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So many things to do, so little time…” Have you ever caught yourself saying this phrase? Have you ever felt like you have a million things to do and you don’t know how you will manage? One of the things that you can do to take control is to really learn how to prioritize. We all have experienced making up excuses for not being able to do things that we do not want to do. However, when we do want something, we usually find a way to do it. When we have a mission, when we have a passion for something, we absolutely know that we will make it happen. That is priority. Here, Esateys shares how you can identify what those priorities are and how you can be 100% honest about them.

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It’s All About Priorities

The podcast topic is all about priorities because it is. It’s amazing how many things that we are overwhelmed about. It’s amazing how we are overloaded about so many things and we feel like we’re trying to do so many things at once. I don’t know about you, but I have always just had enough to gag a maggot. It’s a lot. Sometimes I really have to stay attentive to how I’m feeling about it. One of the ways that I get control is by really being clear about what my priorities are about all the things. This comes in virtually every single area of your life. It’s not just about business. It’s about things that you need to do around the house. It’s things that you’ve got to do that you feel like you have to do with your friends. It’s about things that need to be handled in your office or with people that you know. The bottom line is that we all have a million trillion seemingly things to do, but what is it that’s true about what really needs to be done?

Be very clear with what you want.

I use a program called Trello.com. It’s a free app that allows you to put in different kinds of things, different boards and it differentiates different areas of your life. I have my Abundance mastery course, I have my LinkedIn. I have all these different kinds of differentiations, including personal. In there, I put things that need to be done, and then there’s a little thing where you can put labels on them about is it urgent, is it very important, is it important, is it important but not urgent? Does it need to be done soon? You can make up the labels, be it whatever it is that you would want. When I look at that, I have a sense of peace. I have to be very clear about what it is that I truly want in any given moment. When’s the last time somebody asked you to buy something and you weren’t really sure you wanted to do it? You said, “I can’t really afford it.” It’s usually a lie, because when we want something, we find a way to get it.

What we aren’t clear about is. Do we want what we think we’re going to get from that more than we want whatever else it is in front of us? When we have a mission, when we have a passion for something, you absolutely know that you will make it happen. That’s a matter of priority. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s not right. It’s not wrong. It’s what’s really true for you. What do you truly want? Be honest with yourself. Be honest with other people. “I would love to do this, but it’s not high enough priority in my life right now. I speak to a lot of people who are wanting me to purchase certain things from them. What I’m looking at is, is this the timing for me? Is this the priority for me right now where I’m at, in my business or in my personal life? Some things are and some things aren’t. Do you stop and really look at that for yourself? If you aren’t, then I invite you to do that because if you do not, what’s going to occur as you start lying to yourself, you lie to others.

Know where your energy is.

You feel overwhelmed. You feel like you’re never going to catch up. You don’t really know what it is that’s going on, that’s going to make things different for you. You don’t really know where your energy is. If you don’t know where your energy is, besides perhaps confusion and overload, then you are not going to be able to be pristinely clear and feel authentic internally with people and what it is it’s true. Here’s what I recommend to you, be still. Write a list of all of the things that are important to you that you feel like you need to get done. You can categorize them into different lists if you will, and then prioritize them. Your priority is to look at what do you really want to do, which is tricky, versus what it is that we are feeling like we have to do, versus what’s important to do. You need to put it in there and notice that if there are things that need to be done but you are not feeling the energy for it, you really don’t want to do it.

WUE 76 | How to Prioritize

How to Prioritize: Make a list, prioritize it, and then get it done.

What happens is, you put that perhaps at the top of the list or second, but somehow you find a way to get around it because it’s not what you really want to do. Your priority is not really there. Be honest with yourself. If it is really important because you have a commitment, then just take a breath and do it. Get it off your list as fast as you can, but do not lie to yourself or to someone else and say, I couldn’t do it because I was too tired. I couldn’t do it because somebody came over. The truth is that you didn’t do it because it wasn’t a high enough priority to you. I promise you that if I said, “I’m coming over to your house, it will be at 3:10 AM. I’m going to be giving you a check for $500,000.” I’m pretty sure you would make a priority of getting up and meeting me at the door, you think? If I said I was coming over because I wanted to see what notes you took that day on the project we’re working on, what do you think you’d tell me? Pick a different time. It’s all about what it is that’s important to you.

Take action.

Understand and know what’s important to you and then you will make decisions that feel right, that you will excel at, and that you will feel really confident and delighted internally about what it is that you are doing. In addition to that, people are going to feel they can trust you because you follow through with what it is that you say. People will love the fact that you’re authentic. They may not be excited that you’re not going to buy their product or whatever, but they will respect you for what it is that you have going on and what it is that you’re actually saying. That’s what’s important. You make your list, you prioritize it, and then you take action. Get it done, because you know how good it feels when you do. You know how you like to check that off. If you’re like me, you’ve probably written things down just so you can check them off. It’s fun because we feel like we have something to contribute. We feel like we are achieving something that’s a personality trait that 99.99% of all of us have. You allow for yourself to know what it is that’s important, categorize it, prioritize it, and then move forward with it.

WUE 76 | How to Prioritize

How to Prioritize: Be 100% honest with yourself and with others about what you really want.

I want to thank you so very much. For those of you that are sharing, I just love the fact that you just even write something like thank you because that’s really nice. At least I feel your presence and that is appreciated. Thank you so many of you for sharing this. When we have hundreds and then thousands and even more people than that, that are listening to things that are raising their vibration, helping them feel better, improving their business, helping their self-empowerment, creating clarity and giving things that really help each other feel better about themselves and lives. Isn’t that going to be the most awesome world ever to live in? I think so. That’s why I do what it is that I do. The other thing is, for those of you that are on my mailing list, I’m going to be sending out something asking you for about one to two minutes of your help with a little survey that I have. I appreciate you taking the time to answer that.

If you are not on my mailing list and are willing to help me out, then go to Esateys.com, and sign up for a free gift and that will put you on the mailing list, and then I can make sure that you get the survey. If you don’t want to get on the list, just private message me and I’ll send it to you because I have some things that I’m asking, and some of it’s about Facebook live. I appreciate your willingness to support me. The last thing is, I want to leave you with a question. You know these questions. I hope you’re listening to these messages and to these questions and you’re repeating them so you get your mind working and running off to give you the results that you’re really looking for. What would it take for me to be 100% honest with myself about my priorities? You’ve got your work set out for you for the next little bit. I’m really looking forward to next time. Until then, feel a hug.

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