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Hi everyone this is Esateys. I’ve noticed that alot of our bodies are not feeling as awesome as they normally would and I have alot of people who are not feeling well.  Most of you know that I am licensed in medicine. I’m a nationally board certified nurse practitioner and I have seen alot of this throughout the years. It’s an interesting thing for me to watch that I have seen at different times of year people buy into the belief system that that’s when you get sick. It’s the flu system. It’s the allergy season,  it’s the whatever season. So it’s important for us to recognize that part of why we get ill is because we are programmed to get ill.

Sick girl under blanket feeling better and recoveringWe are programmed to think that at a certain of the year we experience certain kinds of things in our body, I was speaking to someone the other day and she said that she has this belief system that she gets sick in the spring and the fall and something like that. And what was really weird for me is that I used to think something very similar. I used to think sometime in the spring and then usually about October or November I’d start feeling — I’d get sinus or whatever our little what I call our default program is – sinus infections for me is what usually will come up. For some people it’s gout or sore throat or whatever – but the bottom line is that we are actually creating more of our experience by creating a pattern. That pattern comes from a belief system.  So if we have a belief system that our bodies are going to be ill at a certain time of the year or because we do a certain thing – I can’t go out in the rain because I used to hear that when I was little. You can’t go out in the rain or you’ll get sick. Well I’d be dead by now because I live in the northwest. Because it’s a belief it’s a thought system. It’s important to recognize, not only your own beliefs, but what our societal’s beliefs. As I was just saying a minute ago, people say we get sick at certain times of the year. What are you going to do about not following into the pattern of that.

Or besides that, before I go into the patterns, let’s talk about what really aggravates our immune system. The bottom line is we only become ill when we are having a lower immune system. So what do you think the most important thing to do is? Have a stronger immune system of course! But what causes our immune system to get low? Stress. Stress comes in so many different forms. Right now as I watch us as a collective, what we are going through is a tremendous amount of data overload.  We are feeling overwhelmed. I don’t really know hardly anyone, I know there’s a few, but I don’t know hardly anyone that is not feeling like oh my God I can’t keep up! There’s not enough hours in the day. I have to do this and I have to do that. One of the analogies I use is that we are like that CNN channel and you turn it on and you’ve got all the data of all the stocks and you’ve got the gold prices and the NASDAQ over here and you have somebody speaking and something in the background about somebody else who is doing whatever.  There’s like a million trillion data points that are hitting us at once. The truth is that’s happening on levels that we are not even conscious of. So that means that when we walk into a room we are taking in because we have very sensitive immune systems. We have very sensitive experiences in our body but we are not conscious of them most of the time. Therefore, our body is being inundated with certain energies and these energies have a certain way of affecting us. If they are high vibrating then they might feel better, if they are lower vibrating it makes us feel a little heavier or maybe alot heavy. The bottom line is we must be conscious of what is going on with us. Therefore, we know that we’ve got overwhelming data overload. We know that we have pressure at a very high level in our lives. Well we also have know that these pressures have to do with survival.

Maybe you never thought of that but I’m going to take you a little bit deeper if you are willing to go with me this morning. That is to recognize that we are in a place where we are experiencing the whole world as a place of am I ok? Am I not ok? If I’m ok I feel good. If I’m not ok, I actually feel threatened that I’m not going to be able to move along in life and experience what it is that I really want to experience. Therefore, it’s important to recognize that survival comes up, do I have enough money, am I going to have enough food, and I know this is a little extreme for some of you – like really? get over that. But the truth is that when we get stressed it’s from these subconscious thoughts that are going on. So there’s some practical things that you can do.

First of all, on a body level, sleep more. And I know if you are like me it’s like I’d love to do that but I really don’t have time to sleep more. I have so many things to do. You may be saying oh sure, who’s going to get the kids up? Who’s going to do this? How are they going to like it if I go into work and I’m late because I decided to sleep more. And you the ability to make your life be what it is that you want to do. Go to bed earlier, get more efficient with your time. Think about what things you are doing everyday that you really don’t have to do. What kind of self-imposed limitations are you putting on yourself? This is a big one for me. I make up these deadlines and this really increases my own personal stress level. I make up these deadlines and I’ve got to this by this very moment and the truth is that it’s not really  urgent. It might be important, but it’s not urgent. So when you look at your day and you look at your life, ar you doing things that really could be put off? Especially when you are in a crunch. So think about that. So the practical things means that you reduce your stress level.

You can also reduce your stress level by doing the cycle of 5 breathing that I speak about. It’s breathing in through your nose to the count of 5, hold it for the count of 5 and exhaling through your mouth to the count of 5. When you do that your body starts to really calm down. Get into the habit of doing that when you are starting to feel yourself feeling overloaded with all the things that are stressing you. Because the stress will not support your clarity one tiny bit and what it will do is lower your immune system so your body will start to feel overloaded and more stressed which is going to create all of the bugs that are flying around in the world. There are a million trillion of them and you have them in your body. What happens is our body’s immune system, our T cells, are really working very strongly. And when we are stressed, they reduce and that’s when we start to take on stuff like the chills, or the flu and all these kinds of things.

So there are components that go with this whole thing that I’m speaking about.  It’s our beliefs,  it’s societal beliefs, it’s what we’ve bought into, it also has to do with what we are doing physically. Are we resting enough? Are we overwhelming ourself? Are we relaxing in the day even when we are not sleeping? Are we watching what we eat? Are we eating really strong healthy foods. Are we eating junky processed foods because they will lower your immune system. And, if you are not exercising and moving the energy, then what occurs is that your body gets very slow and sluggish. Exercise, movement, stretching increases the blood flow. What happens when you are increasing your blood flow? You are going to experience more oxygen. Oxygen helps us feel stronger. So breathe in more deeply, and move the energy, stretch, work out. Carrie and I did weight lifting this morning to really rocking music so in between we were really moving our bodies. It makes us feel good. It raises our vibration it makes our muscles happy. Those are things that you can do. Make it fun! Make what you do fun! and when you do that your whole energy, your whole vibration feels better. The higher the vibration the stronger your immune system is going to be.

So remember that your mindset is very important. Remember that what you are eating, what you are doing what you are thinking is very very important. I am so appreciative of you all being here with me. Thank you for sharing sharing sharing sharing these vides with these people that you care about. Because these people will be able to have these little moments of wisdom that might make a complete and total difference in their life.

So I have a request for all of you. I am looking for a name of what to call these live videos and one person suggested E’s Daily Dose of Life and you can come up with anything that you can think of and if you would write it right there in the comments that would be great or you could private message me. But if you would do that I would really appreciate it because I’m open to your ideas about what it is that you think these could be named that would be general enough, supportive enough and powerful enough to be able to bring people so they can get how important they are in the world, how important what they think is in the world, how important what they do in the world is and from there we will be able to make a change that’s not only personal, but it will end up being global. And I know you want to really be in the place where you love the life that you live and you love to be in an easy place with all the people that you are surrounded with.

So comment below, private message me, keep sharing and know that I’m so appreciate of each and every one of you for being here listening and making a difference in the world because of who you are. Until tomorrow, feel a hug.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this broadcast.  My name is Esateys. That’s pronounced EE SA TEEZ. And you can find out more about my work at www.ultimaterelationshipacademy.com or email me at esateys@ultimaterelationshipacademy.com. I look forward to connecting with you soon. For now, feel a hug.

Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

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