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Joy Gold Faux Foil Metallic Glitter Inspirational Christmas or Christian Quote Isolated on White BackgroundThis is Esateys. I’m at the San Jose Airport California leading the out with the pain in with the joy retreat that I just facilitated. I wanted to take a moment to ask you a question. Have you every gone to a retreat or made some kind of commitment and then noticed that you are really hot, really alive and then in like 20 minutes or 2 days you are back to the beginning you go or back to the old ways of being? So, this is what happens to most people. I wanted to take a moment and remind you the way to sustain change is to really go back to remembering how you felt when you made that change and then look at the tools that you have that will support you in sustaining that. For some people it will be journaling or writing down their feelings every day. For other people it’s going to be about you looking at your notes and transcribing them and then read those notes every single day. For others it will be about having an accountability partner that you can speak to everyday about that. Now you don’t have to have just gone on a retreat or gone to some event. You create an accountability partner. Somebody that you can actually speak to every day and the things that you focus on is not where you fell back or what is not working.  But rather you are focusing on what it is that you got, what it is that you committed and whether you are just returning from a retreat or whether woke up that morning and said I’m committed to making a change and sustaining that and to do t hat there are things that have to happen on a day to day basis.  Because how you be and what you think and everything that is going on in your life is habitual. We create habits that continuously create our world every single day.

So if you pick one thing, one thing that you are committed to changing and you do that on an everyday basis and what will happen it will become very integrated and if you choose that one thing and you do it for thirty days it will become integrated and then you can pick another thing. And what you can do is have this list of things you would like to see shifted in your life and then just pick one, complete it, pick another, complete it, pick another and then complete. That is one way you will be able to sustain and really create a life that you truly desire.

So this retreat that we just did, Out With the Pain, In With the Joy, was so phenomenal. There was so much transformation for so many people, including myself and I want to take a moment for those that were with me to say thank you. I want to thank Carrie A for the incredible caring and the way she took care of all of us at the retreat. And for Kate and Hoff for being there and doing an amazing job with their support. And a new of course to Sing who offered here incredible beautiful mansion as a place that we could facilitate. And to Soo Choo who absolutely offered her home but we outgrew that. I want thank each and every of you and I want to thank each and every one of those that are listening to this and that will pass it on to friends about what you can do to just create one massive change in your life and remember, remember that it starts with one thing every day for a minimum of 30 days.

I look forward to connecting with you tomorrow, but I’ve got to go get on the plane because I don’t want them to go without me.  I’m going from sunny California to the beautiful white miraculous Portland, Oregon. Make this the most awesome day of your life.  You’re important and I am so blessed to have you in my life. Have a magnificent everything. Bye for now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this broadcast.  My name is Esateys. That’s pronounced EE SA TEEZ. And you can find out more about my work at www.ultimaterelationshipacademy.com or email me at esateys@ultimaterelationshipacademy.com. I look forward to connecting with you soon. For now, feel a hug.

Author: Esateys Stuchiner

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Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

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