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Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes. They could be the bombardment of too much information, or simply the disorganized things you find lying around. Suffice it to say, clutter interferes with what you want and disrupts the flow of energy. When it does, it is bound to ruin your mood and affects how you manage your day-to-day life, forcing you to make wrong and clouded decisions. Ease into the process of decluttering your life. Discover some insights on the many ways people find peace amidst the chaos and learn how to make yourself new all over again and allow that flow of energy to come your way.

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How Clutter Interferes With What You Want

We are going to speak about how clutter interferes with what you want. Some people may have never thought of it that way but it has a tremendous amount to do with how much stress you have, how you are able to pull things towards you, and how it is that your good humor is on a day-to-day basis. Clutter is more important than perhaps you’ve ever even thought of. We know because we speak about this all the time, that everything is energy. Energy is best functional in your life and all of our lives when it has the ability to flow and when it’s moving. You can look at some of the martial arts, like Tai Chi, and at different things.

What do they do? They learn how to use energy. They go with the flow. You have to know how to use the energy in a way that allows you to experience the absolute opening of everything that’s going on. Some of you may have heard or seen of a geodesic dome. That’s round. There are all kinds of architectural validity to the fact that those homes seem to circulate energy a little bit more powerfully than things that have square walls. In other countries, they know this a lot because they have Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a science that the Chinese utilized to learn how to change your mood, your attitude, and the way you manifest. It’s a very powerful tool to help you better understand about all experience of energy movement. They call it Chi.

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Here we are doing what we do every day, not thinking oriental and about all these things, but we’re also noticing that we’re not necessarily getting everything the way that we would like. Here’s one of the factors. Clean up all the clutter in your life. It starts with the head. We turn on the television and look at CNN. On CNN, you see the ticker tape of the stock market. You see where the gold is. You see a little script along the bottom, which is telling you more news. You see the person speaking and frequently, there’s somebody behind them. We’re inundated with so much information because we live in an information world. This is our time that’s about information. As a result, we are being bombarded on a continuous basis with all this data. It creates clutter, confusion, and overwhelm. Energetically and intellectually, our bodies respond to that energy. As a result, we frequently are not feeling as calm as we normally would.

WUE 43 | How Clutter Interferes

How Clutter Interferes: Chaotic energy and clutter interferes with what it is that we have going on in our lives and keeps us from manifesting.

Why do you think these great masters, gurus and all these people go to the Himalayas or go to the woods? They do things that do not allow them to experience so much chaos because energy has the ability to be very chaotic or it has the ability to have chaos. It’s a smooth chaos. From that, we bring in and manifest. For now, what we’re going to talk about is how this chaotic energy and all this clutter interferes with what it is that we have going on in our lives and how it keeps us from manifesting. If you have a cluttered mind, a cluttered house, a cluttered car, a cluttered desk, and you have a cluttered everything or anything, all those areas are interrupting what it is that you say you want. Why? Energy is what manifests.

What you put your thoughts on and what you’re putting your intention on is what is going to occur. If there are so many interferences with that, then you are not able to get the flow that it takes to be very succinct in what it is that you want. If you study any Eastern philosophy in many different places, what you notice is that it takes a very specific focus and clarity to manifest. Think of the clutter in your home or in your life as an interference with the focus. It interferes with the way the energy wants to flow. Let’s get right to what you can do about that.

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First, go through your home and go through every room of your house right where you are now. Take a moment and look around. Do you have stuff stacked everywhere? Do you have things that are not in an orderly manner? Do you have more stuff than you could use that’s available that you need right there? I’m looking around and I’m going to declutter as soon as I’m done with this because I have a few of those things. I started that myself, which is why I decided to do this because in my kitchen, I have a stack of papers. It’s tall and big. I decided that I don’t want this clutter around, so I went through it. I had things from 2014 in that pile.

Do you have one of those drawers or maybe ten drawers where you open it up and there are a million things there? These things are interfering with the flow of energy in your home. Go through every room of your home one at a time. The first thing I invite you to do is look around the room. See what’s in there. Does it make you feel good when you look at it? Does it raise your vibration and make you feel alive or is it some obligatory thing? “Aunt Susie gave it to me and she’s been gone now for seven years. She’d be so sad if I took it down.” If it doesn’t make you feel good, get rid of it or store it away. Ideally, give it to somebody who can appreciate that. I know that sometimes we have these obligations but it’s important for you to recognize that what you have in your life is making a difference in you having what you want.

When you go through the room, look at your pictures and look at all the little things you have around. Look at your furniture, feel your rug, see how it feels because feeling creates manifestation. If you feel heavy and yucky, then you’re not going to be able to bring what you want to yourself in the same way. Think about that as you’re going through the room. The next thing I suggest that you do is to look around. Is it neat and orderly? If you’re going to have papers, at least have them stacked. What things are there that you haven’t touched or used for a long time? Remove them and put them somewhere in a storage if you’re not ready to let go of them and create that neat area. Clean counters and clean stoves make a person feel a lot better. A clean everything makes people feel better because it energetically has a sense of movement to it, a sense of flow to it.

Go into your closet. I filled up three or five big leaf bags of things that I couldn’t bear to get rid of because they were good. I had a lot of coats. I had clothes that still had tags on them, but how many clothes can you wear at once? How much do I need to get by? I put all those in bags and took them to a place where they were given away to the homeless. I didn’t want them sold in a store. I personally had a thing where I wanted people who were cold in that freezing time that we had to have that. I went through my sock drawer. I had a thousand pair of socks, or so it seems. I filled up a whole bag full of socks. What is it that you might have around your home, in your closet, in your drawers, on your desk that somebody else could have a gift of happiness. It would make a difference in their life at a very high level. If it’s just old junky stuff, trash it, and get rid of it.

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Clean up your living space to clean up your life. Cleaning up your life clears up your head. Clearing up your head allows you to bring towards you what it is that you would like. It all follows a nice pattern, a nice flow when you think about it. I request that you do this and when you do, comment to me, write to me or tell me what a difference it made because it is so significant. I’m touching on some of the things that you can do now in our short period of time together. I invite you to do them and see what it is that occurs. You’ll be amazed because that clutter creates resistance and resistance is the cause of all suffering. You have an opportunity to dump everything that isn’t working for you and create new. Besides, it creates a vacuum theory that when there’s something empty, something fills it up.

Be very careful that if you’re going to refill it, make sure that it’s something that doesn’t start to build up and then clutters your house, your life or your car all over again. Go to your car. Look in your car, under your mask, on your mat, in the back seat, or in your trunk. 99% of the people could use a little work there. I invite you to look at this. Declutter your life, declutter your mind and allow for the natural flow of manifestation to come your way. It’s a fun thing to do and it feels very good. Now, I would like to invite you not only to do the things that I suggested but please comment if this is something that touches you. Please share my videos and continue to do that. It means a lot to me and to the people that I’m hearing from that it’s changing their lives.

WUE 43 | How Clutter Interferes

How Clutter Interferes: You have the ability to change somebody’s life now.

You have the ability to change somebody’s life now. You might know another that could do this. They’ll probably need therapy after they read this, so give them my name. Enjoy what it is that you are doing now. Smile more, find somebody, and give them a hug. I invite you to go to our website, UltimateRelationshipAcademy.com. At the top of the page, there’s a free gift for you there. If you fill that out, you will receive that free gift. If, for some reason, you’re not getting it, be sure to private message me and let me know but I’m sure that it’s working properly. We had it down for a day. Until we speak tomorrow, feel a hug.

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