Protest. Public demonstration.

Hi everyone. This is Esateys. I’m very excited to be with you here today because yesterday a was a massive energetic day on our planet. And I’m here today to speak about a macro view of the 1/21/17 rallies and marches. Now I know many of you were actually in the marches and rallying out there and some of you were observing and some of you didn’t care and some of you had alot of judgments about it and some of you had alot of feelings about it. Regardless of what it was, I’m here today to share with you a macro view. So I’m going to warn you right off the bat that this is going to be like from many stories up. This is going to be a different perspective than most people have been putting on Facebook or speaking to each other about.


Here’s the deal. We live on a planet that is polarity based planet. Right? Can everybody agree that we have black/white, up/down, good/bad, right/wrong. Everything seems to be we have 2 hands, we have 2 eyes, 2 ears, nostrils. We have 2 of pretty much everything and the planet is also based on an energetic value where we have the male energy which is the yang, an assertive strong energy. And then we also have the energy that is called yen. A yin which is more of a female energy, a little more quiet, a little more passive, that’s where the artistic part comes from. Not nearly as assertive or aggressive as the male energy. So we are starting to establish an understanding here right? We’ve got male/female, right/left, all of these kinds of things. Our entire planet is set up that way. When you take this into consideration, take the next step and understand that we also have a planet that is driven by the balance of these two energies. And what I’m going to discuss today is the fact that the earth is a living entity. It is an energy because everything has energy. Everything has energy.


Well consider that the earth is a living entity, a living energy and based on that it is also trying to balance itself, just like we are always trying to balance ourselves. Well in doing that the earth is actually being an effective. How many people are feely yippee and how many people are feeling really not so good? And is it positive or negative if you will. So it responds accordingly. I know this might be a stretch for some of you. But just stay open and ask yourself what if what she is saying has some validity? What if this would better understand in my mind or help me better understand in my mind why things go the way they go? So I’m going to speak about some practical things a little bit but I’d like to give you a foundation of understanding. Because the way I see life is from here and I also see that there is values that come down that are very grounded and practical. But every once in a while I like to take you up to a bigger viewpoint and help you understand how to get down to a day to day place.


So this is a big vision for many of you. Some of you, it’s nothing, been there, done that, heard that.  Ok that’s cool. Whatever it is for you. But the bottom line is all of these people, hundreds of thousands actually are deported. So 2,000,000 marching yesterday, out there, saying what they wanted to say and feeling and expressing what it was that they want to do. Stop for a moment and thank all of you for sharing this. For those of you that are on here now or when I’m complete, please share this with as many people as you can because many people have really looked at what was going on yesterday as something that wasn’t really awesome. The truth is everything in life is awesome. And sometimes we think we are fighting for something, but it’s really a much bigger picture.


So we’ve got the big picture of understanding that the earth is a living entity and it is also balancing itself with the positive and negative or the yin and the yang, the masculine the feminine and what it’s really trying to do is bring up the yin. If you go back in history you know that women have really been rather submissive they’ve been suppressed. They as a group of people have actually been in a place where they are, they haven’t had alot of freedom. We can go back to when they couldn’t vote and drink and all these other things. Over time that sector of society, the female sector, has gone through and raised themselves up evolved if you will to a place where they are alot more open. In this day and age it’s alot more open, alot more capable, alot more equal, if you will. Well that means that if the male and the female is more equal, than that means that we are getting a little bit more balanced. But it’s not there yet. There is still alot of preference and alot of bias to women. Just as there is about color, just as there is about race, just as there is about political choices, just as there is about everything. So every time you see that you know that we are still dealing with that diversity. We are still dealing with that polarity. It’s not good, not bad, not right, not wrong. I’ll say that alot. But rather, if you look at what’s happening and you have a better understanding about it, then perhaps it will help you kind of quiet down. And what does this mean? It means that we are in a place where we are able to make a difference in our lives because remember, every little makes a big. Every little makes a big. So every little thing that you do makes a bigger thing. Every little thing I do makes a big. Because what we are doing is we are collectively gathering our energies in a yin or a yang position. In other words, a male or female. And when we recognize that, we are able to make a difference in the world.


So all these rallies that were going on. Everyone in the world, I saw London, Australia and lots of places. It’s because that yin energy is trying to rise up and simultaneously what it means is the male energy is not going to be quiet so in control of the planet and of the people and all of these things. So we have a huge thing going on right now on our planet that is saying we are going fight, we are going to battle, we are going to go through all of this and we are going to get to the top. Alot of women are feeling very strong about how they feel they need to stand up for themselves. That’s ok because that level of suppression that is actually in our DNA is rising and there’s a strength that is coming up. I’ll tell you. I’ve had like 3 conversations in the last few days with people that weren’t necessarily even involved in the rallies and all these things that were going on but what they were doing is describing to me into their own personal relationships what was going on. One woman said “I am just not taking this anymore. I’m not going to let my husband abuse me physically, emotionally or mentally ever again.” There’s a strength that came up. And someone else said something very similar. I’m not letting him take care of the business or the money because he just doesn’t do it in a way that’s productive and really brings us what we want in our relationship and our household and all those kinds of things.


I can tell you lots of stories. And people aren’t necessarily thinking this up. It’s happening. It’s happening in our world as a collective. It’s happening because the purpose is that we are looking at how to balance our world. The earth, the world in general is looking for a balance of the male/female yin yang and all those parts of us that have been so out of balance. So what it really means on a practical level for you. If you are a woman and you’ve been a little bit suppressed, you might find that MMMMMMMM coming up inside of you and wanting to get bold. I support you. Don’t get nasty and don’t get violent, but rather feel it inside yourself and say I know who I am. I know what it is that I’m committed to and find the courage to speak more honestly. Remember that you are communication must be with a sense of ownership and  mastery and not one of blame. You don’t attack people. You don’t make other people wrong. Be a master of who you are. Because if you do not, then you are just going to start another battle. The friction is going to cause you struggle and pain and difficulty in your life. So learn effective communication. Stick with the I and give up the you, give up the you did this to me and this happened to me. And rather say wow, I’ve had the experience of whatever and this is how I’m going to deal with it. Like a true master.


And if you are a man, what happens you get the opportunity to open up your heart. Love a little bit more from your heart. Have a little bit more compassion for what’s really going on. Now I  know most of you men that are listening to this, have that already started and have that already balanced inside yourself. And that is really awesome. But there’s alot of people in the world that are not at that place yet. So what can you do, what can you all individually do? Support each other. Support yourself,  support the men in your life women and men support the women iin your life and really have alot more compassion and openness and look at how to reach that place where you both have an even stance in the world. You might have certain characteristics and skillsets that are better than the other person, so allow that to be and it might not be according to what society says it is supposed to be. But look at your life. Review what is going on for you and ask yourself, what it is that you really want. If the ultimate goal is peace, if the ultimate is love, if the ultimate goal is joy and abundance and life that you life that you love to live, then  take some time and contemplate how you be in the world and how you would like to see this world be. Because all these rallies and all these marches and all these things are occurring are not bad. They are not good. It is a reach for us all to find a place where we are more balanced, more harmonious and we are living a life again that we truly love to live.


Thank you for sharing this with as many people as you can possibly can. It’s so appreciated that we spread these kind of thoughts around the world from my viewpoint because in doing that we have an opportunity to all raise our viewpoint to a higher, a more macro view and when we see things from up here, we no longer feel like a mouse that has to fight for its life. We know who we are. If you would like to know more about the things that I teach, do, the retreats, coaching that I do, please private message me, send me a message on some level and please make your comments below because they are really helpful. It helps me to know where to go next in supporting you. Thank you all and until next time, feel the hug.

Author: Esateys Stuchiner

Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is an International Life Transformational Speaker, Author, Master Facilitator, Life Coach and Expert in the Human condition. She is a Nationally and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For over 30 years, she has practiced, taught and lectured extensively in the allopathic and alternative medicine field.

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