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There is this big profound energy that is coming that is going to create a significant change in your life and the society. Becoming more aware of the changes that you’ll have to go through will catapult you to a whole other level. However, together with this are the different challenges and conflicts that might arise and test you. That is just how the game of life works. Never forget to remain resilient and determined. Allow the sensations to make you more conscious of the change that you want in your self, and hopefully, after all has happened, you’ll see yourself resurface on the better side.

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Profound Energies on the Planet

It’s been a while since I’ve connected with some of you. What I’m going to speak about is something that I used to speak about a lot and I haven’t spoken about it for quite some time. The work has been more about the game called life and looking at things from beyond the game. I’m going to speak about some things that are in the game and they’re affecting every single one of us. I wanted to let you know, in case you happen to be having some symptoms of this, or situations occurring in your life that you don’t understand, we are at a very powerful time, which we always are. There are certain energetic points in the evolution of mankind and the way that life is unfolding that allows us to experience an increase in amplitude and macro.

I’m looking for words that would be most appropriate when things are amped up at such a high level that you notice it. Perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re a little bit spacy than usual. Perhaps you noticed that you don’t remember where you are or where you’ve been for a nanosecond. Your memory has become debilitated and you’re not remembering things the way that you used to. You’re stuttering. You’re finding that you’re more tired than usual. Even when you do rest, you don’t feel rested. Some people have reported that they feel shaky and trembly inside. Others have had random headaches. Others have had strange pains moving through their body. Others have had unexplainable fears and even terror go through their bodies. Others have felt connected and high. Things feel they’re in the flow. They’re working well for the first time in a long time, an expansive feeling.

Others are feeling excited and alive in life and motivated, passionate, and finding what it is that they came here on this planet to do. Perhaps you’re experiencing a little of all those things. I wanted to speak to the energies that are occurring right now. Some of you that stay in touch with this thing may have awareness about this. There is a big rush of energy that started that is happening and it has been increasing. There is a rumor out there that towards the end, things are going to be extremely dominant, very strong. This rumor is quite accurate and what it’s going to do is create a significant change in our entire society, not just in our society but in our entire electromagnetic world, our system, the way things work in this world completely, and that includes your DNA. Your entire DNA is about to shift.

Those of you that have been working diligently and perhaps feel even pushed to work diligently to let go of old patterns, to break those old, recycled ignorance that has been running your life, it’s important that you have yourself at the highest frequency that you possibly can over this next period of time. Those that are at a certain decibel will move more profoundly than those that aren’t. Everyone will move, understand that. Realize that when I say move, it means that there is going to be an impact of the energy on you to where you will perceive and experience life differently. If you are mastering the way you think and your perception about life, if you are mastering changing your habit patterns from what they used to be to what it is that you would like them to be, if you are conscious of being focused, being present, and making a change with much diligence and much commitment, you’re going to be better prepared to catapult to an incredibly new level over the next 30 days.

Even though you may be hearing this months or even years after the time that this occurred, this is a stepping stone towards a continuous acceleration of the energies. To such a high degree that you’re going to see the technology is going to catapult to new levels more profoundly than it already has. That the ability to perceive and know things beyond your mind and what you’ve consciously known in the past will be extremely accelerated. For those of you that are really raising yourself to such a high level and accelerated because you’ve reached a certain level of commitment. To change your patterns and beliefs, those things are going to increase you to where you will have natural intuition more profoundly than you ever have before. You will also note changes that you desire to make will come more readily.

WUE 01 | Profound Energy

Profound Energy: You will be able to call forth and master a shift when you find yourself starting to fall a little bit off to the side of where it is that you desire to be.


Does it mean you won’t be up against some things that will challenge you? You will because that is the way it works in this game called life. That’s the way it works in the storyline of your own evolutionary process and the way you deal with it will be different. You will be able to call forth and master a shift when you find yourself starting to fall a little bit off to the side of where it is that you desire to be. You will recognize that you have a masterful capability to be in life the way that you would like. You will notice when you’re falling off the truck, in a way that will allow you to shift that and bring yourself back to center before you become far lost in the depth of despair, negativity, or low vibration. In that case, might take you months or years to return back to the feeling of centeredness that you had prior to these events occurring.

We know that seemingly, it’s a big challenge to break these patterns, but you have it within you. You have a clear, unadulterated, pure power that is the essence of who you are. Your core consciousness is what is dominating and ruling your life. You have to work to fall off the truck and go back to your patterns. That means that you have to be unconscious to not use your strength, your inner knowing, and your core to keep yourself centered. It’s a choice. It is your own inner battle. Every single person has it. We live in a polarity-based system. That’s what creates conflict. That conflict creates growth and that growth is part of the game called life. If you see it for what it is and you know it for what it is, then you can address that and move into that, rather than fall back into the old patterns and fall back to sleep literally or figuratively.

It is an imperative time for you if you choose to move yourself up and make your journey be easier. This is the time where you will be able to create greater ease for yourself, which is why I am giving you this information now. You have a couple of weeks to kick it up to a brand-new notch to become incredibly present. That means that you will stay where you are at that moment, so you feel your body. You become aware of your toes. You feel the sensations on a physical level. You taste your toothpaste when it’s in your mouth. You become aware of the energies swirling throughout your body, any pains or any sensations anywhere. It means that you look outside and you notice the different shades of color. You notice that there is light or darkness happening earlier or later in the day.

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You notice that the temperature changed and you feel that against your skin. You are focused on what it is you’re doing and every single moment we’re talking about being present. We’re not talking about being in some altered state of the woo-woo land. We’re talking about being right here, right now in your body. That groundedness creates a whole another energetic level in your entire body system. When that is grounded and you are centered, the energies coming forth from the sun, which is primarily gamma waves that are occurring, interchanging with other forces that are contributing to this. These things are going to be able to be received by your physicality, which will make the DNA shift. The electromagnetic shift towards your brain conductivity will be changed as well. We don’t say this lightly. Is it going to be okay if you don’t? Of course, it will.

If you would like to have more pleasure, more joy, more happiness, and more excitement about life, then you want to get here. You want to get here now. You want to be present. You want to take advantage of what is available to you. This is just an option that you can allow to come by and take advantage of on a subconscious or an unconscious level. You can be consciously present to it and kick it up a notch. Take charge of how it is that you choose to live, how it is that you choose to perceive life, where it is you want to go, and how you want to experience every single moment as it comes towards you. This is the greatest gift you could hope for at this point in time. It is going to accelerate. It is going to increase, but this particular point in time is a big bullet of energy coming through. Very strong and very powerful.

Does this mean it’s going to change certain things on the planet? Yes, there could be increased climate changes. There could be increased earthquakes. There could be increased all kinds of electromagnetic incongruences. People may have, at least for periods of time, hallucinations or delusions and things of that nature. If that occurs with you or someone you know, do not be alarmed and freak out. Stay in a place and recognize that the energy is happening right now. Do everything you can to stay in a pattern that feels safe and grounded. Stay in a routine of being present and conscious in your life. Don’t go out and try to start something new in the next ten seconds if that’s the way it is that you’re feeling. When you’re in that state of fear, you will then gravitate more of that to you.

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Instead, trust in the process and be present with what it is that’s occurring. Remind yourself that everything is all right. You can ask questions like, “What’s great about this that I haven’t seen yet?” or, “What will it take for me to be in a total state of centered presence?” or, “How joyful can I be because of the great things that are occurring, even if I can’t see them?” Start asking yourself open-ended questions that are rhetorical. Don’t expect answers and don’t expect that your mind is going to come back and give you one at that very moment. What will happen is it will keep your mind busy and start looking for the positive responses that will help you experience life much differently than perhaps you have in the past. There’s not a lot more to say about this except we wanted to let you know that you are having an opportunity to make a difference in your life. Your future life is dependent on what it is that you’re doing in this time and the times that are forthcoming.

It is here that you can support yourself and others and become very aware, very connected to themselves and very open to the rigidities or the openness that is going on without judgment, just awareness. Become the most magnificent observer that you have ever been before. Know that your body is growing towards an increased level of light that is going to allow you to experience things differently than you ever have before. Your sensitivity level is going to increase unless you are determined to stay numb, asleep, or unconscious. You can still do that because life is optional. We want to bring to attention that towards the end of this month and in the last three or four weeks, you’re going to notice that there are a lot of political heads that are coming together. The Pope is meeting with certain people and the President’s meeting with certain people. There are certain things that are occurring by no accident.

These combining of these energies are increasing the openness. There is a portal that is opening with energy coming through quite significantly. There is tremendous support from afar that is supporting this and occurring in the most magnificent way possible for you, individually, and for everyone, collectively. Rest, enjoy, experience peace, be very present, and be very excited about what is here for you to experience and the life that you desire. We encourage you to start thinking about that. Perhaps write it down. What is the greatest thing that you would like to have occurred? Where is it that you would like to express yourself? What is the desired outcome of where it is that you are going? Have a clear understanding about where you are and where it is that you would like to go. Live your life from inspiration, not desperation. Desperation is when you feel victimized. Your life is happening, and you feel you can’t do anything about it.

Inspiration is when you feel inspired to do whatever it is that you do next. When I awakened, I had no idea that I was going to sit down and do this, but over time, I suddenly became inspired to speak. That’s what I’m speaking about, is staying present in the moment. That whatever is occurring, whatever’s coming to you at that moment, look at it cleanly with the innocence of a child, with a curiosity that allows you to notice that something is up for you. Follow your intuition. Follow that guidance that’s coming forth. You have inside of you a genius team, a part of you that is guiding you and supporting you. The work that we do here leads you to better understanding and knowing how to use that.

WUE 01 | Profound Energy

Profound Energy: When you can observe the multitude and myriad kinds of story lines available and recognize your part in all of them, then you are going to start loving your life at a higher level than you have before.


I invite you to become more connected as we travel down this road and this journey together becomes more adventurous, more exciting, more supportive, and more expansive than ever before. When you are able to live life from a fully-awakened state, when you see the game called life for what it is, an exciting journey and an adventure, it’s a storyline that matches no other and you are not a victim of it. You are a powerful experiencer of it. Then you start to realize that life is fun. It’s quite amazing to be able to see the way that life is unfolding. The multitude, the myriad, and the quadrillion kinds of storylines that are available, when you can observe them, recognize your part in all of them, recognize your star part in your very own, then you are going to start loving your life at a higher level than you ever have before. You won’t walk around trying to make everything be different. You won’t fight what is. You will love what is because you will see the adventure, the excitement, the love, the peace, and the creativity that’s occurring in every single moment.

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It depends totally and completely upon how you are perceiving because your life, your heaven, your hell is totally and completely dependent upon your headset, your mindset, your perception. Life is happening because all the things are happening. What you have free will and great power to be able to do is to experience it through a perceptional reality that is yours and unique to you. I call it the parallax view. You can look at things from one angle or another and there can be an object out there that seems to be stationary. One person will look at it and see it from one viewpoint. Someone else will be at a slightly different angle and see it from a completely different perspective. That’s the way life is. Life is happening. Your perspective is going to create you being happy, sad, mad, or glad. It’s totally and completely up to you, which viewpoint are you choosing, including what it is that we’re speaking about now.

It is wonderful to connect with you, feel you, and be with you. I’d like to invite you for us to get reconnected at a higher level than ever before. We are coming together on a journey to create tremendous friendship, tremendous support, and teamwork that allows us and reminds us to be there for each other in ways that we never have before. I would love to be a part of your journey to support you and your clarity, as you helped me be in mine. I look forward to us connecting again. Feel free to contact and connect with me at Esateys@Esateys.com. Know that the adventures, the energies to support in all of life is conspiring continuously to create the most awesome experience that you could ever dream or imagine. When you asked for and you command yourself to go beyond where it is that your mind knows to go, you will start to know, experience, and be in the pure state of joy, connection, absolute freedom.


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