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We often find ourselves in that situation where just before we fall asleep, our mind suddenly keeps running wild. A number of thoughts enter your head, putting you in panic mode. You are reminded of the things you have to do as well as the things you did do that caused embarrassment. If we think about it, we’ll realize how all of this is just what our minds do. What it does is think and that is all there is. What you have to do on your end is to stop resisting. Learn how to master your busy mind in just five simple steps.

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5 Steps To Master Your Busy Mind

In Episode 12, I spoke about some secrets to amazing sleep. In that, I said that I would speak about the busy mind and when the mind is going rampant. Many times, we don’t notice how wild and crazy it’s been until we lay down to sleep. What it is that I’m speaking about now doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s limited to the sleep area. Have you ever noticed what an amazing adventure your mind is having all of the time? Have you ever sat back and listened or watched what it was doing? It’s like a little hamster on a wheel. It is going around and around, coming up with all these different ideas and thoughts, and it’s evaluating everything. Every two seconds, it is determining if something is good or bad, right or wrong, is this safe or not safe. It has job security because whatever it is that it’s thinking about, it will think of twelve more things that it needs to be aware of simultaneously.

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The busy mind is filled with what I call Recycled Ignorance. It takes an endless loop of something and it will go around and around, especially if it’s something that is a trigger or is upsetting to us. Have you ever noticed that when something happens or somebody says something to you and it doesn’t feel good, it causes a trigger reaction inside of you? Have you ever noticed that you play that over and over again? We can’t get it out of our mind. When we’re getting ready to go to sleep, we may lay down at night or we might awaken in the middle of the night and we’ve got something going around and around. It might be the rapid reiteration of all of the things on your to-do list or the things that you didn’t do.

Usually, it’s things that you didn’t do rather than the things that you did do or the things that you’ll need to do. The mind is a little entity in and of itself. My support to you is to just become the most magnificent observer of it ever. Do not try to control it in a way that says, “I’m not going to think about anything anymore or get upset at it or do something that’s silly.” That’s not the way the mind works. It doesn’t undo itself. It doesn’t stop thinking. That’s its job. Its job is to think. Its job is to continuously bring thought processes through you. When that occurs, it will give you an opportunity. Although you have to be very quick to try to do something with it because it’s answering its own thought processes.

What does this all mean? It means that when you become an amazing, terrific observer of the thought processes without feeling like you need to do anything with them, what occurs is the mind quiets down. It’s the funniest thing, but when you do not resist it or you do not control it, you’ll notice that it gets a little quieter and more peaceful. How you do this is to just sit there and observe or stand there or be wherever it is that you are. Notice all the thoughts that are going through without evaluation, without being good or bad or right or wrong, but notice the thoughts flittering by like a cloud that is passing in the sky. Most of the time the thoughts are going seemingly much faster than a cloud in the sky, but what if when you were observing them, you watch them move slower? Somehow, they slow down as they were moving through. You, as an innocent bystander or observer, can just chuckle at yourself at this part of you that is going a little bit crazy at the moment with all these thoughts.

You can do this during the day. You can do this if you were awakened in the night and when you do allow yourself to become the observer, that is one option that you can utilize to be okay because remember that resistance is the cause of all suffering. When you’re not resisting the way the mind is functioning, then you are going to relax into life a little bit more than you have before. What you can do is observe and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. If you are lying in bed awake, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Ideally, breathe into the count of five or even ten and exhale to the same number, five or ten. As you do so, the body will start to relax and your mind will then have a focus that isn’t so rampant.

WUE 13 | Master Your Busy Mind

Master Your Busy Mind: The mind is a little entity in and of itself. Be the most magnificent observer of it.


The other thing that you can do is you can recognize these thoughts. You can look at what it is that’s going on and notice if there’s a repetitiveness. If you’ve got a repetitive pattern going on, then there’s something that’s bothering you. There’s something you haven’t let go of. If you haven’t let go of it and it’s intensely going on for you, you can still observe it and it will work itself out. Secondly, you can look at that and then determine for yourself, “Is there some change that I need to make that will allow this part of me that’s frightened?” Which is usually an underlining fear. Even if it looks like somebody did something to you, it’s always fear that’s underneath that. What can I do that will release this underlying fear? The way you can get to that is to ask the question, “What would it take for me to be free of this recycled thinking?” Ask the question rhetorically over and over again or whenever it comes up and let it go.

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The third thing that you can do is you can say, “Delete this program.” That’s one of the five processes that I speak about in the Mindset Breakthrough Program that I have done. When you know these five processes, you will find that you have some very powerful specific tools to be able to orient yourself to where it is that you would like to go. In other words, your thought processes are no longer experienced in a way of victimization but there are actual things that you can do to support the easing of the mind thoughts.

Please know that the mind is not going to stop thinking. The most powerful thing is to stop resisting the thoughts and observe them. There are times when we feel like we need to do something about it and that’s when you can evaluate this as, “That’s something that I need to look deeper into.” That’s where you can call me for a coaching session or you can listen to one of the programs like the Mindset Breakthrough System or The Wealth Grid where I speak at great length about the way the brain works. The way quantum mechanics and quantum physics work into the way that we think or you can use these processes that I’m suggesting now.

You’ve got it all for this moment. You’ve got an opportunity to relax into and be the observer, delete the program, evaluate or get some support, and most importantly use a breath. That’s it for now. I can’t wait until we connect again. Remember, I always love your feedback. Contact me at Esateys@UltimateRelationshipAcademy.com. Until next time, feel a hug.


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