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Albert Einstein once said that the human spirit must prevail over technology. This is the same new perspective that the C-Suite event in Dallas, Texas has brought. The way that people do business is changing. It’s changing in a way that it’s becoming more humanized and in a way that it’s lending itself more towards relationships and connecting with people. Companies are now using technology to help our world become more streamlined and to simultaneously connect people. Technology is no longer something to be afraid of. It is now an avenue to create an environment where people who have the same passion are allowed to come together so that they can create something for other people. Businesses are now building their culture, not just around technology, but also around the people and the individuals that make up their companies. Be inspired to keep yourself connected at the heart level so that you too, can make a difference in your business, at home, in your relationships and everywhere else that you have people to interact with.

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New Perspectives Live From C-Suite Event – Dallas

Raphael and I are in Dallas, Texas at a conference called C-Suite Network and we’re very excited. We have flown over because we are advisors for the C-Suite Network. We act as advisors to the CEOs, CFOs, COOs and all of the people that are involved in this network. This network is about companies that run from $5 million to many billions of dollars and we’re honored to be a part of this experience. This time that we have been here has really been about learning. What’s really happening in the world in the big world of business and all of the things that are occurring? We are learning about how business is changing. Business is changing in a way that it’s becoming much more humanized and I’m very excited because we think about technologies dehumanizing us. In reality, so much of the subject matter has been about how to be more connected to your customer, how to be more connected to each other. It really has been lending itself towards relationships and how you can actually connect with people.

Relationships and the individual are in the center of the culture of big companies.

They had a whole section on direct marketing or some call it MLM. It was awesome to hear these very high-level executives speak in a positive way about that because it is a true industry that has a powerful impact on our world and it really run like a business. Those of you that might have judgments about that, you might want to rethink that because after I heard what I heard, I have a completely new perspective. We also learned about how the different apps are working inside the apps and they talked a lot about different kinds of things that are helping our world become more streamlined and simultaneously connected. The idea is to create something for your people, and you become passionate about it. You connect and create an environment that allows them to come together with each other and about the product or about the business in a way that creates camaraderie, and it creates passion, and it creates an excitement about what they’re doing.

WUE 79 | New Perspectives

New Perspectives: Technology is a tool to connect people.

You’ll notice that some of the big companies are already had been doing this for a long time, like Zappos, Google and Microsoft. They have a culture. One of the things that is happening is they’re bringing that down to where many people in big companies are utilizing the people in their company. If you look on television right now, you’ll see that Purina dog food is now doing their advertisements by using the people that work at Purina that have their dogs and the kinds of experiences that you’re having with it. It’s really cool and they named many other things. I actually saw the Purina when they didn’t even mention that. The bottom line to all of this is, that we are an evolving world. We are an evolving community of people that are going very techie but simultaneously, there’s a coming back to the individual and that really warmed my heart. I don’t ever want our world to become so rigid that we don’t have a place where we keep ourselves connected at the heart level. It’s the heart level. It’s the relationship level that is going to make a difference in every single day of your life and it’s going to make a difference in your business, in your relationships at home and everywhere else that you interact with.

Relationships are still number one. Your heart is also number one. I’m going to give you lots of number ones. Your authenticity is number one. You being in a place where you speak from true passion, that’s number one too. You get to decide which order you want to put some of those things in. I’m just going to let you know that our world is awesome and great things are happening. Take care of for now. Feel a hug.

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