visionary. So what I do is see things from a bigger picture. And that’s what I’d like to s peak about today. The bigger picture of what it is that’s going on on our planet with this inauguration with this whole presidential thing. And I’d like to share with you what it is that I see. This is how I think and how I live.

First of all, this experience has created a tremendous amount of diversity in our world. Now I’ve been around a lot of elections before. But I have to tell you, being not politically driven it’s not been that big of a deal to me. I’m not the kind of person that runs down and marches for certain things and all those other things. And I think it’s awesome if that is what you are about, what it is that you love to do. That’s just not my thing. So when I see what is going on here in our world, what I see is a massive amount of diversity that is occurring. We have the Trump supporters and the  Trump haters, we have the Clinton supporters and the Clinton haters, we have all the people in the world, most of which are saying I don’t want one or the other. The point is that there is resistance there. The point is that when we live in a place of resistance, we cause ourselves pain. All resistance is the cause of suffering.

What I’ve seen in this diversity is that we are all as a collective commissioned with or given the opportunity to actually decide for ourselves whether we want to be in resistance or whether we do not. The question that I ask you and I ask you to really look at this, what do you really want? What do you want in our society? What do you want in our entire world? And if you really come to the understanding that what you are thinking, feeling and ho you are acting and contributing to the collective is where the difference in the world actually is made. It’s not really so much about president, it’s really not so much about anything, what’s really making the difference is you. What you think, how you be, how you express, because your energy and we perhaps can all come to agreement that everything is energy. Your energy is creating to a collective consciousness. So if there is alot of struggle, alot of diversity, alot of things that are causing us to feel like I’m right and they are wrong, or they are right and I’m wrong, it can go either way. What happens is our energy goes down. We don’t feel good about ourselves. We feel this feeling of resistance and conflict going on.

We can visualize all these little piece of conflict going out in the world — all these little piece of energy — and we are all living inside this collective consciousness, this world of energy. It’s like going into a bar on Friday night. Maybe you are not a smoker.  But you go in and at that point when smoking was allowed, you couldn’t not breathe in the smoke. That’s just what happens. And as a result, when we are in a position where we are walking through the world, we are actually taking on the kinds of things that people are consciously and unconsciously thinking. Now you might think that you are beyond that. I have a news bulletin. If you breathe air you are part of the collective consciousness. And therefore, what are you contributing to the collective consciousness? This whole presidential thing has become such a magnanimous thing that there are people th at won’t talk to other people because they voted for one person or the other.  In fact we have that kind of thinking in my own family. It’s a mazing to me and when I suggest to people that we are in a place where we are fighting against ourselves, it’s fascinating to me to watch them fight for their limitations. Do you fight for your limitations? Is it working for you? Is it changing anything? Are you supporting the world in being a better place to live because of your judgments, your resistances? I don’t think so.  It’s something to think about. It’s something to really look at. How are you empowering yourself and how are you empowering the world? Do you think that fighting against Clinton or Trump is raising the vibration and making us all work together more as a collective? I really get that we all have very strong opinions and ideas and judgments and some have less than others. And if you are one of those people that you just want to take it to the streets, go for it! But keep in mind what your contributing on the street so to speak. And if you feel that passion to do that, always follow what it is that you are doing. But I just ask you to think for a moment about what else is occurring because it is beyond what it is that perhaps you’ve ever thought about.

So there’s a few things you can do. You can think about what it is that I’m speaking about here and take this to every part of your life. Are you fighting against your children, against your partner, against your boss, against your money? are you putting your focus on what isn’t working? How much energy and focus are you putting on what is working? What if you trusted in the law of the universe if you will. What’s really going on. What if you said to yourself, what if there is something great here that I haven’t see yet? To fight against what is a definition of insanity which we all know is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you are fighting what’s already done, do you think anything valuable will come out of that? I’ll tell you what will come out of it. You’ll feel justified. You’ll feel a certain level of arrogance. I’m standing up for my rights. I believe in this. And that’s great, except does it give you joy or does it cause you pain?

Does the struggle create more resistance and more conflict in other areas of your life because you are walking around with attitude? Are you separating yourself from people that you really love? Are you keeping yourself from what it is that truly brings you joy? I’m just asking you to contemplate these things. Nothing needs to change if you don’t desire to change it. But many times we don’t stop to think because we get fired up. We like that drama. We like getting fired up going rah rah thing or another. I enjoy the excitement of certain things in my life too. And I ask myself what’s my payoff for doing this? Because if I’m not aware of what it is that is my payoff, then I’m going to keep doing the same thing over and if I like the payoff, then yahoo! But if the payoff isn’t bringing me joy and it’s not supporting the collective society, then what’s the value of doing that? What’s the value of us continuing to resist what is? It’s something to really take to heart because every area of your life is being affected by this and this separation that we have at a global level is not supporting our world in being connected.  It’s not creating a sense of connection between each other.

People are afraid to talk to each other. Some people won’t talk to each other because of who they believe in or what they want. That’s like saying I can’t love you because you’re Christian or I can’t love you because you don’t believe in God or I can’t love you because you don’t believe in the same God, guru, whatever that I do. Is that really unconditional love Is that really living from your heart? Do you want to live from your heart and have the world that you love to be in and have other people feel that way too? Or not? So as a result, you get to look at whether you want to change your perspective. You can shift and reframe what it is that I’m speaking about here by asking yourself those questions. What’s great about this that I haven’t seen yet?

What if I just allowed the positive loving energy to come out of me and know that that will change the world, rather than I can stand this. I don’t want this to happen! He can’t do that, she can’t do this! That’s a fighting energy. Fighting energy does not get us what we want. Some people have told me that they are very afraid of war, nuclear war because of what h as occurred. Well, are you at war with yourself? Are you at war with others? Are you the microcosm of the macrocosm of war? Something to contemplate because remember, if all of our world is occurring from the inside out. So your perspective is what you are going to see. And what our perspective as a collective which is really the important thing about this today is what we are going to see in the world. We’ve got conflict and diversity and all these things and how do you think you can make a difference? By coming into your own center and bringing to a place of neutrality and allow your factors of love and trust to be what it is that’s going to make a difference in the world, not fighting against. Fighting against does not bring you what you want, you just create more war.

So look at the big picture. Ask yourself what it is that you truly desire and decide for yourself what the true passion in your heart is. Remember, fighting against everything is causing the resistance and all resistance is causing the pain. There’s no point in fighting what is. I invite you to share this with everyone you possibly can because if we all really took just a little bit of the ship, took a little breath a little bit more often, held ourselves at a place of heart instead of attack, our world would be a very different place. So I invite you to share, to speak and to perhaps refrain some of the ways that you are being. I predict that when you do this you will see a change in your personal and out world.  You will experience more abundance, more love, more connection with every single part of your life, your business, your money, your children, your partner and the collective at large will become a most amazing experience for each and every one of us.

Thank you again for being here with me. I’m so appreciative of you and I’m very excited that I’m going to be here every day with you and just chatting for a few moments or alot of moments. So if you ‘d like to know more about this or you would like to have anything, then comment below or private message me because I love connecting with you. Have the most awesome day of your life so far and know that who you are makes a difference. Who you are is changing this world, Don’t you ever every think for a moment what you think, what you say, what you do and how you feel is not affecting everyone. Think about what you are contributing to the amazing world that we live in. We have so much to be in gratitude for.  Big hug to you all. Until next time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this broadcast.  My name is Esateys. That’s pronounced EE SA TEEZ. And you can find out more about my work at or email me at I look forward to connecting with you soon. For now, feel a hug.

Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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