Hi everyone! This is Esateys and I was just having a little chat on messenger with some of my favorite friends and the word intuition came up. I think I’ll just run right down and do a little podcast on that.

So intuition, most people are very familiar with intuition. IN fact, those of you who are women you know that women have a sense of connectedness if you will with their children and with other things. Women seem to be a little more intuitive by nature than men. Now I know that’s not across the board so everybody just keep breathing, but what I can tell you is that women have usually a more open right brain area. Right brain is where we are very artistic, it’s where we move from an emotional or a feeling state. We are utilizing things that are not quite as structured as maybe some people that are very related to their left brain. Because the left brain is more like logical, structured, makes sense and that means that we are in a place where we’ve got a right brain and a left brain and because women are frequently more right-brained than not, they are characteristically in  a place where they are more intuitive.

So intuitive means that you, you just kind of getting a feeling in your body. You get a feeling that you feel a sense that something’s to happen for example. Kind of like a premonition. You get a feeling about something or someone. So for other people, it’s a matter of suddenly having this thought just come into their mind and it just seems to come out of nowhere, but they have an awareness of something going on. Intuition can be developed and intuition is developed really easily when you are in a place where you are feeling a little bit more connected, a little bit higher vibration. When you’re in a good mood, when you’re in a zone.  Because when you are in that place, your vibration is higher and when you are feeling kind of down and out, what you find is everything seems to slow down. Intuition is a place that comes from a higher level of awareness and in fact it is so high that it is really beyond your mind because it’s not something that you think about, it’s something that just seems to flow through. And we can develop that by increasing our vibration. We can increase it by being in a more positive state of mind. We can increase it by also going more deeply into ourselves and when we do that what we find is that it is a quieter place and all of the outer world rhetoric quiets down. And when that occurs then what happens is that we are able to hear things that are naturally going on, but we sometimes are not really able to hear because we are so inundated with so much data, with so many things that are going on in our lives that we don’t have time to actually listen on a deeper level and when we allow ourselves to quiet down, slow down and be alot more inward with our thoughts when we are listening more, rather than speaking and trying to control ourselves and our lives, then what happens is that we are in a place where we can hear that inner voice.

Now we know we all have this inner voice right? We know that we have this thing going on that’s over  here but that’s not the real inner voice I’m speaking about. Because this one over hear is saying oh you are not allowed to do t hat, you can’t do that. How come you are so difficult? How come you are so ugly? The  mind comes up with this inner voice that is very unkind to us in a very very big way. Therefore, what occurs is that usually will listen to that inner voice and we believe it. Can you imagine that we believe this voice! Where do you think that voice came from? That voice comes from things that we heard when we were younger. Our parents, our friends, people that were in a bad mood they just dumped stuff on us and when we are little and we don’t know any better we think it’s true. We just had our retreat out with the pain in with the joy.

There was someone there that had shared they were told some things that were really really difficult and being a child we listen to that and the whole life of tis person was impacted by that statement that she wasn’t enough, or she wasn’t good enough or pretty enough or whatever those things are that we here. And what’s really interesting is when we are a child and we hear that what occurs is we take it as law because we don’t have anything else to compare it to. Therefore, we go around thinking that what we hear is true and that lowers our vibration and it makes us feel less than when we are feeling connected and loving and felt loving and caring about ourselves. All of these things have alot to do with our intuition. That internal knowing, if you will, that part of us that can really make a difference in our decision-making process.  So most of the time the majority of people will think, “gosh, I have to think this through. I’ve got to categorize my answers. I have to go into the Ben Franklin clothes.”  For those of you in sales that means you write all the pros and cons of what’s going on and then you make a logical decision. That’s not what intuition is.  Intuition is about having that sense, that sense of what it is that you’re about to make a decision about the way it feels in your body.

So one of the things that you can do is notice how you feel in your body. When you are about to make a decision, in any area of your life, whether it be

follow your intuition phrase handwritten on blackboard

about where to go to dinner or whether to make a financial decision, or what to do with your work, or whatever it may be, your children, it can be anything. Or maybe its about what you are going to eat. Now there’s alot of people that I know that have a thing about food. And when it comes to food what do you really know is going to improve and make you feel better than something else? That’s logical. But you also have a true sense of connection to what it is that you feeling and you can make decisions in any area of your life by just quieting down and just seeing how it feels. And when you think of doing that as a yes for example, then you think “gosh does this feel good.”  It feels lighter. Do I feel like yea this will work for me. Or do you feel like this isn’t so great. You feel a heaviness. And when we feel a heaviness what occurs is that we are not really in a state of connection to what’s happening.

Now I want to interject here is one of the things that occurs is that when we have this sense of connection occur, we don’t necessarily mean that we won’t feel some apprehension or some fear because when we are using our intuition, we many times will go to a place where we are being confronted with things that are scary because we are used to living in our comfort little box and many times intuition will say I really know I need to do this. I’ll give you an example.

In this retreat that we just did last weekend, we had somebody who hadn’t known about the retreat and somebody texted her about something else I believe at midnight the night before it began. She didn’t know me. She didn’t know what it was about. She really didn’t know anything, but she just had things gut feeling like I need to be there. I just know that there’s something there for me. So at 12:15 at night she signs up for this and shows up the next morning at 8:30 in the morning and totally blank. Totally in trust. Because she was really trusting that gut feeling that intuition. That is so powerful when we do that and by the way she had an amazing weekend as she shared with  me and is now going to do some additional work because she realized that this was something that was really working for her. It was something that was just perfect for her and that moment. So when you are in a p lace where you are feeling like gosh should I do this? Should I not? Just sit quietly with it for a moment and see how it feels. Do you feel lighter? or do you fee heavier?

Now the other thing that occurs is that you can go internally and actually ask yourself. It doesn’t mean  you are going to be like Sybil or schizophrenic. It means that you have a part of you that has every answer that you could ever dream or hope of. And a very intelligent part of you. And when you recognize this and you can start asking your mind like, hey pretty it is something that when you are really connecting to that part of yourself that trusts itself, then what occurs is that you are able to really make a difference in your balance between your right and left brain. I know I got a little bit off track here.

So what I am saying here is that when you are using your intuition, what you are doing is you are trusting that place allows you to know what’s next. You can go inside and start speaking to yourself and say okay  I’m really looking to have an answer to this and you can just very simply say, what’s the best decision for me here?  And then be quiet and notice how you feel. Notice what comes up for you. And when you can do that with any area of your life you can do that with any question that comes that you are trying to decide about. Say, what’s the best decision for me right now? And then be with that. And see how you fell and stay with it for a little bit. Now that’s one kind of intuition, It’s kind of accessing that inner awareness, that part of you that intuitively knows what’s best for you. And then there’s the other kind that I was speaking about a few minutes ago which is that part that you are just doing something, you come across something, like this person that I shared a minute ago. She just came across something and said yea I know this is what’s important for me. Most of the work that I do with most people comes from a very deep connection point which we can call intuition.

So I’ll get up in the morning and that’s when it really flows for me. Because when I’m first up which is a good time to connect to that point, we are much more blank. We don’t have all the rhetoric going on from the day. We don’t have that left brain so engaged. So because remember intuition is  primarily coming from the right side, that more malleable place, that place that doesn’t have the structure, doesn’t have the dominance of logic to it necessarily. So many things the person that I just shared with you that came  to the retreat, it wasn’t really logical. She’d actually already paid for a class to go to on the 1st day of the retreat. And, yet her intuition said I need to go here. And there were several people at the retreat that were just like that. They didn’t exactly know what they were getting into, they didn’t know exactly what they were going to learn, but they had a very strong sensation. So watch for things coming to you out of seemingly nowhere and notice if that something that actually works for you. And don’t think it, feel it.

The other thing is as I was starting to say, is it in the morning when your mind is much quieter in general. Like right before you get up when you are a little bit in that alpha state. Especially before you go to sleep as well. I’ll talk about that in a moment. What I encourage you to do is just be still and see what comes up for you. Maybe you have a pen and a paper next to your bedside and whatever starts to run through you as an intuitive guidance if you will, it’s a part of you that has the ability to get the information for what it is that might be next for you. And so you can just write that down because if you notice that once you are up and around you just don’t connect to that deeper part because we start getting into our left brain. The other thing that happens is that for me I will get up in the morning. I go into a deep state and I talk to what I call my genius team and if you want to know more about what that is you can private message me and I’ll tell you what that means. And what I notice is that I am pretty quiet so I’ll just have a flittering thought go through. The majority of the work that I do as I started saying a little while ago with the retreats that I create and the coaching that I do and the seminars that happen and the things that I write, these come from a very deep intuitive place. It doesn’t come from logic. What it does is it comes from a  place where it’s seemingly just comes out of left field. All of a sudden I’ll be up there in the morning putting on my makeup or whatever I’m doing, and what occurs is I just have to stop. Omigosh and I have this really great program called Swift to Do List. Now swift to do list is something that has an app for my phone and when that thought comes through, what I do is I click on my little green checkmark which is the way the app looks, and I will immediately speak into it what the thought was that I had. So, so much of my teaching comes from that intuitive place, that place that’s beyond my mind. I don’t go read it out of a book and then tell somebody about it, where it comes from is beyond where my mind knows to go.

And Swift to Do is actually a paid to do list. It’s very powerful and I don’t get paid for saying this I’m just telling you one of the things that I share. There’s other things like TOIST which is another program that you can put your what to do things in and all of that and I don’t know that there’s something that you can speak into. It’s more of a writing things. But at any rate, that’s one way that I capture, for those of you that have talking on your phone, you can talk it in or you can tell Siri remember this or whatever.  But the bottom line is many times intuition flitters in and out very quickly. You don’t remember it so quickly because it’s a very high vibration. It’s a thought that you don’t usually think most of the time. It’s not something you’ve been dwelling on.  So when you have those thoughts, write them down. Keep a pen and paper by your bedside so you can allow yourself to write these things down when they come to you intuitively. If you’ve spent a few moments every day before you got up and you could ask yourself a question like “what’s the most awesome thing that can happen for me, my relationship, my business, my children, my health, my money or whatever it is that you would like to say. And then allow yourself to just make that rhetorical question and you may find, I do this every morning, and you may find that certain things just show up out of seemingly nowhere. That’s your intuitive nature showing you what it is that can be supportive for you.

So I want to support you and started to tap into what’s in here in a deeper place inside of yourself than what it is that you might normally be doing using your left brain. And when you do that you’ll find that every area of your life will start to open up and the higher you keep your vibration, meaning that whether you are looking at the glass half empty or half full, is going to make a very significant difference. There are always things going on in our lives that we can really have difficulty with. They can look like struggles. They can look like difficulties. They can look like I don’t know which one to pick. But you know what you can do is you can move yourself to a position where you can be still inside yourself and you can look at what’s great about this. And if you can’t see it in that moment you can ask yourself what’s great about this that I haven’t seen yet? Because when you start to move yourself away from the negativity and into the gratitude, then everything changes for you. Because gratitude is a very high vibration. When you do that, that gratitude is really going to increase your level of connection, of feeling good, of making things be different in your life, because gratitude is the way that you acquire more abundance. If you would like to have more abundance in your life then my support to you is start giving thanks to every single thing you have. Every single penny you have, every single  thought you have, every single greatness that has already gone on in your life and what it is thatis forthcoming. And what is happening right now. Because if you do not, what you are doing is you are refusing to receive and what’s the value of us refusing to receive?

There’s no value in that! So gratitude is very great. It’s very good to overcome your pain. Because when you are doing the gratitude thing, what you are finding is you put your focus on what it is that’s working in your life, even when it seems like everything isn’t working. I know it’s hard sometimes. But if you started your day with 5 things that you were incredibly grateful for. Maybe the fact that you are upright might be one of them.  And other one could be something as simple as having a roof over my head, maybe I’ve got food, I’ve got water, I am warm. I mean you can start with basics if you are having a really tough time and you can’t figure out what is great is occurring. But there’s always a million things. What you can do is switch your focus to what’s great is happening right now in your life. So live in gratitude because it will expand everything for you. When you are living in that gratitude you will find that abundance increases tremendously in every area of your life. And when you are in gratitude you are feeling better, which we were saying earlier. It raises your vibration which I was saying earlier also helps you have a greater sense of intuition, or an inner knowing of certain things that will help you really go forward with what it is that you are really wanting. And your decisions will be easier to make because you are not making them from your left brain, which is usually created from your fears, from your past experiences where people told you things and when we do that we’re not going to make a decision that might be in our best interest, we are going to make a decision based on how can I stay out of being hurt here. That’s what we do because humans are just kind of like that.

And when we are recognizing that, then we stop that and we start doing what it is that will move our energy away from the things that we are afraid of because you can’t be in fear if you are in gratitude. You can’t be in fear if you are allowing your intuition to really be moving by. You cannot really allow the intuition to come through if you are paralyzed about every single decision that needs to be made or you are paralyzed because you are afraid something in the future is going to occur. Remember, that fear is rarely in the moment. I would venture to say it is not ever in the moment. It’s about what happened in the past that you think might happen now, or it’s in the future about what you think might occur. But in reality when you are here right now in this moment, if you really are in a life-threatening situation, you are not in fear of that either, you are in such the present moment. Let’s say somebody is coming after you. I mean you book it, you are outta here because you don’t have time to be afraid. You are just moving and you are not thinking. So the present moment is a very powerful key to increasing your intuition. So these are things that you can do if you would like. You can practice and go back and listen to this again or share this with your friends. Because when we are all living in a greater state of gratitude, when we are all using our intuition to make really powerful change and decisions in our life, then our abundance increases and our relationships with our money, with our health, with everything because it’s all about the energy of all of those things which makes the difference.

So I’ve really appreciated being here with all of you. I’m making this decision and commitment that I’m going to do a Facebook live everyday so I ‘ve been doing this for the last several days. If you haven’t seen them, be sure to click the notification so you know when I come on and you can come back and listen if you are at work or something. Or put on your headphones so nobody knows you are listening. And some of you may be asking about this Help I’m Trapped in a Body – The Power of the Total Body Matrix. That’s actually a book that I wrote quite a few years ago. It’s on amazon. And it’s a little bit of my beginning life’s story. It’s a very basic book that has some very powerful things in it that might interest you to take a look at. I’m writing a new book so that one is going to be coming out. So for now, I just want to send you all a hug and great appreciation because I’m in so much gratitude for you being in my life, for being here and listening and also for sharing this with everyone that you possibly can. Because individually we make an incredible difference in the world and collectively we can change things rapidly to a place that we all love to live and a life that is incredibly awesome. Thank you pretty and thank you all so much for being here. I look forward to connecting with you tomorrow. Feel a hug. Bye for now.

Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

Esateys is known for her groundbreaking work in the areas of personal empowerment and health restoration using mindset and inner connection as the catalyst for all change.

Esateys describes herself as the ‘Architect of the New You’ and has dedicated her life and professional career to helping her clients create “New Beginnings” by facilitating self empowerment, economic freedom and restored health.

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